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Loon Ridge Cottages

The Loon Ridge Cottages are located on a four-acre piece of land in Belgrade, Maine, near the Belgrade Lakes Region. This region is known for its various lakes and streams, providing outdoor water excursions for guests of all ages. Due to the close proximity of the lakes, the The Loon Ridge Cottages offer gear like the kayaks to guests free of charge. The cottages offer better access to Messalonskee Lake and the Belgrade Stream. The property also owns a historical piece from the time when The Pony Express was in still in operation. A stage coach that was used in that time period for mail delivery is now used by The Loon Ridge Cottages.


Loon Ride Cottages are cottage rentals situated near the Belgrade Stream, towards the stream's southern end. Additional access to the "Snow Pond," or better known as the Messalonskee Lake, is found on the property. The four-acres that the cottage rentals are on are situated in a location that provides access to both water bodies. With the area being known for fishing and boating, the property also serves as a boat rental service, with the number of boats depending on the time of year, ranging from two to three boats. Guests can choose between a pontoon or bass boats, with both including life vests. Gas can be purchased in six-gallon gas tanks onsite for $25 each.

Loon Ridge Cottages showcases nine individual cottages, ranging from one to two bedrooms. These cottages are lined uniformly, with each being listed as a "luxury cottage" by Lindsey Burrill, a part-owner of the property. Linen is stored and provided in an old stagecoach bought from the Pony Express. The Pony Express used this stagecoach, often attached to a set of horses, best utilized as a mail delivering system. The cottages include full-size kitchens and silverware, providing dining opportunities in the cabins for the guests. Each cottage comes equipped with a private bathroom, as well as various bedding sizes, ranging from queen-sized beds to full-sized, each providing sleeping arrangements for guests. The one-bedroom cottages are listed as "accommodating 1-2 guests," with the two bedrooms focusing on 3-4 patrons.

A Clubhouse is present on the property, with a jukebox, pool table, ping pong table, and more. Guests who stay on the property have access to this Clubhouse, as well as a playground located next to the Clubhouse in a secured fenced area. Being situated near the Belgrade Stream and "Snow Pond," the Loon Ridge Cottages provide free kayaks, canoes, and paddle boat usage for the guests.

A fire-pit and gazebo on the grounds are listed as providing socialization opportunities for the patrons that stay at the cottages, with the area including benches outside the gazebo. Belgrade, the town that the cottages are located in, is best known for its boating and fishing activities, with it being located in the Belgrade Lakes Region. Other everyday activities include hiking and kayaking, along with downtown Belgrade, which presents various dining opportunities such as 18 Below, a popular seafood diner.


Lindsey Burrill, a part-owner of the Loon Ridge Cottages, mentions the property's culture as being "multi-functional," with the demographic ranging from fishing trips to multi-generational gatherings and family vacations.

Guests of the property mention in their reviews the accommodations that come with the stay, stating, "the free use of kayaks helped our stay so much! We loved going on the water, as well as all of the other accommodations that this property offers." Other reviews mention the owners of the Loon Ridge Cottages, referring to them as "nice owners, very kind and friendly." As noted by the owners, cleanliness is strived for in each cabin/outdoor amenity offered, which is also mentioned in the reviews as being "something that makes these cottages stand out." With the property being located between two water bodies, the Belgrade Stream and the "Snow Pond," the location is listed as "desirable and peaceful."

Belgrade, the town the cottages are located in, is known for its tourism, with its population listed as "doubling during the summertime due to the summer rental homes in the area." Various lakes and ponds surround the town, with those being the Great Pond, Long Pond, and Messalonskee Lake. The town is listed as being "lovely and quiet, with no shortage of good neighbors." The area of Belgrade is listed as being known for "fishing and outdoor recreational activities," with Loon Ridge Cottages striving to promote the town culture in their property, through the use of free kayak and paddle boats, along with pontoon and bass boat rentals.


Loon Ridge Cottages is owned by the Booker family, including Sherwood and Laurie Booker, their daughter Shannon Booker and Linsdey Burrill, with her husband, Chris. The family purchased the property in 2014, with the family having a desire to expand their realty. The Bookers' own 400 residential rentals to go along with the property, and after talking about owning cottages for some time, the family took the opportunity when the Loon Ridge Cottages came up for sale.

The property includes a stagecoach from the Pony Express used for linen services. One of the original cabins comes from a shack present at an old historic railroad that ran from New York to Maine. Loon Ridge Cottages was formerly known as Abenakis All Season Camps before being renovated by the current owners, with the property's history dating back to the Great Depression.

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