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Just an Experience

Just an Experience

Just an Experience, located in Virginia City, Montana, has four accommodations available year-round for patrons. Two of these are guestrooms located in the main lodge, with the other two being independent cabins located within 100 yards of the main lodge. The two guestrooms each sleep up to two visitors, while the cabins can house up to six visitors at a time. Situated on 2.5 acres of land, the property has views of the mountains, a walkthrough garden, seating areas, and a yard where outdoor games can be played. Breakfast is served each morning, which includes fresh fruits, coffee, tea, and a dish such as french toast, eggs benedict, or fresh tamales. It is served between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. in the dining room of the main lodge. Carma and John Sinerius, the owners of the establishment, converted their family home into a bed and breakfast in 1990. 


Near Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and Bannack State Park is Just an Experience. The bed and breakfast has four units that patrons may reserve throughout the year, two of which are individual rooms, while the other two are independent cabins. The two rooms are located in the main lodge building and are decorated with antiques, according to Carma, one of the owners. Each of the rooms has a queen bed, and Carma says that they are "roomy enough to spread out," and there is an ironing board and iron available for those who may need it. Each of the cabins is a separate, free-standing building originally constructed in the 1900s. Carma and her husband, John, purchased the cabins and had them moved to the property before refurbishing them and making them available for visitors. Carma says that the cabins tend to be more popular among guests, as they are "rustic on the outside" with common amenities inside, such as separate rooms, a sitting area, and games that patrons can play. 

The 2.5-acre property features a walkthrough garden and seating across the grounds. Carma says that this provides those staying at the property with the opportunity to socialize if they choose, but there is enough room to be more separated as well. There is also a mowed grass area where outdoor games can be played, such as horseshoes, ladder golf, frisbee, and badminton, all of which are provided to guests. 

Breakfast is served each morning for those staying at Just an Experience. The meal includes fruits, coffee, tea, milk, juice, and an entrée. Some entrées provided in the past have been french toast, Nevada City eggs benedict, and fresh tamales. Although there is a set time for breakfast in the mornings, between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., arrangements can be made if guests need to eat earlier. Additionally, Carma says that she can make a packed lunch from breakfast items that visitors can take with them if they prefer. If guests have any food allergies or restrictions, Carma asks that they notify her ahead of time so she can accommodate their needs. Generally, the meal is served in the main lodge's dining room, although Carma says that when the weather is nice, it can be served on the back deck. 


While staying at Just an Experience, Carma and John hope that guests can feel "relaxed and at home" on the property. Carma also says that she hopes those who stay with them feel "almost like they are coming home." Throughout a stay at the property, visitors can feel free to sit and talk with Carma and John, as Carma says she hopes to interact with her guests frequently. 

Just an Experience can also host a variety of events, such as weddings and family reunions. Due to the fact that space is relatively limited at the property, events should have no more than 100 people in attendance. Carma says that weddings generally take place in the back-pasture area, and canopies can be set up for a different ambiance. 

During a stay at the bed and breakfast, there are policies in place that guests are expected to abide by. There are no pets allowed inside the buildings, in other words, they may come to the property but are not able to stay in any of the cabins or rooms. It should also be noted that smoking is allowed outside on the grounds.  Lastly, there is a 72-hour cancelation policy for those needing to cancel their stay. 

Those who have previously come to the property often comment on the hospitality of Carma and John. If guests need it, Carma is willing to help them plan their trips to the national parks and give them ideas of places to visit along the way. Reviews left by previous patrons comment on the caliber of breakfast served, as well as the ambiance of the grounds and the comfort of the sleeping arrangements. One guest said, "The owners are very nice, and the breakfast was delicious, but it was the quality of the cabin that made our stay. The cabin is well off the road, so there is no noise. There are only a few cabins, so you have your privacy." The establishment is open year-round, and Carma says that the best time to visit the area is generally between June through September, due to the historical events that take place during that time. A few prominent attractions that visitors frequently tour while staying at the property are Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and Bannack State Park. Some local eateries that Carma and John recommend people visit include Wells Fargo Steakhouse; Bob's Place, which serves pizza and sandwiches; and Nacho Mama's. 


The building that is now the main lodge of Just an Experience was originally a family home that was built in 1864. Over the years, renovations have been done, including adding a bay window in 1978. Additionally, the two cabins that guests can stay in were not originally built on the property but were moved there by the business's current owners. The cabins were built in the 1900s and were refurbished by Carma and John, the owners of Just an Experience. What is now a bed and breakfast was initially used as a homestead by Carma and John, and, as such, multiple renovations and updates were done to the property to transition it to a bed and breakfast. There were multiple buildings on the grounds that were taken out, as well as maintenance on the land that was done. 

Carma and John began running the bed and breakfast in March of 1990. They were originally led to the industry because they both enjoyed people and loved the area. A draw for them running the business was being able to stay connected to the area and visit the nearby national parks often. Both Carma and John worked in the nearby cities to preserve the history of the land, and wanted to continue that work with the bed and breakfast. They enjoy socializing with their guests and regularly get out into the mountains to go hiking and hunting. Currently, the couple is in the process of refurbishing an additional cabin, which they hope to allow patrons to reserve soon. 

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1570 Montana Highway 287
Virginia City, Montana 59755
United States


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