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Kilby House Inn B&B

Kilby House Inn B&B is a Victorian-style establishment in Eastport, Maine. The town is found on Moose Island, next to the United States-Canada border. Kilby House Inn B&B has four guest accommodations on the building's second floor, while the bottom floor has the parlor, music room, front hallway, and dining room. An additional aspect of Kilby House Inn B&B is the Carriage House, which offers a long-term rental space with a kitchen, washer, dryer, and living space. However, breakfast is not included with a Carriage House rental, though it is with the other rooms. Various area attractions can occupy visitors' time, such as the many public access properties owned and conserved by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Cobscook Shores Inc. Guests can also explore coastlines throughout the area, hike on trails, and visit West Quoddy Head Lighthouse or the historic town of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.


Kilby House Inn B&B is a Victorian-style property located in Eastport, Maine—a town on the eastern edge of Moose Island. Eastpoint is next to the border between Canada and the United States, and several other islands surround the general area. For those who plan on visiting Kilby House Inn B&B, it should be noted that the only access point to Moose Island is a manmade causeway at the island’s northern end that connects it to the mainland.

Kilby House Inn B&B offers four guestrooms on the main house's second floor, which are as follows: The Master Bedroom, Lucy's Room, The Guest Room, and Cousin John's Room. Every accommodation has private bathrooms with showers, and Gregory Noyes, the owner, explains that their amenities are "pretty similar." For instance, each room except Lucy's Room has a queen bed; Lucy's Room has two twin beds. Gregory believes each unit is rented relatively evenly compared to the rest, though he recognizes that The Master Bedroom and The Guest Room are the two "nicest" rooms.

The first floor of the main house is where patrons can visit. Gregory says that the first floor has a music room with several instruments, including a piano and an organ, plus a fireplace. The parlor has a piano and fireplace as well, and it includes Victorian paintings and furniture like the rest of Kilby House Inn B&B. The dining room is also located on the first floor, along with a front hall and a porch. Gregory remarks that guests can congregate on the first floor and participate in activities such as playing cards.

The Carriage House is another accommodation separate from the main house, though it is used as a long-term rental. It is outfitted with a full kitchen, a queen-size bed, a gas fireplace, a washer and dryer, and an outdoor deck. Central heating, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi are also available at the Carriage House. It should be noted that breakfast and cleaning services are not included at the Carriage House.

Breakfast is available to guests who reserve a room at Kilby House Inn B&B. Starting at 8:00 a.m., visitors can expect food such as scrambled eggs with cream cheese and jives, bacon, sausage, coffee, and sweet bread such as muffins or homemade biscuits. Additionally, Gregory says he likes to include fruit such as grapes, melons, and berries. He decides what to prepare each day, and he can accommodate dietary restrictions if visitors notify him well in advance.

Kilby House Inn B&B is on a quarter-acre of land on the eastern side of Eastport, not far from the island's edge. Gregory mentions that Kilby House Inn B&B is near Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt's summer house on Campobello Island, where the former president contracted polio. Gregory also explains that Moose Island was a contested property during the American Revolutionary War. Today, he says it is a quiet "island community" with several attractions for hikers. Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Cobscook Shores Inc. own and conserve a series of public access properties throughout the coasts of Maine, which Gregory says people can visit. He also recommends they go to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse and the historic town of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, where many people fled to escape the American Revolutionary War, according to Gregory. There are many coastlines and trails for guests to explore as well.

Among Gregory's dining recommendations are WaCo Diner, which he says is "a good lunch option," and several other restaurants in Lubec. He also suggests visitors dine at Helen's Restaurant in Machias; he comments that it is known for locally sourcing its ingredients and menu items.


Gregory, the owner of Kilby House Inn B&B, wants his guests to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to ask him questions during their stay. He also says he offers newcomers a cup of tea to "put them at ease" and likes to help them plan out their trips. Gregory continues, saying visiting Eastport is "like going to a place in Maine in the 1950s; [it's] not uptight and not nervous, [and] it's the way things were decades ago."

When asked what is unique about the Kilby House Inn B&B, Gregory believes it is how he treats his guests. As previously mentioned, he enjoys helping them plan activities, as he notes, "If [people] want to see the rustic coastline, I can keep them busy for two weeks without them seeing the same thing twice." Reviews from previous visitors reflect his comment, as one former patron said, "The owner, Greg Noyes, was a warm host, outstanding cook, and had a wealth of knowledge about Maine and southern Canada. Each morning we were greeted with fresh coffee, gourmet breakfasts, and lively conversation about the history and culture of the area. He made excellent suggestions about day trips and restaurants."

Another patron said, "The Kilby House is very comfortable, located right in town, and meticulously clean. Greg offers a warm welcome, thoughtful conversation, and no shortage of handy information. Eastport has lovely gardens—some wildly overgrown—an active waterfront, a few very nice shops, long walks, and a spectacular profusion of lupine in the middle of June. And the not-to-be-missed WaCo Diner."

Kilby House Inn B&B visitors are expected to follow the property policies and guidelines. To prevent damage from being done to the house, pets, smoking, and children under the age of 12 are not permitted at the inn. Online booking does not take place either. Gregory also explains that people wanting an active nightlife are discouraged from visiting the area. Finally, quiet time begins each night at around 10:00 p.m.

Kilby House Inn B&B is open year-round, and Gregory observes that the peak season lasts from July through September. Since most rooms are double occupancy, the majority of his guests are couples. Gregory also notes that most occupants visit the area to hike and see the public access properties, and many of them return repeatedly.


Kilby House Inn B&B was built in 1887 as a private residence by and for the Kilby family. Mr. Kilby owned the then-largest store on Moose Island, according to the current owner, Gregory. The Kilbys owned the property for many years, and Gregory mentions that it is still known among locals as "Miss Kilby's house" to this day. He also speculates that the Kilbys, particularly Mr. Kilby's daughter, "must have been on a friendly basis with the Roosevelts," as Ms. Kilby had several letters from Eleanor. Gregory also recalls that the Roosevelts' vacation home on Campobello Island was stocked with many items from Mr. Kilby's store, reinforcing his idea that the two families could have been friends.

Gregory considers himself a custodian of the Kilby House rather than an owner. He has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and previously ran an inn with a whole staff. After some time, Gregory wanted to try operating an inn by himself, so he moved to Eastport and opened the Kilby House Inn B&B as a bed and breakfast following its purchase. To this day, he says his favorite part about his occupation is helping people plan their days.

Since beginning his ownership of Kilby House Inn B&B, Gregory has "restored the [house's] floorplan." He explains that Ms. Kilby had converted the rooms into apartments, and Gregory reverted them to their original state when he took over. The Carriage House was built in 2011 as well. Gregory states that he has no significant alteration plans moving forward aside from painting certain parts of the house.

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