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King Salmondeaux Lodge

King Salmondeaux Lodge is located in a secluded area of Soldotna, Alaska. The property is placed right off of the Kenai River surrounded by forest and grassy flatlands. Soldotna is a small intimate fishing town with multiple marinas, riverside diners and bars. There are ten cabins available for rent at the lodge, each decorated with fishing and wildlife inspired d├ęcor. Some cabins can house up to ten people. All of the cabins have a private deck and walkway leading to the river front. A nightly campfire is held at the center of the property for guests to mingle, and a fish filleting station is available for guests to use with additional cost.


King Salmondeaux Lodge is located on five acres of riverside land. The lot is placed in the middle of an open grove surrounded on three sides by forest and shrubs. The lodge is very secluded and just a few miles away from the wildlife refuge. Because of this, there is an abundance of wildlife in the area. There are ten individual cabins available to rent at the King Salmondeaux Lodge. The cabins are close by one another, situated in a large circle. In the center of the ring of cabins is a large open pavilion with three barbeque pits, picnic tables, and fish cleaning stations. The cabins are all different to accommodate groups of all sizes. The lodge does not have its own separate store, but guests can purchase from various sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats at the check-in counter. Each cabin rental includes linens, towels, dishes, cookware, furnishings, WiFi, and Dish Network TV.

The Riverside Cabins feature a loft with three queen-sized beds and a view of the glacier-fed Kenai River. A private bedroom on the main floor, a full kitchen, a large bathroom, and a large deck overlooking the river. The Roadside Cabins are smaller and accommodate a maximum of six people. Each cabin has two queen beds and two extra-large twin beds. There is a small kitchen and bathroom as well. The Four-Bedroom Deluxe Cabins are the most popular at King Salmondeaux Lodge. These large cabins have two stories with four private bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, a large cozy living room, and wrap-around deck with river views. Each of the riverfront cabins have their own private stairways down to the river; there are four other stairways for roadside guests to use. A nightly campfire is held at the lodge, where all guests are invited to get comfortable and visit with one another.

The staff at King Salmondeaux Lodge is dedicated to the fishing industry and desires all of their guests to have an ideal fishing experience. For a fee, guests can have their fish cleaned, filleted, vacuum-packed, frozen, and loaded in an ice chest. The fish can then be shipped via FedEx to their home. They also offer smoking services. Guests can smoke their own salmon using the pavilion smokers, or the staff can smoke their fish for them. In addition to fishing, the Kenai River guests will often visit the wildlife refuge nearby or the dine-in at of the many locally-owned restaurants in Soldotna.


King Salmondeaux Lodge is a very friendly and relaxed spot. The owner Michel Heard hopes to offer each guest a high-end experience in the relaxing riverfront oasis. King Salmondeaux Lodge is tailored towards the fishing community, from the fishing inspired decor to the smokers and fish filleting services. Return customers are common and very friendly towards newcomers. Most visitors bring their families to relax while the fishermen take to the riverfront. The nightly fire makes it possible for guests to get to know one another and tell stories and share fishing tips. Often guests will compare the days catch and marvel over each others' experiences. The property is open from May through October, but visitors are most common from July 18th through August 10th. This is the prime salmon fishing season when salmon came back upriver to lay their eggs.

Because of each cabin's full kitchen, guests don't need to leave the lodge during their stay. Guests leave positive reviews regarding the peaceful location, friendly staff, clean aesthetic cabins, and the convenience of having on-site smokers and fillet stations. They appreciate how easy it is to enjoy their fish fresh after the catch. Although the property is secluded, it is a couple of miles from Soldotna, Alaska. Soldotna is a small city with a population just shy of 5,000 people. The city is very fishing oriented. They profit most during the fishing season and serve fresh salmon and halibut at almost every restaurant and supermarket. Hunting is also prevalent in the area, and wildlife can be seen virtually everywhere. The Northern Lights can be seen over the Kenai River, and there is lots of wildlife in the area.


Michel Heard purchased King Salmondeaux Lodge in 2015, but it was initially bought, and the building started in 2000. Michel bought the property because he loved the area, and he had often visited the lodge to go fishing and enjoy the secluded location. Over time more cabins were built. When Michel purchased the property, he renovated and updated the pre-existing cabins and added more of the Roadside Cabins. He also made a new pavilion and added the smokers and fillet service for guests to enjoy.

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