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Lantern Light Inn

The Lantern Light Inn is located in Sedona, Arizona. Ten units are offered to those who wish to stay at the property, split between the two categories of queen suites and king suites. The queen suites are a little smaller than the king suites, which have a few more features for guests. The staff at the inn want their guests to unwind and relax while staying at their establishment. They also want to provide a romantic getaway for those visiting, which they try to do by making it a no-children property, lighting up the yard at night, having a unique backyard with greenery and a couple of fountains, and playing music. Additionally, swings and fire pits are located around the property that guests are free to use. The business is open year-round for all who want to stay at the inn.


According to the manager of the Lantern Light Inn, the property that the business consists of is a "small, little, quaint, boutique inn." The Lantern Light Inn is on an acre of land that holds the main building that guests are able to use for their housing, and then the yard, which is broken up into three sections. The building where visitors to the property stay have 10 rooms available for use. Of those rooms, four of them are king rooms, with the remaining six being queen rooms. There are two suites that have sofa sleepers, one is a king suite, and the other is a queen suite. The difference between the two styles of rooms mainly consists of the amount of space that visitors have in their accommodation, the king rooms having more than the queens. The king rooms also have private patios with fireplaces provided. The most popular unit in the past has been the Red Rock Room, number 111. Carl, the manager, assumes this to be the case because that room is one of the inn's "nicer rooms." All rooms come with shampoo, conditioner, free Wi-Fi, refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers. Water and wine are also provided to guests complimentary to their stay. As mentioned above, the yard in the back has been split up into three different sections. One section has a couple of swings and a fire pit, the back section has 8 banana swings, and the final section—which is past the water fountain—has more fire pits in the back corner. The property is geared toward helping those who stay at the property to have a romantic getaway. Lights are put up around the property that the staff will turn on at night in an effort to set a romantic mood for those staying at the inn. The yard itself is covered in greenery that was put there by the current owner of the property and by the manager.


Many people who visit the Lantern Light Inn are those who are traveling with their significant other. Most of these people are younger couples, but older couples have been known to frequent the premises as well. Additionally, there are many people who come looking for a relaxing trip by themselves. There are a fair amount of guests who visit the establishment and then choose to come back later. Those who stay at the inn have found many things to do in the area, many of which they do because they were recommendations of the staff on the property. In particular, Carl, the manager, recommends many places for people to visit. One of these places is the Devil's Bridge, a hike that is a five-minute drive away from the property. Another thing that Carl recommends their guests should try is the many ATV tours of the area. There is an abundance of land around the area, and many guests in the past have expressed that exploring it was a positive aspect of their trip. There are also many places to eat in the area. Carl again will provide those who frequent their establishment with his personal favorites. Three places that he recommends include Gerardo's Italian Kitchen, Mesa Grill, and Vino Di Sedona. The first is ran by an Italian man named Gerardo, who can typically be found in the kitchen making the meals himself. Mesa Grill has been a popular spot because of its unique location and views, and Vino Di Sedona has many wines that visitors can try and some light music that they play every night. Carl says that their business is known for their "tranquil and relaxing garden space where [guests] can unwind, and the nice beautiful rooms." The establishment of the Lantern Light Inn is geared toward helping provide a romantic getaway for guests. The staff also hope that guests are able to unwind and relax while they stay at their location. In an effort to help guests feel this way, they provide lights in the yard that light up at night, they have two fountains and much greenery around the yard, and they play music for those staying at the property. There are also some policies put in place that they hope will help provide the experience that a guest is looking for. No children are allowed on the property, guests are not allowed to bring any pets with them during their stay, and smoking is prohibited while on the premises. There is a quiet time for the property that starts at 10 PM, so guests are asked not to get too rowdy after that time. Many guests in the past have commented on the friendliness of the staff, the rooms that they stay in, and the relaxation they have felt while on the property. One guest wrote in a review that "this small little inn is a great option for a romantic getaway. We really enjoyed our stay and the entire staff was very friendly and helpful. The manager gave us many good tips on hikes and restaurants." Another guest mentioned what they enjoyed about their stay when they said, "we had a wonderful 2-night stay at the Inn. The 2 rooms we were in were beautifully made up. With a shared patio and gas fire stands, which was nice for the cool mornings and evenings. The inn is in the perfect location, right in the middle of the best hikes." The property has many reviews similar to these, leaving them with relatively positive ratings overall on several booking engines. The Lantern Light Inn is open all year round and tends to be busiest during the spring and fall months. Carl predicts that this is because of the temperature and the breaks that people get around the spring. He also says that there are many festivals that happen during the fall that have brought many new guests to the property.


The Lantern Light Inn has been an inn for nearly three and a half years now. The building was previously used as a bed and breakfast for a few years, but when Dharmesh, the current owner, bought the business, he wanted to change its focus to something new—mainly that of a romantic getaway. With some help from his staff, he added the pergola that visitors to the property can see when viewing the front of the property. He also added much of the greenery found around the property, especially that in the backyard, and he decided to purchase new beds for the rooms that he rents out. He and his staff enjoy providing a place that they hope people will be able to unwind and relax at. They strive to keep things up to date and available for every guest to use.

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3085 W. Highway 89A
Sedona, Arizona
United States


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