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Kanab Suites

Kanab Suites is a twelve-bedroom inn located in Kanab, Utah. The property has been in operation for a little over a year, officially opening as an inn in August 2019. One unique thing about the property is that each room has a private entrance and keyless entry, allowing guests to be more independent as they come and go from the property. Some popular attractions and destinations nearby include Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park. At these or in the surrounding area, guests can participate in various recreational activities such as hiking, biking, ATVing, and boating.


Kanab Suites is an inn-style lodging property with the appearance and layout of a motel. The owner describes it as being a "boutique hotel." The single-story building contains twelve guest rooms. The property is located in downtown Kanab, Utah, with views on all sides of the surrounding distinct red rock terrain—a feature the area is famous for. The property prides itself on having high-quality materials and twenty-first-century foundations. Kanab Suites was built recently—in 2019—After the previous building on the property burnt down in a fire.

A unique feature of Kanab Suites is that they offer self-check-in to their guests. They do this by providing each room with a private entrance and keyless entry—which can be accessed with a visitor's room code unique to each guest staying there. This allows guests to be more flexible with their check-in time and to avoid nearly all interactions with the inn's staff if they desire. The twelve rooms are very similar in their layout and contain the same amenities/features, though the color schemes, decor, and specific paintings differ from room to room. The general motif is a modern design playing off of ancient desert culture.

Each suite contains a king or queen-sized bed(s) with wooden headboards, a television set on hand-crafted shelves, unique art of the surrounding area, and an open, uncluttered living space. Additionally, they have a private bathroom with a relatively large shower, air conditioning, WiFi, and a kitchenette—which is complete with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, dinnerware, cookware, stovetop, and bare cooking essentials such as oil or spices. On-site laundry facilities are available to guests at no additional cost, accessed with the visitor's room code.

Outside, guests will find two patio areas with seating and fire pits. One of the outdoor patios also has an umbrella covering to provide shade in the seating area. The surrounding area is a classic red-rock desert atmosphere typical of southern Utah. Due to its distinct beauty, Kanab is home to many outdoor activities and attractions such as ATVing and rock climbing. Kanab Suites itself is also centrally located to various attractions and destinations in the area, allowing guests to easily visit Zions National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Lake Powell. Kanab Suites is open year-round, though their busiest season is from April to October.


The desired culture of Kanab Suites is to be "cool and comfortable," explains the owner Crystal Schouten. She and her husband, John, are the only staff members at the inn, adding to the property's seclusion. They attempt to be as non-invasive as possible, allowing guests to be on their own and get the most out of their vacation. "When someone enters the property, it becomes their space," Crystal says. "It isn't our space anymore." Visitors have free reign to the outdoor seating areas, pavilions, and laundry room—all without needing permission or special access by the owners. Kanab Suites is family-owned and family-run by the Schoutens, who are the only two owners of the property.

John does the majority of the housework, maintenance, and housekeeping. Crystal handles the front desk and phone reservations while simultaneously caring for their three young children. "If you call, you will be talking to an owner," states Crystal. That personalized service is one of the things she considers unique about Kanab Suites' culture. Considering the property's short span of existence, it has received remarkably positive reviews. One guest said, "This was a hidden gem! Very clean, very comfortable, great amenities and very quiet. Great location. You can tell the owners take pride in their property. The no-front desk check-in option was easy and convenient." Other things that are frequently mentioned in guest reviews are the inn's cleanliness and the comfortable beds and living areas provided for visitors staying there.

The surrounding area is known for its unique range of landscapes. ATVing and rock climbing are possible activities in the red rock deserts. Boating and fishing are readily available at nearby Lake Powell. National parks such as Zions or Bryce Canyon are also popular attractions for tourists, bringing in people from all over the world to experience hiking, mountain biking, and other activities. Crystal suspects that about 90% of the guests that stay at Kanab Suites are in the area for outdoor recreational activities. The remaining 10% are volunteering at the nearby animal sanctuary called Best Friends—A 3,700-acre plot of land that is home to over 1,600 homeless animals.


The property where Kanab Suites currently sits has only recently been adapted to the inn business. The small acre of land served other purposes in years prior, such as an office space or as a hotel in the late 90s. Unfortunately, the previous property burnt down due to a fire sometime in the late 2010s. What remained was a scorched skeleton of the building that had once stood there. The owners, John and Crystal Schouten, purchased the property shortly afterward, and in 2019 decided that they wanted to convert it into an inn of some kind.

They started by removing the remaining structures on the land, seeing how they would no longer serve much of a purpose. Kanab Suites was then built from the ground up, and it officially opened in August of 2019. With that "clean slate" of the property, the inn has been relatively successful despite its short time in operation and challenging conditions of the COVID pandemic of 2020.

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