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Long Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast

Long Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast

Long Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast is located on the northern outskirts of Dahlonega, Georgia; a city found south of Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests. The inn is open year-round and offers six units for reservation, one of which is handicap accessible. Breakfast is served each morning between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. The typical demographic of patrons that stay are couples, often visiting the area for an anniversary. Dahlonega is a city that is historically known for being one of the first locations to have a major gold rush in the 1820s. There are various museums and restaurants in the city and many hiking trails and outdoor recreational activities in the forests and mountains surrounding the town.


There are a total of six rooms available at Long Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast. Two of the suites have king-sized beds, while the others have queen-sized beds. It should also be noted that five of the units have fireplaces. Every guestroom is equipped with private bathrooms that have showers and jetted tubs. The suites additionally come with a mini-fridge, a Keurig coffee machine, and complimentary snacks such as cheese and crackers, sodas, and more. All of the units face the mountains, including Springer Mountain, which, according to the manager, Don McElliott, is where the Appalachian Trail begins. He mentions, "Each room is uniquely decorated, but they all have an Adirondack theme, which are mountains in the upstate New York area." One of the units, Long Mountain Suite, is handicap accessible and comes with amenities that can help patrons with mobility problems. Regardless of which unit is reserved, every patron staying at the inn is invited to breakfast each morning.

The owners give occupants several options regarding where they would like to eat breakfast. Breakfast can be delivered to the room or served on the porch or in the dining room. A variety of dishes can be served, including overnight yeast-risen waffles, baked pears, roasted almonds, fruit parfaits, and more. Accommodations can be made for patrons who have specific diets or food allergies. The staff typically asks guests ahead of time about what changes may need to be made to their meals. Breakfast is usually served between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., and visitors can pick between the allotted timeframe when they would like their food.

Common areas include the main living room, a library and game room on the first floor, a dining room, covered porches that face the mountain, and an enclosed porch. One can find the main deck available for all patrons and a lower deck only accessible to the king suites. Long Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast also has a small store that sells pottery, wood-carved bowls, walking sticks, soap, prints, and more. Many of the products that they acquire and sell are locally made. The main dining room is stocked with complimentary sodas and water for guests to use throughout the day. Patrons can also find items such as hot chocolate, popcorn, tea, coffee, and other similar snacks. Outside, the establishment has a garden in the back that grows a variety of fruits and vegetables, namely blueberries, raspberries, zucchinis, squashes, and more. Don, the inn's manager, mentions that they put out bird feeders, and visitors may also spot woodland creatures. Deer and raccoons are typically some of the most common wildlife sightings in the area. Don explains, "I'll put down corn and some other things to attract them."

Trees surround Long Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast, and several national forests are nearby, for example, Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests. There are many mountains in the area together with Springer Mountain, which allows guests to go biking and hiking at their leisure. The manager mentions that the city of Dahlonega is where "the first major gold rush in the United States occurred." Several museums and gold mines offer tours and exhibits of the city's history with the gold rush that started in the 1820s. Don, the manager, also enjoys telling guests about restaurants in the area. A few that he likes to mention by name are Spirit Tavern and Shenanigans.


Don, the manager of Long Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast, would like his guests to feel relaxed when they come to stay at the bed and breakfast. He mentions, "Many people are coming to get away from work, kids, and other aspects of their lives, so we want to help them unwind while they are on vacation." To help patrons feel relaxed, Don explains that he enjoys talking to visitors and getting to know them, usually during breakfast. Don remarks that it is his favorite part of the job. "We get people from Russia, Germany, Australia, England, and all over." He and the staff interact with patrons frequently.
There are several policies that visitors must abide by while they are staying at Long Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast. Smoking is prohibited in the lodge. However, there is a designated smoking area outside. The business allows children and pets to stay as long as they are well-behaved, as there are usually guests who are on their honeymoons or anniversaries staying at the inn. Don, who manages the bed and breakfast, explains, "We try to work with guests and allow them to bring their children and pets as long as they understand that they will need to be respectful of others."

Many people have stayed at the bed and breakfast, and a few have left reviews of their experiences. Several of them mention the food and positive interactions with the staff. One person who previously stayed at the establishment wrote, "Our host, Don, was hospitable and incredibly informative. The rooms were clean and cozy. They have a binder with their recommended trails and restaurants, along with maps. Not only was the location and environment perfect, but the breakfast was amazing." The business is open year-round, with the busiest time of year typically occurring during the fall and Christmas. According to the manager, the city of Dahlonega is a smaller town where some Hallmark movies were filmed. The typical demographic of guests tends to be couples, often between the ages of 30 and 45.


The original owners built the house about 15 years ago. Tim and Diane Quigley are the original owners of the business, having constructed the building themselves, and recently sold the company to Carmine and Anna Maria Gargano. The manager, whose name is Don, explains that he has worked at Long Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast for about ten years. The original owners, Tim and Diane, had worked in customer service jobs for most of their careers, so building and running the bed and breakfast was easier for them.

Several changes have been made to the business, although the manager, Don, mentions that they haven't done anything significant. Most of the changes included renovations and updating the current amenities. Don explains that they plan on adding a few lean-tos, a gazebo in the backyard as a place for guests to spend time outside, and a movie studio as a separate building for people to watch movies while at the bed breakfast.

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Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
United States


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Carmine and Anna Maria Gargano

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Tim and Dianne Quigley

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