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Lynchburg Valley Inn

Lynchburg Valley Inn

The Lynchburg Valley Inn is located in Lynchburg, Tennesse. The home was originally built in the early 1800s by Jack Daniel's niece. The property is one mile from Downtown Lynchburg and Jack Daniel's Distillery. As part of the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce, this inn provides a historic overnight stay. There are four guest accommodations at the inn, one of which is a large suite separate from the main house with a full kitchen and living room. Breakfast is cooked by one of the owners, Joyce, for her guests every morning. The Lynchburg Valley Inn has covered motorcycle parking and welcomes guests year-round.


The Lynchburg Valley Inn is located on Main Street in Lynchburg, Tennesse. The 1800s historical inn is one mile from Downtown Lynchburg, near the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and many locally-owned shops and restaurants. The historic home was the home of Jack Daniel’s niece, Lillian, and her husband, John Tolley, who owned the Tolley Farm that is now Tolley Town. The two-story home has three sections, the first being the main house. This part of the home is two stories with large windows along its front and the main entrance. Four pillars line the front porch, and a decorative railing lines the rooftop porch, built-in 1950. Two additions were made to the sides of the home. These additions hold additional living quarters for the owners Tommy and Joyce, as well as the larger apartment suite. The home is painted completely white with black shutters and a white brick fireplace reaching out the main house's roof. 

Lynchburg Valley Inn sits on a small plot of land surrounded by trees. A large green lawn encircles the home decorated with manicured shrubs and flower gardens. A sidewalk leads up to the front entrance of the home, and there is free guest parking on the street and in the back of the home. Garage parking is available for those with motorcycles. 

The inn's main floor hosts the living quarters, kitchen, dining area, and a large front porch. The front porch has a bistro table, multiple rockers, and a small outdoor sofa. Guests can use the barbecue or fire pit in the yard beyond the patio located off the kitchen. Wild turkey and deer can occasionally be seen in the woods surrounding the property. Beyond the front desk at the entrance of the inn, the main living quarters are a common gathering area for guests. The room was originally a small cabin used as a commissary on the farm. Now, it is painted blue with several windows, a sofa, rocking chairs, and antique hutches. Inside the kitchen and dining area, guests can take their meals at the bar or dining table. All of these spaces have pictures showcasing the history of the inn and antique furnishings. 

There are four guest accommodations at the Lynchburg Valley Inn. Two of the rooms are located on the main floor, and the additional two are on the second. Room Number One is a large main floor suite with a king-sized bed and double closets. The fireplace reaches into this room, and the entire space is painted white with wood-paneled walls and two large windows. A sitting area in the room has antique furnishings with a large love seat and rocking chair. A 55-inch television sits near the sofa, and a large mirror sits near the entrance to the room. The ensuite bathroom features a white-tiled shower and vanity. Room Number Two is the second of the main floor accommodations. This room is also known as the Pink Room. With light pink walls and flower embroidered bedding, this suite can be described as "simple while still striving for elegance." A queen bed fills the room, along with double closets and a dressing room. A 40-inch television is set up in the sitting area of the room, where two wing-backed chairs and a bistro table furnish the space. An extra-large makeup vanity, shower, and bathtub sit in the ensuite bathroom.

Room Number Three is the smallest of the guest accommodations at the Lynchburg Valley Inn. This room is lined with mahogany wood walls and warm-colored furniture. A four-poster queen-sized bed sits at the center of the room, and a small seating area is available in the corner with a 40-inch television. Artwork and hand-sewn curtains decorate the walls of the room. The ensuite bathroom is tiled with a one-person shower and a small vanity. The Pines Suite is the largest of the suites at the Lynchburg Valley Inn and is the most popular accommodation in the inn.

The Pines Suite is set apart from the main house and has its own private outdoor sitting area. The bedroom area is located on the second floor and has been recently updated with new tiling, hardwood flooring, stainless steel appliances, and furnishings. A full kitchen in the suite has full-sized appliances with a bar equipped with stools and a small dining table. The living room area has a sofa, recliner, 40-inch television, and a massage chair. The separate bedroom has a queen-sized bed, a large closet, and a 32-inch television. Every guest has access to the property’s high-speed internet.

A full breakfast is served every morning. Some typical breakfast dishes include breakfast casseroles, cereal, oatmeal, bacon, sausage, and eggs. The breakfast is buffet style for everything but the main dish, so for those with dietary restrictions, the owners recommend letting the cook know beforehand and refrain from eating from the buffet. During the day, the kitchen is open for guest use, and snacks are always available. Beverages such as coffee, tea, water, sodas, and juice are stocked along with a snack basket. Guests are welcome to take their morning meals in the dining room or out to the patio.


Tommy and Joyce, the owners of the Lynchburg Valley Inn, have the goal of providing each of their guests with a comfortable experience that includes modern amenities and historical charm. Every room has an ensuite bathroom, flat-screen televisions, and high-speed internet access. These amenities are provided for guests in hopes that they will be able to have a more private and accommodating stay. The 1800s home is restored and renovated, but its charm still remains. Antique furnishings and photographs depicting the previous owners of the home are spread throughout the inn. 

Many guests return to the Lynchburg Valley Inn multiple times a year while visiting the area. Joyce and Tommy make it a habit to welcome guests with open arms. “We want them to feel like they’re visiting family,” says Tommy. One guest left the following review on the property's website: “Joyce and Tommy made us feel like long-lost family members.” The covered motorcycle parking garage and main street location cater to visitors wishing to walk to and from attractions in the area. The Lynchburg Valley Inn is open year-round, and one of the owners is always available on-site to answer questions and address any concerns guests may have. 

Positive reviews have been left in the past regarding guests' stays at the inn. Many of them comment on the breakfast, accommodations, and the overall attitude and service of the hosts. “We stayed here for three days and two nights. It was so nice, comfortable, and reasonable. The hostess was accommodating, and we would love to stay here again. We stayed in the carriage house apartment, and it was beyond expectation. Breakfast was delicious each morning, and she always tried to make exactly what we wanted,” remarked a guest of the inn. 

There are many activities and restaurants to attend in the Trolley Town area. The Jack Daniel Distillery is most popular. Here, tours are offered of the large brewery, and an on-site restaurant serves various "hearty" dishes. Miss Mary Bobo’s is a family-friendly cafe serving all three meals of the day. There are a variety of other distilleries in the area, such as Prichard’s Distillery, George Dickel Tennessee Whisky, and the Lynchburg Winery. Lakeview Marina is nearby and functions as a water sports location with boat and fishing equipment rentals. Tims Ford State Park is also in the area and features a wide network of hiking trails and adventure tours.


The land that is now home to Tolley Town was owned by Lynn’s grandfather John Tolley and was used as a large farm. John and his wife, Lillian, lived in a home across the street from the Lynchburg Valley Inn. Lillian was the niece of Jack Daniel and sister to Lem Motlow. Lem inherited Jack Daniel’s distillery. The original log cabin was used as a commissary for the Tolley Farm, where tenants who lived on the land could attain supplies. Now the main front rooms of the inn showcase two original rafters, where hams and other meats were hung in the store. The home was then built around the cabin and covered in clapboard, as was the fashion in that day. 

Lillian and John’s oldest son, Lem Tolley, was married and moved into the home to give Lem a place to raise his family. Jim, another of Lillian’s sons, ran the general store and filling station down the road and lived part-time in the home with his brother Lem. Lillian died in 1946, and shortly after, Jim was married to Margaret Templeton from Fayetteville. The couple purchased the home from Lem and Margaret began making changes. In 1950 a front porch roof, columns, decorative railings, and new windows were added to the home. Over the next ten years, Jim and Margaret added on the home, removed walls, opened doorways, and enclosed the carport. 

In the final years of renovations, a side yard, fencing, and a small horse barn were added to the property for the couple’s horses. Jim passed away in 1971, yet Margaret continued living in the home until 2014. In July of 2017, Tommy Anderson and Joyce Adams purchased the property. They had a vision for the home and intended to turn it into an inn. They spent a year renovating the inn, adding the necessary amenities in order to transform the home. After all of the rooms were complete, the inn was opened for business. Tommy and Joyce enjoy welcoming new guests to their inn every day; they appreciate the history of their property and want every guest to know it.

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