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Kaede Bed & Breakfast

The Kaede Bed & Breakfast is located in Ipswich, Massachusetts, a coastal town in Essex County. Due to the heritage and background of the owners, the bed and breakfast has a distinct Japanese culture that influences many aspects of the property. The property boasts ten guest accommodations that differ in size, layout, and décor—though they share a Japanese cultured theme. Each of these rooms has been named a different Japanese title. Breakfast is served each morning at the property. Ipswich is known for its clams, celebrating each year annually at their Ipswich Chowderfest. A popular attraction nearby is Crane Beach.


Kaede Bed & Breakfast sits on half an acre of property, with a single building containing their rooms and services. The building is found on the top of Town Hill, located in the "Coburn Home," a historic building built in 1845. Kaede Bed & Breakfast provides ten unique rooms to its guests, each with a private bathroom. The "Kaede" room, also known as the Maple Room, is found on the house's second floor, providing a queen bed to go along with its cable TV and small bay window table. Kashi—the Oak room—is a two-room suite with a king-size bed and a television for entertainment purposes. The Ume room, also known as the Plum Room, comes with a queen-sized bed and an HDTV with cable, a maple dresser, and a handcrafted basin located in the bathroom. The Take Room, also known as the Bamboo Room, provides guests with their own staircase and a queen-sized and twin-sized bed. Handmade pottery can be found in the Take Room, with fine Japanese artwork etched into the room's fireplace.

In addition, six other bedrooms are located in the Kaede Bed & Breakfast, namely the Matsu Room, Momo Room, Yanagi Room, Hinoki Room, Kuri Room, and the Sakura Room. All of these rooms provide the same amenities as the other rooms, with slight differences, such as the bathroom located across the hall for the Sakura room.

One factor that stands out in Kaede Bed & Breakfast is the Japanese culture infused throughout the home. The owners—Jason and Makiko Keough—are deeply rooted in the Japanese culture, with Jason having worked there for nearly ten years.

A full breakfast is offered at the bed and breakfast, being served from 7:30-9:00 AM. Items served include French toast, pancakes, and various home-grown vegetables. Crane Beach is located near the property, a natural beach found in New England, and is only ten minutes away from the bed and breakfast. Food and dining are conveniently located a mile away from the property, offering several restaurants such as Ithaki—an authentic Greek cuisine.


The culture at Kaede Bed & Breakfast mainly fits into the Japanese culture due to the history of the owners. Jason and his wife Makiko Keough spent ten years working in Japan, with Makiko being a part of that culture. Due to this background, their lifestyle was integrated into their bed and breakfast, allowing guests a first-hand experience of the Japanese culture. Japanese dishes can occasionally be found in the breakfast provided, such as tofu, to accompany their Japanese-themed rooms, each named with a Japanese title.

Guests of the property often mention the hosts' quality service. One, in particular, stated that "the wonderful family hosts provide fantastic service and breakfast for their guests." Cleanliness is also often mentioned in the reviews to go along with the hosts, with a handful of people stating that the property is kept tidy and clean.

Ipswich is a coastal town that provides an abundance of clams and the Sandy Point State Reservation. This local state park runs through Ipswich and onto Plum Island, a barrier island found near the tip of the state of Massachusetts. Plum Island is named after the wild beach plums that are located on the island in the dunes. Ipswich was founded in 1634, providing deep history to its guests in the New England area. The city was founded by John Winthrop the Younger, son of John Winthrop, the Massachusetts Bay Colony founder and its first governor.


Kaede Bed & Breakfast has been in business for 14 years, having opened in 2006. The property has a rich history dating back to 1891. The original owner of the property, Abbie A. Coburn, passed away, leaving her home to the Trustees. The house was left to the Trustees for the purpose of "providing a home for needy and worthy people of both sexes, not under sixty years of age, who are natives of Ipswich and cannot provide for themselves otherwise." The property was named after her mother, Lucy, called the "Lucy B. Coburn Home for the Aged." Upon the passing of her sister, Lucy, in 1906, the Coburn Charitable Society was formed in 1910, providing access to the less fortunate through the use of the nine-bed capacity. The property was widespread throughout the time, providing sanctuary for those who need it, with the property being registered in the Department of Public Health as a Level IV facility.

Due to a decline of service, the Trustees closed the property in 1990 and was soon purchased by Chere and Bob Stathos in 1995, who converted the property into its first bed and breakfast, titled the Town Hill Bed & Breakfast. The Stathos received the Mary Conley award for historic preservation at the same time. Jason and Makiko Keough bought the property in 2006, creating the Kaede Bed & Breakfast as it stands today.

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United States


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Jason and Makiko Keough

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