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Leafy Suburban B&B

Leafy Suburban B&B

Leafy Suburban B&B is located in Northwood, England. The bed and breakfast caters to those who are in the area primarily for work, and the staff strives to take care of the immediate needs of their guests. Many people who have stayed at the property have mentioned their appreciation for the housekeepers and the accommodations they were provided with. Raj Kumar, the current owner of Leafy Suburban B&B, says that his guests like that the home is clean when they arrive, and he hopes to provide whatever his patrons may need before their arrival. A couple of amenities provided at the business include a conservatory room, a garden, and a breakfast served every morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. The property is near many locations for people to visit and work at. Those that need transportation to the various sites can use the nearby Tube station, which is about a ten-minute walk from the bed and breakfast.


Leafy Suburban B&B has four rooms available to those staying at the property, all of which are similar in style. The bed and breakfast caters to those who are staying in the area typically for work purposes and therefore strives to tend to the direct needs of workers. Some amenities that can be found in each room include TVs with satellite channels, heating, and electric kettles, to name a few. It should also be noted that the four rooms share two bathrooms, with no guest suite containing an en suite bathroom. Besides the rooms, there is a kitchen diner and a conservatory room. Guests typically have their daily breakfast inside the diner from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and can spend time in the conservatory room or out in the gardens for any other free time they may have while at the bed and breakfast. Raj Kumar, the owner of the business, says that his bed and breakfast is "modernized and clean" and that he strives to keep the property up-to-date.

Leafy Suburban B&B has a sizeable back garden available for those who have some time to relax while staying at the establishment. The conservatory is also available for those that are wanting to spend time appreciating the outdoors, as the room comes with seating and windows all around. The building itself is two stories tall, relatively quaint in size, and located at the edge of town.

The city of Northwood, which is located in England, has many attractions. Guests can golf at Moor Park, which is half a mile away from the business, or they can choose to go and visit Harry Potter World, which is located eight miles away from the property. Many of those that have stayed at the bed and breakfast have been there to work for a time, which has led them to visit the NATO base in Northwood or the Mount Vernon Hospital. Wembley Stadium and arena is also a common place for people to visit, as there are concerts frequently held at the establishment. The Tube station is located near the property as well (approximately a 15-minute walk from the bed and breakfast), which can be helpful for those that would like to visit places that are a bit further but don't have their own transportation.


Raj Kumar, the owner of Leafy Suburban B&B, states that "We provide [guests with] whatever they need to sleep and to have their breakfast." As stated above, the property caters to those in the area for working purposes and, therefore, to those typically staying at the bed and breakfast, primarily as a place to sleep. Even so, Raj says that they strive to keep the home clean and make it feel like a home away from home. The staff doesn't typically interact with occupants simply because they don't see them as often as a traditional bed and breakfast might. The owners will mostly interact with their patrons over breakfast each morning.

Raj states that guests enjoy his property because it is clean and accommodating. Some visitors have left reviews that reflect this observation and other aspects of the bed and breakfast. One person wrote, "This is a lovely B&B set up in a fairly quiet surrounding and ten minutes walk from the Northwood Tube station for ease of commuting to London. Nicely set up rooms, comfortable beds, really good breakfast, and run by a welcoming team. Felt like a home from home!" Another patron reflected similarly when they wrote, "Nice, clean, and spacious rooms. Good breakfasts cooked to order. We had a pleasant housekeeper who was very friendly and welcoming. Nice quiet location in a residential road with no noise at night." Raj strives to be friendly to those who stay with him, and he hopes that more people will feel as these two visitors felt. The owner says that repeat guests frequently come to the property, which he believes will continue in the future.

The Leafy Suburban B&B is open year-round and has its busiest season typically during the summer, but it can vary from month to month. Some important policies patrons should follow when they stay at the property include taking their shoes off when they come to the home, not smoking inside the building, and not bringing any of their pets. Additionally, the bed and breakfast does not cater to children.


Raj Kumar, the current owner of Leafy Suburban B&B, has owned the property for 30 years now. Before running the home as it currently is today, Raj used it as a place of residence. He converted the building into a bed and breakfast seven years ago and believes that it will be run as such for the foreseeable future. The owners extended the building around the time that the business was created, and today they regularly change the furniture and such in the hopes of keeping the home up-to-date. Since changing the establishment into a bed and breakfast, Raj has primarily made changes to the procedures for how it was run, otherwise keeping everything the same. Raj mentions that running the Leafy Suburban B&B has been "a great way to meet a lot of different people who have interesting stories." He enjoys working at the company and taking care of the needs of his guests.

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63 Kewferry Rd
Northwood, England
United Kingdom


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Raj Kumar

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4.5/5 48 Reviews
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