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Lake Pointe Inn

Lake Pointe Inn sits next to Deep Creek Lake, an artificial reservoir that is, in fact, younger than the inn. Home to a number of uniquely-named rooms and suites, the inn contains many features that are part of a guest's reservation price, such as breakfast, coffee, tea, kayaks, paddleboards, "wine tasting" events, and "sunset cruises" during the summer. The establishment is owned by Scott and Lenina, who were married in March of 2016 before purchasing the property in October of that same year. Lenina describes her desired atmosphere of Lake Pointe Inn to be "as much like home as possible...except for that you don't have to do the dishes." The inn's breakfast is menu-based, with daily selections that cater to individuals with dietary needs such as being gluten-free or vegan. Open year-round, the bed and breakfast sees its highest occupancy rates in July and October.


Located in McHenry, Maryland, the Lake Pointe Inn is a lodging establishment that is home to 3 suites and 7 rooms. The inn's name primarily comes from the fact that the business is situated directly next to Deep Creek Lake's northernmost region. Home to a wide arrangement of complimentary features and amenities for its guests, the inn offers unique "sunset cruises" every evening during the summer.

Each of the ten units within Lake Pointe Inn has a separate name and at least some variety in its amenities. The Buffalo Marsh Suite, for example, is described as the property owner's "favorite room" and comes equipped with a steam shower, a desk, and views of the surrounding mountains. Guests to the inn find The Savage Room to be one of their favorites, with The Vagabonds Room being close in its popularity. Those considering visiting the property are encouraged to browse the various features of each room and make selections based on their preferences. Lake views, mountain views, private balconies, steam showers, in-room Jacuzzi tubs, and desks are all examples of varying room features that guests can consider when making a reservation. 

In addition to the guest accommodations themselves, the inn contains other rooms and common spaces that patrons are able to utilize during their stay. The Great Room is one such example and has a sizeable stone fireplace. Lenina, who owns Lake Pointe Inn, comments that the Great Room is "where [guests] make friends." Reading, building puzzles, drinking wine, and socializing are all frequent activities that take place in the room. The property's exterior contains a few additional common areas, including a covered porch with rocking chairs, a fire pit on the patio, and a grassy lot that can be used to play croquet. 

Perhaps one of the most unique features of the establishment is its assortment of lake-based activities. Patrons are able to use kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards free of charge, and in the summer, the property hosts "sunset cruises" that do not require additional payment either. Soda, water, tea, and coffee are other complementary features of the inn. The coffee, in particular, is a special blend by Zeke's in Baltimore that is available during all hours of the day. Lenina even provides her guests with access to a medicine cabinet that contains basic supplies such as toothbrushes and Tylenol. "We try to keep things on hand that [guests] might forget. I don't want [them] to have to run to the store because [they] have a headache," she explains. 

Yet another aspect of a guest's stay that is included in the room price is a daily breakfast. Unlike a traditional "bed and breakfast" meal—which is usually the same for everyone and is selected by the property's host—Lake Pointe Inn's breakfast is based around a menu that always contains options for special dietary restrictions/preferences such as vegan or gluten-free. This meal is comprised of multiple courses which are modified somewhat from season to season. Generally, a baked course and a fruit course are included in the breakfast. Specific dishes that the inn often serves include sourdough waffles, avocado toast, porridge, granola, and parfaits. Patrons can arrive for the meal anytime between 8 AM and 9:30 AM.

The only available feature at Lake Pointe Inn that requires additional payment is its selection of alcoholic beverages. Lenina considers herself to be a "bit of a wine snob" and prides herself on the establishment's wine choices. There are also "wine tasting" events, including snacks, that take place in the afternoon throughout the year. The specific times of such events fluctuate depending on the season.


Lenina, who owns Lake Pointe Inn, explains that her primary goal when it comes to running her property is to help it feel "as much like home as possible...except for that you don't have to do the dishes." The selection of common areas and unique amenities on the premises are one aspect of the business that helps to contribute to this goal. Guests are able to select their unit based on what specific amenities they prefer, and nearly everything on the grounds of the inn can be utilized as part of the reservation price. 

Two of the more social events that take place at the inn include a complimentary "wine tasting" in the afternoons and the distinct "sunset cruises" that are offered in the evenings during the summer. These cruises usually last approximately 45-60 minutes, and if there is an excess of guests hoping to attend it, the property is able to make a second trip on the same day. Patrons are able to bring drinks and loved ones on the trip, and the cruise ends back at the property, where the fire pit is often prepared for roasting marshmallows or simply continuing the socializing atmosphere. Regarding these inn-hosted events, one guest stated the following: "The appetizers and wine were excellent. The evening boat ride was relaxing and Capt Dan provided lake history and recommendations for dinner." Another visitor to Lake Pointe Inn explained, "We took advantage of everything the place had to offer; fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, coffee & tea bar, appetizers, breakfast, soda fridges on each floor, the sauna, steam shower, massage, sitting on the porch, hammock, boat ride, homemade marshmallows, and sitting by the fire."

Purchasing alcoholic beverages on-site is the only part of a reservation that is not included in the original price. This is because Lenina wants guests to arrive at the property and "relax, recharge, [and] reconnect." Whether that recharging/reconnecting takes place with friends or family, other visitors to the inn, or with one's self, Lenina believes that an assortment of complimentary features helps to make it more possible. 

Breakfast is another specific way that Lenina attempts to help her guests feel "at home." One of the first decisions that she and her husband Scott made when they purchased the property was to offer a "menu style" breakfast to set themselves apart from traditional bed and breakfasts. "We are vegan," explains Lenina, "and I like to help people avoid having to ask if they can get an exception for breakfast because they are gluten-free, etc." As such, multiple options are available for breakfast each morning, offering patrons increased flexibility regarding their preferences or restrictions. 

Lake Pointe Inn is open year-round, with its two busiest months being July and October. In July, this influx of visitors is primarily due to warmer weather conditions which can make lake-based activities more enjoyable. October, on the other hand, is when the nature surrounding the inn experiences its most comprehensive range of colors. Nearby leaves change from their typical greens to oranges, yellows, reds, and other colors. 

During peak season, Lake Pointe Inn requires roughly 10 staff members to run effectively, though this number is to allow for rotating groups of 4-5 to manage the property each day. Lenina explains that currently, they have "one of the best group of staff members" she has ever had. One guest to the property explained that "The staff is top-notch. The owner Scott even made our dinner reservations for us."


The oldest history of the Lake Pointe Inn pertains to the land it rests on, which was sold to the Glotfelty family in 1868. Jonas Glotfelty—whose legacy is included in the inn by means of the Glotfelty Suite—constructed the main farmhouse on the premises sometime between 1889 and 1891. Ownership passed through multiple hands over the next century, with significant renovations taking place in 1939. This time period saw the introduction of electricity, central heating systems, and plumbing, as well as the Great Room, among other features. 

Sam Leff, who had performed these renovations, sold the farm in 1943 to a man named Charles Arden May. The home was used primarily for vacationing in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, though by the 80s and 90s the house was experiencing very little use. It wasn't until George and Linda Pettie purchased the property in March of 1995 that the home was converted into Lake Pointe Inn. Significant renovations were again conducted for the house during this time; however, the original floorplan of the first and second floors remained the same. An innkeeper's quarters was added as part of the changes, in addition to extensive remodeling of the third floor.

One unique aspect of the property's history is the fact that it predates Deep Creek Lake, which is a man-made reservoir. The inn's age has earned itself a historical status, which means that the property is not restricted to the same rules regarding the lake as other, newer businesses nearby.

The current owners of Lake Pointe Inn are Scott Lack and Lenina Close, who purchased the establishment in October of 2016. When they got married, they had a dream to purchase a bed and breakfast, so acquiring Lake Pointe Inn was a fulfillment of that dream. 

One of the inn's signature breakfasts is its sourdough waffle, which is made by using a long-time sourdough starter owned by Lenina and Scott. The dish has special significance for the two of them, considering that it was how they bonded on their first date. Lenina had been growing a starter for a number of years, though one of her employees accidentally threw it out, thinking that it was inedible. During that same time, she had been talking with Scott on an online dating site, where Scott revealed that he was a sourdough fanatic as well. When they met in person for the first time, Scott brought his sourdough starter and gifted it to Lenina because he knew she had been upset about the loss of her old one. They were married in March of 2016.

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