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Jacob Swartz House Bed and Breakfast

Jacob Swartz House Bed and Breakfast

The town of New Market, Virginia, is home to various historical sites, namely, Civil War attractions. Jacob Swartz House Bed and Breakfast can be classified as one such attraction, considering that it was constructed around the 1850s and played a role in the Civil War, as explained by Robin, one of the current owners of the property. The building has passed through multiple ownerships throughout the years and eventually became a bed and breakfast in 1996. Robin and her husband Dave have been the owners of the inn for the past eight years. The cottage is equipped with two bedrooms that can accommodate up to four guests in total and has two private bathrooms. The cottage is only rented by one party of patrons at a time. A dining room, full kitchen, screened-in porch, and an outdoor terrace are all included in the cottage. The establishment is situated on three and a half acres of land and offers views of a nearby river.


Jacob Swartz House Bed and Breakfast is located in the town of New Market, Virginia, which lies within the Shenandoah Valley. In addition to the bedrooms, the cottage offers additional rooms for guests to utilize, such as the sunroom, a screened-in porch overlooking the North Fork river, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a terrace. Robin, one of the owners, describes the inn’s style to be “eclectic in furnishings, with some antiques,” continuing to say it’s overall “comfortable and cozy.” The cottage as a whole can only be reserved by one party at a time, meaning there are no other visitors at the property when a group is staying there. In total, the inn can accommodate up to four people, two in the master bedroom and two in the loft bedroom.

Amenities offered during a stay at the bed and breakfast include a full kitchen featuring items such as a refrigerator, stove, pots, pans, coffee maker, and glassware. Window air conditioning and central heating are other features of the cottage. One of the two bathrooms on the property is connected directly to the master bedroom, offering a bathtub shower, shampoos, bath gels, conditioner, and bubble bath soaps. The second bathroom on the property, which is located at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the loft, is equipped with a walk-in shower outfitted with a seat and the same amenities as the other bathroom apart from the bubble bath soaps.

Breakfast is served complimentary each day by the owners and can generally consist of a wide variety of options. Robin explains that she makes “a unique and thought-out” breakfast for her guests each morning. The meal includes an entrée, either sweet or savory, a side, a type of meat or protein, juice, and coffee. Robin is willing to make meals based on vegan or vegetarian preferences/restrictions. There is no set time that breakfast is served; it is left up to the patron to decide what time they would prefer it.

The surrounding landscape of the Jacob Swartz House Bed and Breakfast has “overgrown gardens, very natural big lawn, [and] a terrace that overlooks the river,” remarks Robin. The property is generally secluded based on its location away from much more urban areas; the driveway extends four-tenths of a mile in length between the home and the main road. The establishment occupies an expanse of three and a half acres, with the owners living right next to the premise. In the words of the current owner, features of the land include a fireplace made out of stone and a picnic table made by a mason that previously lived on the property. Robin says that apart from visiting the attractions in the surrounding area, visitors staying at the Jacob Swartz House Bed and Breakfast are able to participate in various activities at one’s pleasure, ranging from reading and relaxing to just "getting away for a while."


According to Robin, one of the current owners of the bed and breakfast, she and her husband, Dave, do not host large public events. However, Robin explains that they accommodate to needs that customers may have and provide means for guests to participate in certain activities that they wish to do during their stay at the cottage. When they receive visitors at the establishment, they expect them to behave themselves and respect the property. One specific policy for the bed and breakfast is that kids under the age of 13 are not permitted at the establishment.

“People come here to disconnect. Most people unplug,” says Robin. The main goal for the owners is to provide a place where guests can come and feel “fulfilled.” One way that Robin reports they do this is by “feeding them well.” The overall focus of the property is to provide an atmosphere where people can relax in the “beauty” of the surrounding area. The owners say that “your time is your own here” and that they try and create a place where they can slow down. Robin explains that she and Dave base the amount of interaction that they have with guests on how much the guests would prefer. Robin describes even further that the amount of interaction has ranged from only a few words to a great deal of interaction throughout the entirety of the stay. 

A unique aspect of the Jacob Swartz House Bed and Breakfast, according to Robin, is that the property is “self-contained” and that they deliver breakfast. The owners have noticed that the visitors often comment on the breakfast and the overall comfort of the cottage. One review left by a previous guest to the establishment remarks, “Jacob Swartz House is an excellent B&B. The comfortable, clean, and spacious cottage is detached, quiet, private, and surrounded by lush greenery. It has views of a river just below, as well as forests, fields, and mountain ranges as you look further. Breakfast is sumptuous and delicious, thanks to Robin’s great cooking.” Another patron said, “Robin and Dave were great hosts and provided a wonderful breakfast for us. We enjoyed every moment.”

The busiest seasons for the bed and breakfast are late spring, mid-summer, and fall. Robin has noticed that a significant group of guests who come to the bed and breakfast tend to fall into the demographic of retired people, friends gathering for a "weekend getaway," as well as artists and writers seeking solitude and inspiration. 

In the surrounding area, there are various restaurants available to visitors. Recommendations often include Edinburg Mill Restaurant, Southern Kitchen, and Millers Grille. In addition to dining, there are multiple attractions that are relatively popular among patrons at the cottage. Such attractions include New Market Battlefield State Historical Park, Shenandoah Caverns, Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, various wineries, and multiple Civil War sites. Robin remarks that sightseeing in the area is “history driven.”


Jacob Swartz House Bed and Breakfast has been in business since 1996. Robert and Dave Gilbert have owned and operated the establishment for the past eight years and are still the current owners. Robin was looking for a place to move to when she stumbled across the bed and breakfast, saying that it “caught [her] fancy,” leading her and her husband to enter the lodging industry.

The property’s history dates back to 1852 when Jacob Swartz met and married Lucinda Zirckle. At the time, Lucinda’s father owned the surrounding land; as a wedding gift, the father gave Jacob and Lucinda a portion of the land. The newly married couple took it and built their house, and additionally built a cobbler shop, which is now the bed and breakfast. Robin currently has some of the records and accounts of Jacob from that time, giving her "direct access" to the history, she reports. Notable events in the history of the property, according to Robin, include General Custer’s men raiding the cottage and taking personal items, such as his watch that originates from Germany. “Civil War history, we are drenched in it here,” says the current owner.

In the 1970s, the Zirkle family sold the property, and the cobbling shop began its transformation. During the 1980s, the place was owned by The New Market Peace Society and was used by the members of the group as a commune. Eventually, the property became what it is today. Robin and Dave say that they have not made many changes to the cottage except to repair or replace items when needed. “Why mess with something that’s so beautiful,” remarks Robin.

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