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Landoll's Mohican Castle

Landoll's Mohican Castle

Landoll's Mohican Castle has thirty-one rooms available for guests to rent. Since 2002, the castle has been open to the public. The owner strives to help their guests have a memorable experience. Patrons can use the castle to hold weddings, business retreats, or other events at the gazebo and banquet center. The establishment itself also holds its own events during festive seasons such as Halloween and Christmas. Ghost tours are held during Halloween as the property's history contains several ghost stories. The premises also offers an on-site restaurant that serves meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the featured amenities at the castle include hot tubs, seasonal fireplaces, an iron and ironing board, and silverware. Typically the month of October is the busiest time of year for the business.


Landoll's Mohican Castle is situated in central Ohio on the expanse of thirty acres, featuring approximately thirty-one rooms, plus a banquet center and an on-site restaurant called The Copper Mug. The building was constructed to parallel the style of a castle. The cheaper rooms can be found in the Stables Suites, which are named such because they characterize rustic barn elements. The castle itself features eleven suites, while the Highland building has four suites, some of which include adjoining rooms. The rooms located in the castle have higher prices than the other units and include certain amenities such as gas fireplaces. The castle and stable suites are a short drive away from each other with separate parking lots. One of the staff mentions that the Landoll Suite is the most popular out of all of the units because it has a lookout over the whole property and it is the biggest room. 

Some of the common areas on the premises include the main lobby, The Copper Mug, and additional outdoor seating areas located throughout the property. A gazebo and pavilion, which could be used as a picnic area, are also featured on the premises for guest use. The outside areas are used more for weddings and similar events. A small gift shop is available, offering various souvenir items. An on-site pool and fitness center are available to visitors, which are both located near the main building.

The establishment is located on a sizeable hill. The outside area includes an abundance of trees, as well as some waterfalls, flowerbeds, and paths that lead throughout the grounds. Every season, the property is decorated, especially during holidays such as Halloween or Christmas.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at Landoll's Mohican Castle's restaurant. Some breakfast options include eggs, toast, and waffles. Dinners typically tend to be relatively bigger than the breakfast and lunch meals. The restaurant accommodates dietary restrictions. 


For those who host weddings at Landoll's Mohican Castle, the bride and groom get a free room in the castle, and they get to coordinate their wedding with the provided wedding planner. They also get additional access to the banquet center. During the fall, Landoll's Mohican Castle receives the most visitors who are typically hosting their wedding at the castle because of the leaves changing color. In addition to weddings, visitors can host business events, family gatherings, corporate retreats, romantic weekend getaways, and other similar celebratory events.

Quiet hour is enforced from 10:00 PM to 9:00 AM. Spa services can be booked to individual rooms upon request of the occupant. The spa services occur in the guest's room. The owners want their patrons to feel "at home" during their stay. In an attempt to achieve this goal, the front desk staff puts forth the effort to greet guests upon arrival and interact with them as much as possible. One previous visitor commented on the amenities provided at the castle, saying, "One of the upsides of staying in the cottages is the hot tubs. There are also DVDs available to rent during your stay if you want to have a movie night at the end of the day."

Landoll's Mohican Castle offers several holiday events to guests for each season. In the month of October, during Halloween, the property holds "ghost tours." Landoll's Mohican Castle was featured in the TV show Ghost Hunters. The establishment has a history of hauntings and ghost stories that visitors can learn more about on the ghost tours. The tours occur every night in September and October and are open to the general public for a twenty-five-dollar fee. They must be booked ahead of time in order to participate. Additionally, during December, every Saturday and Sunday, they hold a Christmas-themed holiday event where Santa is available in the pavilion for guests to visit with. The Christmas event is also open to the general public for an additional five-dollar fee. The staff remarks that this event is the most popular one that the property holds. Typically the castle is decorated with lights and other Christmas-themed details during this time of year. Furthermore, the town of Mohican also holds many events in the area that tourists can attend.


Landoll's Mohican Castle has been in business and open to the public since 2002. Jim Landoll, the current owner, is the original holder of the property. Jim is a retired veteran and had the dream of building a castle in America ever since he took a two-year tour for a branch of the military. Before achieving this dream, in the early 1970s, the property first began as a publishing company that was the second-largest printer and publishing company for children's books of America. In 1997, the publishing company was sold, and the construction of Landoll's Mohican Castle had begun. Jim's wife, Marta, had persuaded him to turn the castle into a hotel. Built room-by-room without any blueprints, the castle developed into what it now is today. In 2007, Jim Landoll retired, and  Marta has been operating the establishment ever since. Jimmy Landoll, their son, took the role of general manager in 2015.

In 2015, the producers of Gordon Ramsay's TV show Hotel Hell asked the Landolls if they wanted to participate in one of Ramsay's shows. For ten days, Gordon Ramsay stayed in the Thering Suite as they hosted the season finale of the show at Landoll's Mohican Castle. According to the owner, this experience has aided the property's success.

The Macbeth Cottage is the oldest building on the premises, built in the 1800s. There used to be a church on the property but it burned down by an unknown cause. In addition to the church, the on-site restaurant had been burned down as well, though it was rebuilt. Overall, the castle has not undergone any major changes, and the staff mentions that it is almost completely original to when it was first built. 

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