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Inn at Lake Joseph

The Inn at Lake Joseph occupies an expanse of land in the southern region of New York. Since 1984 the current owners, Rue and Ivan Weinger have owned and operated the business. Several renovations including the addition of the on-site swimming pool and other recreational activities that visitors can engage in during their stay have been done to the property. Lake Joseph and the Delaware River are a few nearby attractions that guests who are hoping to spend time outdoors may take interest in. The owners and the manager, Matt, encourage visitors to spend time at the lake if they please by offering kayak and rowboat rentals. There are also several restaurants in proximity to the establishment plus a complimentary breakfast and lunch provided by the owners of the Inn at Lake Joseph.


Located in the southern region of New York, the Inn at Lake Joseph features 17 guestrooms among three buildings: The Main House, The Cottage, and The Carriage House. The Main House is described by the manager, Matt, as having a "traditional room feeling." Rentals known as the Bronze Rooms (or basic rooms) and Silver Rooms are units that can be found in The Main House. As for The Cottage and The Carriage House, Matt explains that these buildings are unique from The Main House as they have a "rustic feel." A few of the rooms inside The Cottage and The Carriage House contain private entrances, private decks with a BBQ area, and a small kitchen, all of which can be utilized by guests if they reserve the rooms that contain such amenities. All of the rooms have en-suite bathrooms, and access to the Wi-Fi as well.

Woodlands and forests encompass and cover the majority of the Inn at Lake Joseph's acreage. A sizable lawn is where The Main House is based, and an on-site swimming pool is situated at the back of this lawn area. Forested land surrounds The Cottage, while The Carriage House has one side with lawn space and the other with woodlands. Located about a five-minute walk through the woods is Lake Joseph, where visitors can engage in aquatic recreational activities. Rowboats, kayaks, and other seasonal recreation equipment are provided at the Inn at Lake Joseph for those who take interest in such activities. During the summer, patrons can go hiking on the nearby trails, swim at the on-site swimming pool, kayak on the lake, and participate in other activities at the property such as utilizing the tennis/pickleball courts, participating in the provided indoor/outdoor games, go bicycling, or using the firepits. Hammocks are also available on the premises for those who are hoping to spend time relaxing during their stay. Taking into consideration the various on-site activities that are provided, Matt, the manager, says that "you can do as much or as little as you want" at the property.

A complimentary breakfast is offered to patrons by Rue and Ivan, the owners of the Inn at Lake Joseph. These meals may consist of options including pancakes, French toast, waffles, hashbrowns, homemade granola, sweet bread, yogurt, fruit, and an egg dish such as an omelet. Drinks can also be paired with the meal, namely coffee, orange juice, or hot water for tea. Patrons can choose to either enjoy their meal on the Veranda, a glassed-in porch area, or to have breakfast delivered to their room. Beyond this, the owners of the Inn at Lake Joseph also offer a complimentary picnic lunch to their guests. Sandwiches are generally the lunch's main dish, accompanied by various types of salads including macaroni salad, potato salad, and green salad, to name a few. Guests can choose what type of bread they would like to add the condiments and toppings onto. Such toppings include homemade hummus, lettuce, tomato, or onion.


The Inn at Lake Joseph implements a few policies that guests are expected to act in accordance with throughout the course of their stay. During the summer, visitors who are ages twelve and up are welcome to stay at the property, and during other seasons of the year, the owners can be more flexible with allowing those who are younger than twelve years of age to stay at the Inn at Lake Joseph. For patrons who are hoping to bring their pets with them, The Carriage House and The Cottage are both dog-friendly buildings. Regarding events, occupants who plan on hosting weddings or family reunions that are smaller in size are welcome to do so, though it should be noted that big events cannot be accommodated at the Inn at Lake Joseph. The manager expresses that availability is less common during the summer, which is typically the time when visitors want to host their events on the property. Because of this, the owners try to keep such events to a minimum. 
Guests mainly discover the Inn at Lake Joseph online or by recommendation from others. The inn is open year-round, and the manager, Matt, comments that the general demographic of those who stay at the Inn at Lake Joseph is primarily couples. Regardless of whether a couple, family, or group of friends come to stay at the property, Matt has the goal to emulate a welcoming atmosphere for his patrons. Many previous guests have mentioned that they "feel like they're coming home," Matt explains. One former visitor commented on the hospitality that the manager provided them during their stay, saying, "Service from Matt the innkeeper was incredible and friendly. He never hesitated to offer assistance or recommendations. Breakfast was delicious and lunch was a nice addition."

Upon request, Matt can direct guests to restaurants and things to do in close proximity to the Inn at Lake Joseph. Forage Pizza, one particular restaurant that the manager recommends, is located about a half of a mile from the property. Another dining option that Matt recommends is Solaia, a northern Italian restaurant. The two previously stated restaurants are among several places to eat that are situated on the lake and feature decks for visitors to dine on. These restaurants can be found about 15 minutes from the property. The Inn at Lake Joseph is also about five miles south of Monticello, New York. Wineries, hiking trails, antique stores, and several small-town areas are a few things to do nearby that Matt enjoys telling people about. He also recommends the Delaware River on the border of New York and Pennsylvania. Furthermore, in close proximity to Lake Joseph, visitors can go horseback riding as well.


For nearly 100 years, the property that is now known as the Inn at Lake Joseph was owned by Dominican nuns who used the acreage for boarding school and camping near the lake. What is currently known as The Main House was previously used as a summer house for a couple from New York City, according to Matt, the manager of the Inn at Lake Joseph.
The Inn at Lake Joseph first opened in 1984, under the ownership of the current owners, Ivan and Rue Weinger. Prior to owning the acreage, in 1983 Ivan had come across the property when he was lost in the area. He and his wife agreed that it would be a business that they wanted to take on. At the time, there were no plans for the premises, but that changed when the ownership was granted to Ivan and Rue. Since then, the business has undergone a number of renovations such as the addition of the swimming pool, fire pits, and The Cottage, plus some improvements to the lakefront. The Carriage House had originally been an old barn that was converted into guestrooms; however, The Cottage is the most recent building on the premises, dating back to the mid-90s.

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