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Lost Parrot Cabins

Lost Parrot Cabins

Lost Parrot Cabins is a seven-acre property located near lake Travis. The property is in a wooded area and the cabins are staggered on a ravine. The seven uniquely-themed studio bungalows are decorated with Mexican folk art and many colors. Each accommodation offers a covered deck with seating, hammocks, and an individual grill. A communal pool and hot tub area are open 24/7, and Lost Parrot Cabins is equipped with several outdoor sitting areas, a gazebo, a swing, a walking trail with a creek (provided there has been some rain) and a DVD cabinet with a variety of movies, including, as the manager says, old ones that you can't find on streaming. During visitors' stay, massage therapy appointments, weddings, retreats, reunions, and birthday parties can be arranged. Furthermore, a live band plays music during the summer on Saturday nights, and a variety of nearby attractions can draw guests' attention. Some include Hamilton Pool Preserve, Krause Springs, aquatic activities, golf courses, and local summer festivals in the Austin area.


Lost Parrot Cabins is located near the edge of Austin, Texas, next to a forested ravine and several trees. The property is also less than a mile from Lake Travis. Seven private Caribbean-style bungalows are included in the seven-acre property and are uniquely themed according to their names. The accommodations are listed as follows: Mermaids in the Night Bungalow; Moroccan Holiday Bungalow; Mexican Wind Bungalow; Mango Moon Bungalow; Little Miss Magic Bungalow; Lemon, Lime and Coconut Bungalow; and La Bodega Bungalow. Trish Carifa, the property manager, describes the cabins as "funky," as each unit is painted with various bright colors. They are studio-style cabins, and each one includes cable TV, Wi-Fi, indoor plumbing, air conditioning, and heat. Two cabins have kitchenettes, while the remaining five offer full kitchens. Furthermore, the accommodations provide covered porches or balconies with chairs and hammocks, plus individual grills for guest use. According to Trish, Moroccan Holiday Bungalow is a favorite rental among visitors.

Some additional amenities for Lost Parrot Cabins occupants include a DVD cabinet and massages by appointment. There are sitting areas outside around the grounds with tables, chairs, and grills. In addition to this, a gazebo and a walking trail with a creek are also found on the premises, although Trish mentions that the stream occasionally dries out. A communal pool and hot tub are open 24/7, provided that guests keep noise to a minimum while utilizing them. Trish describes the area as "wooded" and "secluded." She also mentions that the cabins are private despite being relatively close to each other. A gravel road connects the major features of Lost Parrot Cabins. Another feature is the variety of Mexican folk art throughout the property, from the bungalows to the common areas, that Trish believes creates an "artsy, quirky, and fun" atmosphere. She considers the Mexican folk art to be the most unique aspect of Lost Parrot Cabins, and she presumes that it is the property's main distinction. Trish also mentions the upside down chairs hanging around the property as something that adds to the "funky vibe."

Trish describes several local attractions, such as Hill Country Galleria Mall in Austin, Hamilton Pool Preserve (reservations are required), two nearby parks, Krause Springs, and numerous summer festivals in the city and surrounding area. Water sports are fairly common in the area, and as such, the owners of Lost Parrot Cabins have information for places where occupants can rent ski boats, jet skis, pontoon boats, and other aquatic equipment. Moreover, people can visit Cypress Valley Canopy Tours as well as a considerable number of golf courses, such as Falconhead. Visitors can also dine at many nearby restaurants; some of Trish's personal recommendations include Don Mario Mexican Restaurant, Flores Mexican Restaurant, Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, and Sundancer Grill.


Trish, the manager of Lost Parrot Cabins, says she desires guests to feel like they are "off the beaten path" while staying at the bungalows. She says the atmosphere is that of a secluded nature in a "casual, laid-back" setting. According to Trish, its proximity to the city means visitors can feel like they are in a quiet area while having five-minute access to the grocery store. She further explains that people enjoy sitting on their decks in the mornings and evenings. The staff frequently interacts with guests, although they abstain from doorknocking or intruding on privacy but will instead make an effort to socialize with guests as they see the opportunity.

Many guest reviews reflect Trish's comments on a comfortable and "laid-back" experience. For example, one former occupant said, "[Lost Parrot Cabins is a] great little hidden gem tucked away. It was just the perfect setting for some relaxation. The room was nice and comfortable." Another visitor wrote, "I love this place. I am from Guatemala, and the decorations, the paint, [and] the atmosphere [were] just like if I was in my town!"

Lost Parrot Cabins hosts a few activities for visitors, such as a live band that plays on Saturday nights during the summer, weather permitting. As previously mentioned, guests can schedule appointments for massage therapy, and the owners can arrange birthdays, weddings, retreats, and reunions, even providing additional packages that include flowers, drinks, chocolates, or cheese and fruit plates.

Trish summarizes the property's policies by advising visitors to "be respectful and clean up." While pets are allowed at Lost Parrot Cabins for an additional fee, they must be leashed at all times. No indoor smoking is permitted. Trish remarks that there has not been a need for a quiet time in the past—primarily because of the bungalows' privacy—but the Saturday summer night band is shut down sometime between 10:00 and 10:30 p.m. as the instruments echo throughout the valley.

Lost Parrot Cabins is open year-round, and Trish remarks that the property's peak season lasts from March through September due to local events such as the summer festivals. She also explains that summer is typically warmer, and the "grounds look nicer" at Lost Parrot Cabins. The visitor demographic is "all over the map," according to the manager; the bungalows receive a wide variety of people from "grandparents to infants," and many repeat guests return yearly.


Cliff Bennet and Catherine Weiss originally built Lost Parrot Cabins at the end of the 1990s, and Cliff designed and constructed the bungalows himself. The property began as a bed and breakfast with a house for the couple and two long-term rentals. After the third and fourth cabins were built around 1999 to 2000, Cliff and Catherine decided to adjust the hospitality experience and stopped including breakfast.

Trish Carifa currently manages the property. She explains that the idea to adapt Lost Parrot Cabins as a hospitality business began on a karaoke night when Cliff and Catherine decided they would like to operate a bed and breakfast. Thus, the idea came to fruition and has progressed into what it is today. Trish says that her favorite part of running the property is mingling with guests. She also enjoys working on the cabins and seeing the art.

Because Cliff and Catherine are the original owners of Lost Parrot Cabins, all of the changes have been implemented by them. Trish elaborates that the most recent changes included adding new decks to the bungalows and changing some of the artwork.

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15116 Storm Drive
Austin, Texas 78734
United States


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Cliff Bennet and Catherine Weiss

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