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Katamah Guesthouse

Katamah Guesthouse is located on the southern beaches of Jamaica in a small fishing village called Treasure Beach. The property is placed on two acres of beachfront property covered in Jamaican-inspired gardens, nine separate bungalows, and a large public gathering area. Each of the bungalows vary in size but are all decorated with bright Moroccan-inspired décor and artesian furniture. Screened-in outdoor spaces, a large public kitchen, and wireless internet are available to every guest who visits the Katamah Guesthouse. There are over ten local restaurants within a five-minute walk of the property, and bicycle rentals are available for guests who wish to venture further into town or on nature trails nearby.


Katamah Guesthouse is located in Treasure Beach on the South Coast of Jamaica. Treasure Beach is a small fishing village filled with vacation homes, farmland, and local restaurants. The village is known for being a beachfront sanctuary and one of the safest areas in Jamaica. Katamah Guesthouse lies on two acres of beachfront property. There are ten rooms on the property available for reservation. Each room is decorated with Moroccan architecture and design and placed near the beach in the property's extensive Jamaican garden. Each of the ten rooms are unique, with colorful decorations and artisan-inspired furniture. The beds in each of the rooms vary from queen to king-sized beds with fresh linens provided. Free wireless internet is available throughout the property, along with housekeeping upon request.

Every one of the rooms at Katamah Guesthouse are secluded with their own private living areas, bathrooms, and screened-in porches. The rooms with kitchenettes are equipped with a refrigerator and freezer, sink, two-burner stovetop, microwave, and dishes. A mosquito net surrounds each bed, and multiple fans are available in each bungalow. The Laila Suite is the owner, Monika's, personal favorite room on the property. This opinion is shared by many of the guests that stay at the establishment as well. The suite is the largest of the rentals by almost three times the average room. The Laila Suite has a large screened-in outdoor living space and is filled with traditional Moroccan architecture, including window and door arches and ornate tilework.

A large shared area is located just off the beach with a two-story open-air living room with a downstairs and rooftop lounge looking out over the ocean. The large kitchen on the property is available for all guests to use when wishing to cook their own meals. Breakfast is now provided at the Katamah Guesthouse. However, there are over ten restaurants within a five minutes walk from the property. Treasure Beach is surrounded on three sides by ocean shoreline, but the Black River and other notable attractions are located more inland. Visitors can spend time visiting historical monuments, exploring nature trails, sunbathing at the beach, or visiting local restaurants and shops. Monika and her staff work hard to promote local businesses in the area and will often recommend local restaurants, yoga studios, boat tour guides, and bicycle trails in the area. The Pelican Bar is located out in the sea and can be accessed by boat. There are also many hidden waterfalls along the shoreline that visitors can discover with the help of a local guide.


The owner of Katamah Guesthouse, Monika Osborne, created the property in an effort to build a sanctuary or a "spiritual retreat" of some kind for her guests. The diverse gardens, colorful décor, and Moroccan-inspired architecture are all utilized in an effort to create a bright, comfortable oasis for guests. Monika emphasizes the fact that the property is not a "typical hotel setting" and is also unlike a bed and breakfast. Each of the bungalows are spread apart along the beach and are intended to be a place of rest and relaxation for guests as they spend their days exploring the village of Treasure Beach and its surrounding attractions. Treasure Beach is not a tourist town, so guests who visit will not feel the pressure to do and buy things as they might in an all-inclusive resort. The southern side of Jamaica does not have many large-scale hotels or resorts because most of the people there are local residents of the country.

Treasure Beach is primarily a community of entrepreneurs, descended from families during the time when the first Europeans came to Jamaica. The small village used to be the central import and export area from Black River and still has homes of wealthy traders from that time. There is a diverse economy in Treasure Beach with those who own big businesses and vacation homes in the area, and simple country people who look after the town taking care of homes, local buildings, and vacation villas. "The village is a very safe community, and most locals are very friendly towards visitors," says Monika.

Katamah Guesthouse supports a variety of guests from families to couples to single travelers. The area can have such a slow and peaceful feeling that single visitors are drawn to the property. Mostly, women visit Katamah Guesthouse alone owing to the fact that they can spend time on the beach, eat at nearby local restaurants, or read a book in a hammock with little distractions. Katamah Guesthouse is open year-round; there is a slight increase in visitors during the winter months of January, February, and March, but overall there is a fairly steady flow of guests throughout the year.


Monika Osborne is the owner, general manager, and creator of Katamah Guesthouse. Monika spent twenty years as an interior designer in New York City with a signature Moroccan Influence and has taken her past as an interior designer into creating the Katamah Guesthouse. Monika is originally from Martha's Vineyard and has family ties to Morocco. Her mother ran a bed and breakfast most of her life, so Monika was born into the industry. As she grew up, she pursued a career in interior design but decided to return to the hospitality industry in 2008. The reason for returning to the industry was because of her love of creating spaces. She wanted to create a space to match the environment. Starting with renovating and renting out rooms in her own home, Monika eventually broadened her horizons and purchased the property Katamah Guesthouse now sits on. Monika enjoys taking care of people and helping them find peace and relaxing spaces. Most of her influence on her guests comes from her design and helping to customize their experience as they visit her property. Katamah Guesthouse has been steadily added to and improved over the past ten years, and Monika intends to continue improving the property and adding amenities to the bungalows. The village of Treasure Beach is known to be one of Jamaica's safest areas, with businesses still owned by the families who first settled the area in the 1500s.

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