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King George Inn

Located in Roanoke, Virginia, the King George Inn Bed & Breakfast is a lodging establishment that has a total of four units. Described as a "turn of the century mansion" by its owner Lynn Hunt, the building has distinct red brick walls and a covered front entrance with white columns. The property is known by some for its breakfast, as well as perhaps being a more upscale lodging option in the Roanoke area. Another unique feature of the inn's management is that Lynn is known to do watercolor portraits of the guests who stay there. One of the city's most prominent attractions is the Mill Mountain Star, which is an artificial construction that is visible from miles away. The King George Inn is open during every season of the year, though it is often closed in January.


The King George Inn Bed & Breakfast is situated in Roanoke, Virginia. More specifically, the property sits a few blocks away from downtown and is across the river from a local zoo and a hospital. King George Inn consists of one primary building that is a "turn of the century mansion," according to the owner Lynn. The home is two stories tall, with a rather distinct red brick appearance. The brick walls are interrupted by the various windows that adorn the exterior of the inn. Most of the windows have white frames and black shutters. Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of the exterior appearance of King George Inn is its entrance. It is covered by a semi-circular platform that juts out of the front of the home and is supported by white columns. The path leading up to the entrance is made of the same red bricks as the walls of the property, passing various flowers and hedges along the way. Porch furniture can be found near the front entrance, allowing for outdoor lounging.

Though the bed and breakfast is located on less than an acre of land, there is a small parking area to the east of the home that guests are able to use during their stay. Some parts of downtown Roanoke are within walking distance of the establishment, where visitors can find activities such as operas, ballets, bicycle trails, or shops. Alternatively, guests can opt for a more extended outing to the notable Mill Mountain Star, which has been a defining feature of Roanoke, Virginia.

The décor within the King George Inn can be described as "Victorian," with the same "turn of the century" atmosphere as the building's exterior. There are a total of four guest rooms at the property, all of which are located on the second floor. Two of the rooms—Queen Charlotte and Queen Victoria—are classified as "Deluxe Queen Rooms." In contrast, the other two rooms, namely the King George and the Elizabeth, are defined as being a "Deluxe King Room" and "Superior King Room," respectively. The rooms each contain private bathrooms, and all of them are able to access a central library on the second floor of the inn with relative ease. This library contains various bookshelves and places for patrons to sit and read. Other common areas within the home are a lounge on the first floor with a television and a room that Lynn likes to call the "Pretty Room." The former is primarily for use under special circumstances, such as when a notable sports game is broadcasting. The latter, on the other hand, is a public formal sitting room where guests can socialize. Other features which are available throughout the inn consist of Wi-Fi and a few card games.

Additional room-specific amenities offered at the King George Inn Bed & Breakfast include things such as hair driers, irons, fireplaces (in some rooms), towels, wardrobes or closets, and heating/air conditioning systems. Lynn also likes to advertise that all of the units have views of the surrounding mountains. Most of the furniture in the house has an antique Victorian appearance. For example, many of the tables, bed frames, and dressers are made up of garnished wood. It should be noted that all of the units at King George Inn are only accessible by means of a staircase in the center of the home.

Lynn talks about how one of the most defining features of the property is the "outrageous breakfast" that is served there. She explains that the meals that are served at the King George Inn are not "Little Debbie cupcakes" or anything of that kind. Instead, breakfast is a "gourmet" meal that consists of ingredients from a local farmers' market. Daily menus can include dishes such as ham and cheese omelets, blueberry muffins, buttermilk pancakes, maple-flavored bacon, or shirred eggs. The appetizers are always fresh fruits such as strawberries, peaches, or mangos with yogurt parfaits and sherbet dishes. All of the food at the King George Inn is prepared by a "trained chef," who is willing to make special accommodations for guests with dietary needs or preferences. Lynn is also able to provide dinner to the guests who stay at her bed and breakfast, though she doesn't usually advertise it unless she is explicitly asked about it.

Overall, Lynn describes the King George Inn as being one of only two bed and breakfasts in the area, with hers being slightly more "upscale," in her opinion. The property's appearance and history have caused it to be the place for various events, such as impromptu in-home concerts or weddings.


Lynn Hunt, one of the owners of the King George Inn, says that she wants her guests to feel like they are at their very own home while they stay at her property. She hopes that her guests feel as if they are visiting their aunt when they are with the innkeeper. A primary way she helps her guests feel this way is by trying to always be available for them whenever they need or want her. Lynn mentions that she isn't like other innkeepers. She says that "you can hire a cook, you can hire a housekeeper, but you can't hire a Lynn Hunt." One of the things she most enjoys about the job is making people laugh and helping her guests to be happy. She tries to live by a philosophy of consistently being nice to her guests.

Another way Lynn and her husband Jim, the other owner of the property, help their guests feel at home is by offering recommendations for places they can dine at or visit. Some of these places to visit are the Virginia Museum of Transportation, Apple Orchard Falls, and the Mill Mountain Star, which is a popular attraction in their city. Places that she recommends to her guests to eat at range from homegrown focused restaurants to southern cuisine. Three specific restaurants she endorses are Local Roots, Alexander's, and Blue 5 Restaurant.

The King George Inn is open all year round besides the month of January. The owner of the bed and breakfast, Lynn Hunt, indicated that the busiest season of operation for their business is from the months of July through October. This is often the case because of the location of the inn. The inn is located about halfway between Washington DC and Ashville, North Carolina, which perhaps makes it an ideal spot for those who are traveling between the two to take a break for a night and get some dinner. The typical guests that visits the bed and breakfast are 55 or older, but many other demographics have stayed there. However, it should be noted that children under the age of nine are not permitted to stay at the property, and pets are not accepted unless previously agreed upon with Lynn.

Guests in the past have left many reviews about the innkeepers' charisma and the historic nature of the building. One guest, in particular, said, "We loved our stay at the King George Inn. Lynn and Jack made our experience worthwhile. The food was excellent, and the room and house were clean and beautiful. We loved sitting down and talking with Lynn about the history of the area and of the house itself." The innkeepers and the home have been very important to the guests in the past, and consequently, they are important to Lynn and Jack. They strive to keep the home up to date and well taken care of, and they are consistently trying to help their guests to feel at home.


The property of the King George Inn dates back to the mid-1800s. Lieutenant Henry Shaver Trout was the owner and first resident of 315 King George Avenue, which is where the inn is today. Lieutenant Trout served in the Civil war in the Confederacy and then served in Public Office between 1877 and 1886 as a Virginia State Senator. He was the Mayor of Roanoke from 1892 to 1894. Henry Shaver Trout gained recognition by standing against a mob. Some guests have found this story interesting, and the current innkeepers, Lynn and Jim Hunt, enjoy telling various historical facts about the area and the property.

Lynn and Jim have owned the King George Inn for ten and a half years now as the original owners of the bed and breakfast business. They originally had an office in the building, but they decided to move into the home and start the bed and breakfast after a difficult recession. Lynn and Jim Hunt recognized the potential for the property and restored it to its former grandeur. While maintaining the integrity of the original home, they added some needed bathrooms and fixtures, remodeled the butler's pantry, and created a new and modern kitchen.

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