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Inn of Glen Haven

Inn of Glen Haven

The Inn of Glen Haven, owned by Chris and Emma Richmond, is a bed and breakfast located at the foot of Crosier Mountain. With six rooms adorned with antiques, the inn is characterized by a Victorian style, and Emma hopes that the rooms provide a "warm and homey feel" for visitors. Each room features private baths, and some have additional amenities, such as outdoor areas or sitting areas. The inn is situated in a rural area while still being relatively close to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Chris and Emma strive to make their guests feel welcome and comfortable, as they make an effort to offer a homemade breakfast and personal interactions. The inn is open year-round, with the summer season being the most popular time to visit, notes Emma. While there is a restaurant on-site, people can also explore the dining options in Estes Park, including the Stanley Hotel.


The Inn of Glen Haven is a bed and breakfast located in Glen Haven that has six rooms available for guests. Additionally, there are two twin bedrooms that are primarily intended for visitors who need extra space or an additional bed for their family members. The rooms exude a Victorian ambiance, with each having its own distinctive atmosphere and antique furnishings. All rooms come with private baths, with one room featuring an ensuite sink and toilet area and a private shower down the hall. Among the rooms, Emma says the Lillie Langtry room tends to be the most popular during the summer months. It features a full-size bed, an en-suite bathroom, and a private outdoor area with a patio that has views of the surrounding mountains and creek. The other rooms also have their own characteristics, and two of them have separate sitting areas akin to suites. These rooms are named Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria.

In addition to the accommodations, the Inn of Glen Haven offers various common areas. The parlor is an exclusive space for inn visitors, equipped with sofas, blankets, lamps, board games, a guitar, and painting supplies. Those visiting the inn can indulge in coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while observing views of the street, creek, and mountains from the parlor's windows. The entry area, resembling a living room, features a fireplace, sitting areas, and a collection of photo albums and books about the area's history and ghost stories. A baby grand piano is available for entertainment. For those seeking souvenirs, the inn has a small store where stocking caps, scarves, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and drinking tumblers can be purchased. 

There is a bar on-site, but its availability is limited to evenings when the restaurant is open. Generally, the restaurant operates on Friday and Saturday evenings during the winter, Friday to Sunday in June, Wednesday to Sunday nights in nights in July and August, and Thursday to Sunday nights in September and October. The restaurant closes in November, then reopens in December for special holiday dinners. The restaurant's calendar and menu—available on the inn's website—transition from casual dining with buffets to fine dining. While breakfast is exclusively for those staying at the inn, the restaurant can be enjoyed by both the general public and inn patrons. Breakfast at the Inn of Glen Haven is served in the dining room, typically between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. The menu includes dishes such as quiches, potato-based egg casseroles, fresh fruit, croissants, coffee, tea, and orange juice. It should also be noted that the inn can accommodate dietary restrictions, provided that they are notified in advance. 

Outside the property, people can explore various outdoor spaces. On one side of the street, there are tables, chairs, and benches where guests can relax. The inn also owns the property on the other side of the street, adjacent to West Creek, which offers additional seating, hammocks, and trout fishing opportunities. The area is known by a number of locals and visitors for its wildlife, including hummingbirds, turkeys, black foxes, elk, coyotes, deer, bears, and mountain lions. The property spans about an acre and a half and is backed up against Crosier Mountain, allowing visitors access to the Crosier Mountain Trail. This trail provides an elevation climb of around 2,000 to 3,000 feet and takes approximately two to three hours to reach the summit, according to Emma.

The inn is set in a rural location, with a general store, a glassblower shop, a fire station, and a town hall in the immediate vicinity. Emma says that guests can "escape the noise and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings." The proximity to Estes Park allows visitors to experience the tourist destination during the day and retreat to the inn in the evenings. Aside from the Crosier Mountain Trail, other nearby points of interest include various hiking trails, fishing opportunities, Rocky Mountain National Park, water rafting, tours of the Stanley Hotel, and shopping in Estes Park. Although the Inn has a restaurant on-site, there are other dining options available in Estes Park. Chris and Emma recommend exploring the various restaurants in the area, including the Stanley Hotel, known by many for its history, tours, and dining experiences.


The Inn of Glen Haven, owned by Chris and Emma Richmond, aims to offer a "warm and inviting atmosphere" for people to enjoy, notes Emma. She also mentions they have the goal of creating a "homey feel" where visitors can relax and "feel comfortable" during their stay. When it comes to interacting with patrons, Chris and Emma say that they are "available and approachable," striving to ensure that those visiting the inn have an enjoyable experience. They prepare and serve breakfast themselves, and they often spend time in the bar or parlor, creating opportunities for conversations and connection. Emma mentions that while they are present, they also understand that some people prefer a more reserved experience, and they "respect individual preferences." One guest mentioned in a review, "The hosts, Chris and Emma, were so welcoming and gracious. I loved all of the antiques and special touches, like the tasty little chocolates in our room, the 'make-up' towel in the bathroom, and the coffee in the parlor."

The Inn of Glen Haven is open year-round, with the summer season being the most popular time to visit, according to Emma. She also notes the warm weather—along with the area's tourist attractions and events in nearby cities such as Estes Park, Loveland, and Fort Collins—draws visitors to the region. Emma explains that the inn primarily attracts couples, including many retirees, but they have also started welcoming younger guests who are in their 20s.

As for the inn's policies, it should be noted that there is no smoking allowed on the premises. Although there are no designated quiet hours, people are also expected to keep noise to a minimum every night. The property operates on a septic system, so visitors are advised to be mindful of what they flush down the toilet. Finally, the inn does not allow pets.


The Inn of Glen Haven has a fairly extensive history, with the property dating back about 100 years. It initially began as a general store and later expanded to include a restaurant and a post office. Eventually, it transformed into a bed and breakfast approximately 50 years ago. The current owners, Emma and Chris Richmond, purchased the property at the end of 2020 and have since focused on maintenance and improvements, including repairs, repainting, furniture changes, and landscaping. Their decision to enter the lodging industry came as a desire for a change of pace and a new challenge for the Richmond family. They both worked in different industries prior to this endeavor, as Emma worked in the oil and gas sector and Chris in a latex balloon manufacturing company. Emma remarks the appeal of "creating a welcoming environment for vacationers" and "providing a relaxing experience" influenced their decision to venture into the hospitality industry.

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