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Kona Kai Resort

The Kona Kai Resort is an adults-only resort located in Key Largo, Florida. The resort is on two acres of land and has a total of 13 suites. Each of the suites has a unique name associated with fruit, such as the Pineapple Suite or the Mango Room. Guests can use the resort’s paddleboards, kayaks, and paddle boats free of charge on a first come first serve basis. All around the property is a botanical garden that patrons can enjoy. There is also private beach access with a floating dock. The staff strives to provide a private and relaxing experience for each of its guests, following the resort’s motto of “See something, need something, say something, because we can’t fix it once you are gone.”


On the island of Key Largo in the Florida Keys is the Kona Kai Resort. The property is situated on two acres of land and has 13 suites in total that guests can stay in. All around the resort is a botanical garden with a variety of plants and flowers that visitors can enjoy as they walk around the grounds. In the reception area of the main building is also an art gallery filled with pieces of art from around the world that is free for guests to view. The outside of the buildings are cream in color with blue, orange, and yellow accents and they have plantation-style shutters on the windows. Behind the main building is the resort’s pool with an ocean view as well as access to the resort’s private beach and floating dock.

All of the rooms available to guests are named after a variety of fruits. Inside of each suite, the walls are painted with bright pastel colors, and the decorations on the wall and around the unit convey a beach theme. Every room comes equipped with air conditioning, complimentary wireless internet, and a private bathroom. Some of the suites, such as the Papaya Suite, also come with a small kitchen that patrons can use. The most popular units with guests are the Mango Room, Breadfruit Suite, and Pineapple Suite due to the view that they have of the ocean.

The resort offers guests a variety of activities that can be done on the premises. There is a gated tennis court at the front of the property which is open to visitors anytime. Shuffleboard and table tennis are available from the main office, as well as complimentary watercraft such as kayaks, paddleboats, and paddle boards that guests can use on a first come first serve basis. There are a total of seven tiki huts around the resort that visitors can sit at. Sunchairs with umbrellas are provided on the beach as well as chairs on the dock.


The Kona Kai Resort aims to create an atmosphere of a private, clean, and relaxing romantic getaway, according to Catherine, one of the resort’s managers. She says that she enjoys getting to talk to and serve the people who stay at the resort and that many of the patrons who stay there become friends of the staff. A substantial portion of the resort’s business is repeat guests, mostly married couples. Catherine says that to maintain the atmosphere of the property, the staff is instructed to be always available should guests need anything over the course of their stay. That is why, according to Catherine, the resort’s motto is, “See something, need something, say something because we can’t fix it once you’re gone.”

For visitors who stay at the resort, it's important to note the policies that guests are asked to observe while they are there. The most important policies to be aware of are that the resort is adults-only, requiring that all patrons be at least 14 years old to stay there, and no visitors can visit the property unless they are actively staying there. That being said, the entire property can be rented and used to host and lodge for guest events, such as business meetings, weddings, family reunions. The resort will also provide a vendor list for the area to visitors to further help guests set up their event.

Reviews of the Kona Kai resort mention many different things that guests in the past have liked. Visitors have commented on the helpfulness of the staff and the quiet atmosphere of the property. Said one patron about the resort, “Very peaceful property right on the water. The accommodations are clean and had everything we needed. All of the staff was friendly and helpful.” Other guests also appreciated the assistance of the staff in planning things to do around the Key Largo area, stating that the staff was helpful in “facilitating reservations and recommending activities, bars, and restaurants.”

In the city of Key Largo, there are many different shops and activities that visitors can try during their stay. The resort is located directly off the Florida Overseas Highway, which connects many of the larger Florida Keys together and is a popular tourist drive for visitors to the area. Along the highway are many different points of interest and lookouts guests can stop at.

Just north of the resort is the Dolphins Plus Bayside facility where visitors can learn about the area’s marine wildlife and swim with dolphins in a lagoon. For people looking for places to eat, Catherine suggests that they try Ziggie & Mad Dog’s, which serves a selection of steak, chops, and seafood. She also recommends DiGiorgio’s Café Largo, a popular Italian restaurant that is close to the resort.


Before the Kona Kai Resort was welcoming guests, the property was originally built as a group of four homes in the 1950s where members of the upper class could stay when they were on vacation to the Florida Keys. The property operated in this manner through the 50s until it was converted into a type of boarding school for troubled boys in the early 60s. Still exclusive to people of the upper class, families would send their boys to the school to learn better manners and to develop stronger social skills. During this time the tennis court was added to the property to provide additional outdoor activities for the youth. The buildings were bought by the resort’s original owners in the early 90s and turned into what is now, the Kona Kai Resort. The current owners have owned the resort for six years. They moved to Florida from New York to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle than their previous jobs had provided them.

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