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Main Street Bed & Breakfast

The Main Street Bed and Breakfast is a historical building with five available rooms for guests to rent that can be found in Glasgow, Kentucky. The building that makes up the bed and breakfast has been around for over two centuries, making it one of the most historical buildings in the area, and it still has many of the original brick walls that it first had when it was built in the early 1800s. The owner has a dog named Lulu and chickens that guests can interact and play with while they stay at Main Street Bed and Breakfast. Many different kinds of events can be held at the bed and breakfast. In the past, there have been weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and even a "murder mystery."


The old brick house that makes up Main Street Bed and Breakfast sits on less than one acre of land and offers a total of five rooms to the public for short-term stays. There are four rooms in the main building, and there is one room in the cottage, which is connected to the first floor by the outdoor porch. Each room is individually named and uniquely decorated. The owner mentions that each room has its perks and is best for guests under certain circumstances. For example, of the five rooms, the cottage room—which is called Carroll—is much more private and is suitable for people who can't get upstairs very easily. The Greer Room is a larger room with a refrigerator that guests can use at their leisure. The America Room is smaller, but there are no windows, which is suitable for businessmen that are on a different sleep schedule. The Dupriest and the Dickinson rooms have extra bedding, which is much easier to accommodate guests that have groups of three or more. Regardless of which room guests stay in, each room comes with a private bathroom, access to the Wi-Fi, and an ice bucket, which can be used to gather ice from the ice machine that is shared between all of the rooms. Breakfast is also included with each stay.

The owner, whose name is Cherie, makes breakfast in the mornings and describes it as "breakfast from around the world." She explains that she gets bored making the same old things for guests, so she likes to shake it up each morning. In the past, she has made breakfast lasagna, huevos rancheros, shakshuka, eggs and bacon, toast with Nutella, crepes, quiche, and a foreign dish called bubble and squeak, which is a kind of sausage. Each day she tries to serve guests something different so they don't get sick of the same meal every morning. Cherie explains that dietary restrictions are not a problem and that she is able to accommodate specific diets and make dishes that are gluten-free and more. Breakfast is usually ready to eat by 8:30 each morning.

Guests will typically eat breakfast in the dining room, which is on the first floor. Also found on the first floor is the kitchen, parlor, and foyer. Also on the property is a store that is owned and ran by Cherie called Lil' Country Shop. At the shop, visitors can purchase things like candy, quilts, mugs, jams, stone items like jewelry, handmade goods, baked goods, bracelets, herbs, salts, and gift certificates.

On the outside of the building, guests can spend time on the porch, which connects the main building with the cottage. An entertainment area is being built in the backyard and is expected to finish in the near future. With its completion, guests will be able to spend time outside using the added amenities like a fire pit and water features. There are several gardens in the backyard that Cherie tends to. In these gardens, she grows plants and vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, and a wide variety of herbs, all of which she uses to make breakfast in the mornings.

The city of Glasgow offers visitors a wide variety of places to eat and things to do. Cherie will often recommend four specific restaurants to her guests if they are looking for somewhere to get a meal. A Little Taste of Texas is the first one she typically recommends. A Little Taste of Texas is a western-themed restaurant that serves burgers, steaks, chops, and chicken. Another restaurant she likes to tell guests about is called Garcia's Grill, which specializes in Mexican food. Rib Licker's Smoke Shack is a little bit further away from Main Street Bed and Breakfast, but they serve a number of meats and sandwiches. Finally, the last restaurant recommendation is Yancy's Gastropub and Brewery, which has a menu that is full of sandwiches, burgers, a variety of meats, and beer. Besides Rib Licker's Smoke Shack, they are within walking distance of the Main Street Bed and Breakfast.

Cherie also recommends places for guests to find entertainment. The first one is called The Plaza Theatre, which hosts concerts and live music throughout the year. In the neighboring city called Cave City, guests can explore several different cave systems, including Crystal Onyx Cave and Mammoth Cave. Near Mammoth Cave, guests can find Mammoth Cave Adventures, where they can do activities like ziplining, kayaking, and horseback riding. A bit further north, visitors can explore Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo, which hosts a number of animals from Australia and also offers several more caves that can be visited.


The motto for the establishment is "A little bit of history and a little bit of home." To help make her guests feel more at home in Main Street Bed and Breakfast, she tries to do things like making a plate of fresh cookies for those who are staying for the night when they arrive. She also tries to interact with them whenever she can, doing her best to greet everyone who comes through her door and make sure they have everything they need in their room, but not in an overbearing sort of way. For those who like dogs, she is happy to let her visitors interact and play with her dog, Lulu. There are also chickens on the property that guests can play with and even feed.

Cherie describes Main Street Bed and Breakfast as being a relaxed and lenient environment, although there are a couple of things to note when guests are reserving their stay. One policy that is in place at the bed and breakfast is that there is no smoking in any of the rooms. Instead, she has a table outside on her porch that comes with an ashtray for her guests to use. Guests are allowed to bring their own pets if they would like, so long as they are responsible for picking up after them and they don't bother the other guests. There is also no policy against guests bringing children or young ones.

Main Street Bed and Breakfast is able to host events as well. Several events that have been held in the past include weddings, birthdays, and even a couple of "Murder Mysteries." The first murder mystery that was hosted involved real actors where they locked all of the rooms and used them as escape rooms, putting clues in each of them. Another murder mystery was hosted for a group of high school students a little later. Regardless of what is being held, Cherie tells her guests she is happy to host a number of different types of events.

There have been a number of reviews that have been left regarding Main Street Bed and Breakfast. Many reviews mention the atmosphere of the property, and a number of them talk about the breakfast that they had during their stay. One person who recently stayed at Main Street Bed and Breakfast wrote in their review, "We stayed on 4th of July with our five kids, we got the America Room and Dupriest Room. Both were clean, comfortable, well-stocked, and absolutely adorable. Cherie let the kids help her feed the chickens on the property and gather fresh eggs. We had a delicious casserole, fresh fruit, and the most incredible waffles for breakfast, all served on a beautifully arranged table and China." The typical demographic of guests that visit is anywhere between people in their early 30s to retired folk. The bed and breakfast sees a wide range of ages and people.

The town of Glasgow is known for having a lot of agricultural locations. Farms of varying produce can be found all around the city. Cattle farms, dairy farms, corn, soybeans, and tobacco tend to be some of the more common things produced and grown within the area.


The main building that makes up Main Street Bed and Breakfast has been around much longer than the bed and breakfast has been. The building was first erected in 1810, over 200 years ago. The house was first built for a schoolmaster, but shortly after the construction was complete, Charles Dickenson purchased the property so that his family could use the home for themselves. The final member of the Dickenson family that owned the property passed away in 1966, so the city took possession of the building. In 2010, a couple, whose names are Karin and Gary Carrol, bought the house and turned it into the Main Street Bed and Breakfast. Then, in 2018, they offered it to their friend, Cherie, to which she happily agreed. Cherie is the current owner of Main Street Bed and Breakfast, and she explains that she is pleased with how it is going so far.

Cherie has known the previous owner since they were children, and they grew up together. At one point in their teen years, they parted ways. A little while later, Karin and Cherie went on a cruise together for Karen's birthday. Cherie explains that it was on their way back from the cruise that Karin offered the Main Street Bed and Breakfast to her. Ever since then, she has maintained the establishment.

It was while Main Street Bed and Breakfast was under the ownership of the Carroll family that much of the renovations and upgrades took place. "What is now the dining room was once the library; what is now the kitchen was the dining room, and the kitchen had been in the cottage." Most of the Victorian-themed decorations came from her as well. Cherie liked it so much and thought it worked so well that she decided to leave things as they were.

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