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Lake Huron Lodge

Lake Huron Lodge is located in eastern Michigan, resting on 9,000 square feet of land. The lodge features seven units and an additional banquet room in a three-story building. Many guests use the banquet room to host bridal showers, company parties, or birthday celebrations. The building itself has an old-school style with modern touches. Lake Huron Lodge has close proximity to nearby attractions such as the Lexington Village Theatre, as well as local restaurants including Wind Jammer or the Cadillac. The lodge is owned by the Haelterman family who has owned it since 2014. Before owning Lake Huron Lodge, the family had lived in Lexington since 1969. Over the course of time, the Haelterman family has worked to update and make additions to the building since first purchasing it.


Lake Huron Lodge is a three-story high building that covers approximately 9,000 square feet and features seven total units, plus a banquet room in the basement area of the building. The first and second floors are available for guests to rent. Six suites are on the first floor, a five-bedroom unit with two baths resides on the second floor, and the third floor is used for storage purposes. Each of the suites includes bedrooms and a kitchenette, and some contain couches, as well as cement patios. Grills are located outside the property for guests to utilize. Every suite has utensils, plates, cups, wine glasses, silverware, a microwave, coffee pots, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, Wi-Fi, and at least one extra queen air mattress for optional use. The outside area of the property provides a few mini-games similar to corn hole, for example.

Several visitors have used the banquet room for events such as bridal showers, weddings, class reunions, anniversary parties, baby showers, funeral dinners, company parties, and other similar celebratory events. The room seats up to sixty people and features a full bar. Some of the provided features of the banquet room include a 55" flat-screen TV positioned on a table, a bluetooth audio system, two restrooms, a buffet table, and a caterer prep room. 

Guests staying at Lake Huron Lodge generally don't have to go too far to find something to do. The property itself is located within walking distance of the beach and several downtown events. A notable attraction recommended by the owner that is situated near the lodge is the Lexington Village Theatre, which includes live music and comedy. For visitors searching for a place to eat, some of the local restaurants suggested to guests by the owner are the Village Pub, Wind Jammer, and Cadillac. Additionally, Lake Huron Lodge is a part of the Village Lexington Business Association, which hosts several activities for guests such as Fourth of July fireworks and an art fair during the first week of August. The annual art fair is typically one of the most attended events hosted by the Village Lexington Business Association, with over 10,000 visitors and more than 125 contenders participating.


Lake Huron Lodge's style could be described as old-school with a modern twist. The owner remarked that the building is one of the only "hotel-type" properties in town because the rest of the hospitality rentals nearby are B&Bs or cottages. According to the owner, Lake Huron Lodge is known to be the first resort facility to the north. The Haelterman family, the current owners, wants their guests to feel as though they're at home during their stay.

The small-town location of the lodge generally draws in visitors who prefer to spend time outdoors, mainly because of the nearby lake that could provide several things to do. The owner commented that many guests love the ability to come and go as they please, in addition to the close proximity to local things to do. One particular guest who was pleased with their event held at Lake Huron Lodge mentioned, "We used the banquet room for my daughter's wedding shower. We had approximately 50 guests. It was wonderful! Very clean and convenient. The owner was great to work with, very prompt, and extremely helpful." Lake Huron Lodge is open year-round with the busiest season being summertime, as the weather is relatively warmer. The lodge receives visitors of all age groups, ranging from young families to retired couples.


The Haelterman family has converted the 150 year old house and made additions over the years to make it more of a lodging facility. The house was first constructed by a Chicago banker who used the building as a summer home in 1874. The Haelterman family has owned it since December of 2014, and before then the home was used as an assisted living center. Each room was then modified into individual suites.

The current owners had lived in Lexington since 1969 and came back after moving away once. They first discovered Lake Huron Lodge when they noticed the run down, unoccupied building behind a property that one of the brothers owned. The building wasn't being taken care of so the family agreed to purchase and turn it into a hotel-type rental for visitors. 

Suite number one, the most popular rental, includes much of the original parts of when the house was first built in 1874, such as the fireplaces, mahogany staircases, and the ten-foot ceiling. Additionally, the lobby, in particular, contains historic characteristics similar to the exterior of the building. Gardens dot the outside area of the property, in addition to a historic rock basket that has been there for over 100 years. A patio is located outside with a pergola, tables and chairs, and two gas grills for guests to use.

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