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Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast

Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast

The Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast is a 5,000 square foot log house located on twenty acres of land. It has five bedrooms, each with its own theme. On the property, there are hikes, scenery, "a water feature," trees, nearby activities, and a yard where guests can play. The Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast is located near several attractions such as Silver Wood Theme Park, Farragut State Park, and the Silver Streak Zipline. The owners of the Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast strive for a friendly and comfortable environment that their guests can enjoy. The bed and breakfast opened in 2003 and has hosted many guests over the years.


Comprised of a 5,000 square foot log house, the Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast is located on twenty acres of land. The property has five bedrooms, four of which are located on the main level, with the final unit situated on the second floor. Only two of the rooms allow children. Each room has a theme and is decorated accordingly. The room themes are Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Midnight Dream. The Midnight Dream Room is located upstairs and has unique features such as a king-sized bed, a hot tub out on the balcony, and a couple of chairs set up to overlook the property. The Midnight Dream room is constantly booked and has received many compliments from the guests that have stayed in it.

In the house, there is a fireplace, a small library (with television and provided movies), kitchen, dining room, bedrooms with their own bathrooms, and a large area where guests can sit. The house is airconditioned and kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast is located on twenty acres of land. On these twenty acres, there is a garden, chicken coop, water feature, bridge, and hikes around the property that guests can explore. The property also has a front lawn where guests can play cornhole and enjoy themselves.

The Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast is located near many activities that the guests can enjoy, such as golf courses, Silver Wood Theme Park, Farragut State Park, Silver Streak Zipline, Schweitzer Ski Resort, and Falls Park. These nearby activities can make the Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast a convenient place for guests to stay if they are seeking an assortment of different attractions. One activity that is possible to experience in the region is golfing. This is because there are various golf courses nearby.

The building that contains the five units where guests can stay is a log house with a green roof and a "log cabin" theme. A small bridge leads to the main entrance of the house. There is a main room with many windows to let natural light in. The house is decorated with hunting and fishing wall pieces. The surrounding area of the log house is filled with trees and rocks and has a small waterfall that flows under the bridge.

As part of staying at the Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast, patrons also receive a meal in the morning. Breakfast usually consists of casseroles, bacon, and sausage. A gluten-free option is also available.


The Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast strives for a friendly environment where guests can feel welcomed. Guests receive breakfast during their time there, and they are asked to fill out a small review on what they thought of their stay. The busiest times for the bed and breakfast are from May to September. Guests often come to stay at the Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast because it is in relatively close proximity to an assortment of surrounding areas and activities. Guests staying on the property have expressed their opinions regarding their stay, stating that it was enjoyable and that they felt comfortable. Other guests have complimented the food, the host and hostess, the setting and surroundings, and the overall beauty of the property. One specific visitor to the property said, "The rooms were spacious and quiet. We loved the themed rooms. Our hosts made us feel right at home. They have a private library where you can sit and read books or watch movies. They have a nice selection of both."

Guests who stay at the establishment are often small families and couples. The establishment has some guests who return annually, often to celebrate Valentine's Day or some other kind of anniversary.

When it comes to breakfast, the owners of the Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast are very careful with allergies. When getting to know their guests, the owners ask them when they would like their breakfast and if there are any allergies in the group. If there are allergies, the owners prepare the food accordingly and carefully. Another notable feature of the property is the quality of the beds and the linens on them. The staff focuses on trying to create a friendly environment.

While staying at the Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast, no pets are allowed. The house is designed to mainly host couples and only has two rooms (the Autumn and Summer rooms) where kids are allowed. Only two children are allowed to stay in either of these rooms. Mats and linens are provided. The Spring Room is the only fully accessible room for individuals with wheelchairs.


The Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast was built in 2003. It was initially constructed to be a bed and breakfast by the past owners and was managed by them for years. The previous owners designed the house, created the rooms and their themes, and conducted the property for fifteen years.

In 2018, a couple by the names of Julie and John bought the property and have been running it ever since. The Winter Room was redesigned by the owner, while most of the other rooms remained the same. Since it has opened, the Log Spirit Bed and Breakfast has received compliments from its guests for years.

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