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Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast

The Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast is located in the countryside in Liberty, New York, about an hour and 40 minutes away from Manhattan. The property is known for its rustic countryside-style living, with a pond and mountain views that provide guests with what the manager describes as “a breath of fresh air.” Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and other parties are commonly hosted at the premises. The main house has a reception area, deck, and entertainment area. The bed and breakfast is open year-round and has the busiest season during the summer, followed by the fall and winter. Couples, older folk, and sometimes bigger families are the typical demographic of visitors to stay at the inn. Nearby attractions include the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, skiing, Monticello, car shows, and the Bagel Fest. Recommended places to eat by the manager include Paesanos Pizzeria, New Munson Diner, and Sweet Basil Thai Restaurant.


Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast is a property consisting of 6 different buildings with a total of 15 rooms available for reservation. Guests can either reserve single rooms or the entire house, depending on their needs. The smaller houses on the side are designed for single rooms, while the main house has 6 rooms with 12 beds, providing room for bigger groups. The Yellow House is designated for those who want to get ready for their wedding or a special event on the property. Meanwhile, the King Cabin has two rooms with king beds in each and a relatively large living room, making it a popular option among families, remarks the manager. Additionally, the King Cabin has a full kitchen. Rooms 9 and 10 are hotel-style and can be combined for larger groups.

Each building on the property has its own unique amenities. The main house is the most popular among patrons and features an outdoor deck space, a home theater, a pool table, an arcade machine, and a kitchen with an industrial-sized refrigerator. The Yellow House, on the other hand, has a pond on the property and is located near where the ceremonies for weddings take place, allowing for a red carpet from the house all the way down to the gazebo for the ceremony. Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast offers a range of amenities to guests, including Wi-Fi and additional seating in the rooms. Every other room on the property has its own TV, and, as previously mentioned, the main house has a home theater with a 100-inch screen and a projector. The movie theater room is available for reservation and features a queen bed and a double bed, as well as a retro microwave and popcorn machine.

The main house, Yellow House, and King Cabin are the most popular accommodations on the property, with the main house being the most popular year-round. Mahdi, the manager of the business, says that the property “offers a unique countryside living experience with modern amenities, making it a great choice for those who want to get away from the city and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.”

Six acres of land make up the bed and breakfast and offer guests the opportunity to utilize a range of outdoor activities, such as walks around the property, stargazing at night, and using the basketball hoop. There are also two fire pits that guests can use to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. Mahdi explains that “The property has a range of activities for guests, making it a great choice for family reunions, group get-togethers, and even kids’ baseball teams.” Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast is working on a communal area that includes a shed with a small kitchen where guests can get breakfast and eat it next to the pond. There are also plans to cut down trees in a small triangle area and put up picnic tables. The property has a garden, and there are plans to add a pool and hot tub in the summer, which will be communal for everyone to stay at the inn.

Breakfast is not regularly served at the Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast, but they occasionally serve it throughout the week. However, the business is looking to change this and hire a full-time cook to provide a daily breakfast. When breakfast is served, the meal usually includes eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. Food is custom ordered by patrons, who can also request accommodations for dietary restrictions.


Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast is meant to offer a relaxing experience in the countryside, explains Mahdi, the manager, specifically saying that “when people come here, it’s just like a breath of fresh air… they forget about everything that’s worrying them for a day or two.” Mahdi continues by saying the environment is peaceful, and the pond, mountains, and gardens are views to be seen. The property is close to the city, making it a popular place for a weekend getaway. Guests have the option to stay in one of the two houses available or reserve a space for parties, baby showers, and other events. The reception area in the main house, the deck, and the entertainment area are meant for such events. The bed and breakfast has policies that are meant to ensure guests’ safety and comfort. They have a no-pet policy, and smoking is only allowed outside the rooms. There is no a formal quiet time policy, but guests are advised to respect other guests’ privacy.

Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast is open year-round, and offers different activities based on the season. Summer is the busiest season, followed by fall and winter. The bed and breakfast has a typical demographic of families, couples, and groups of friends, and they have had many repeat guests over the years. Nearby attractions that guests frequently visit include the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, where there are concerts and other events throughout the year. Skiing is also an option, and Monticello is nearby, where many activities and events take place. Bagel fest, car shows, and other festivals occur in nearby towns. The surrounding area also has various places to eat; three of the Mahdi’s top recommendations include Paesanos Pizzeria, New Munson Diner, and Sweet Basil Thai Restaurant.


Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast is a historic property that was popular during the Woodstock era, remarks Mahdi, the manager of the business. The current owners, Mashukur and Mahua, acquired the property in 2021. They were initially guests at the property and became friends with the previous owners, Donald and Jean Tulp. When the previous owners decided to retire and sell the property, they offered it to Mashukur and Mahua, who accepted. The current owners were inspired to purchase the property after having a great experience as guests themselves when they stayed at the inn during Memorial Day weekend.

The owners have made significant changes to the property since acquiring it, including updating the technology in the main house, adding a kitchen to the King cabin, and adding a large covered patio that will connect the yellow house and cabins nine and ten. The owners have a focus on improving the guest experience, and while there are certainly challenges involved, they find great satisfaction in seeing their efforts pay off. Mahdi also remarks, “for me, it’s really just... making a good experience for people.” Making sure guests have a good experience and constantly improving upon the business is one of the manager’s favorite parts of the job. While there are challenges, he says, “it feels great when things go right.” 

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87 Old Loomis Rd
Liberty, New York 12754
United States


Bed and Breakfast


Mashukur and Mahua

Owned Since
Previous Owners

Donald and Jean Tulp

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