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Live Oak Bed and Breakfast

Live Oak Bed and Breakfast

The Live Oak Bed and Breakfast is located in Adel, Georgia, on an extensive amount of private land in the middle of various lakes, forests, and farmlands. The bed and breakfast is known for its on-site golf course, its varied breakfasts, and the hunting opportunities nearby. The property is open year-round, and is under the ownership of Mary Powers. There are ten units available for reservation at Live Oak, split across a main lodge and the Pond Lodge nearby.


The Live Oak Bed and Breakfast is situated in Adel, Georgia, not far from Interstate 75. More specifically, the property is outside of the formal limits of Adel. Instead, it is surrounded by nature and various geographic features such as ponds, forests, and grassy fields. The bed and breakfast's premises span over 4,000 acres of land, including some lakes and farmland.

The main building at Live Oak is a three-story home with structures that are akin to farmhouses. The walls are comprised of dark wooden planks, with more intricate beams supporting the roofing over the porch. The building is somewhat "T-shaped," with the central patio outside curving around a corner in an L shape. The grounds of the property are relatively simple, yet there are plenty of trees, grassy areas, and flowers. The entrance to the main lodge is accessed by means of a rustic stone pathway with two statues of dogs at the steps leading up to the door. Apart from the central building, there is a separate cabin called Pond Lodge that is a short distance away. As its name suggests, the cottage is located directly at the edge of a small pond. A patio with space for seating overlooks the water. Though the cabin is significantly smaller than the main house, it shares the same general decor with dark wood walls and rustic gray roofing.

Between the two buildings, there are a total of ten units at the Live Oak Bed and Breakfast. Six of the rooms can be found in the main lodge, with three bedrooms being located downstairs, two on the main floor, and one upstairs. The Oaks Room has a jetted tub, two shower heads, a king-sized bed, and a 32-inch television. The Quail Roost Room provides a king-sized bed and 32-inch TV as well, in addition to a private bathroom. In the Lakeview Room, guests can find two queen beds, a private bath, and a television. The Cypress Room provides similar amenities to the Lakeview Room, but with the notable difference of having views of a golf course that is located on the acreage of the property. Finally, the Live Oak Room and Lane View Room have one queen-sized bed each, as well as private bathrooms and 32-inch televisions. In the Pond Lodge, the remaining four units of the bed and breakfast are called the Pond Lakeview Suite, the Fairway View Room, the Antler Room, and the Pond Treetop Room. Some of the rooms overlook the golf course, but each room in the Pond Lodge contains a king-sized bed, a private bathroom, and a 32-inch TV.

The interior decor of the two sites can best be described as rustic, with a small assortment of nature-related paintings and figures. Taxidermy pieces and antler displays are examples of some of the decorations at Live Oak Bed and Breakfast. That being said, the property has amenities that are well in line with the standards of the twenty-first century, allowing for guests to feel part of nature without having to sacrifice much luxury. Both the main lodge and the Pond Lodge have common areas where guests can come together and find ways to pass the time. There are various couches, fireplaces, tables, chairs, and counters. The main building at the bed and breakfast also has a pool table that is usable by patrons.

The breakfasts at Live Oak are varied, ranging from homemade biscuits to bacon, eggs, sausage, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and Belgium waffles. The breakfasts are arranged in an intentionally artistic fashion, with foods of varied colors and types on most plates.


There is a wide variety when it comes to the kinds of visitors that come to the Live Oak Bed and Breakfast. The multiple sizes of rooms mean that families and couples alike are typical demographics of the property. The activities and layout of the buildings allow for family activities or small gatherings, while the overall secluded nature of the bed and breakfast caters to couples seeking a romantic destination. Additionally, hunters and fishers frequently stay at the property because of its proximity to nature. The most common game in the surrounding area includes quail, turkey, and deer. The property is open during all seasons of the year, and it sees its highest rates of occupancy during hunting season (October through March).

The owner of the establishment, Mary Powers, desires for her guests to have a "wonderful experience" and to recognize the hospitality that is being offered. An additional goal of the property is to allow its visitors to "unwind and unplug" from the world and their everyday lives by means of outdoor activities and the country setting. Some of the activities that are possible on or near Live Oak Bed and Breakfast include kayaking/fishing in the lake, golfing, and taking in the views of nature. The golf course, in particular, has been a popular attraction to some of the guests, considering the fact that it is located on-site. The golf course is not free of charge to guests staying on the property, but its closeness makes for relatively convenient access.

Guests have left varied reviews of Live Oak, but most have mentioned various aspects of the bed and breakfast in a positive light. Features that are brought up often are the hospitality, the rooms, the price, Mary Powers, and the breakfast. Additionally, many guests have commented on the secluded location of the property. One guest stated, "The property is gorgeous. Our bedroom was clean and comfortable. I don't usually notice things like sheets, but these were really thick and so soft. The bed was comfortable with fluffy pillows." Another visitor described their stay at Live Oak Bed and Breakfast as such: "The grounds and lodge are amazing. We loved the freedom to use the entire lodge facility and the place is pet friendly. The room prices are also very reasonable. Mary, the manager, was extremely nice and very accommodating."

Specific nearby attractions include Reed Bingham State Park and the Horse Creek Winery. Reed Bingham State Park has a lake where visitors can spend their time swimming, kayaking, or fishing. The winery, on the other hand, provides the opportunity for visitors to taste classic Georgia wines, visit the gift shop, and participate in various events.


Not much is known about the history of Live Oak Bed and Breakfast. It was initially constructed in the 1980s in a very wooded area. The current owner of the property is Mary Powers, who has continually added on to the property over the years and has done her best to upgrade features of Live Oak to be more in line with modern standards.

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