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Mayhurst Estate

The Mayhurst Estate is located in Orange, Virginia, and lies on about 36 acres of land. The land consists of many trees that can provide shade for those looking to relax on the grounds, but there are also many trails that guests can use for recreational or explorative purposes. There is a small pond on the property as well, surrounded by a bit of rolling land. The building that guests can stay in at the property is a four-story building with an added fifth-story cupola. There are currently eight rooms that visitors can use, all on the left and right of the main spiral staircase that connects all of the floors together. The building was built by the great-nephew of James Madison and is styled after an Italian Victorian style, which sets it apart from other buildings in the area.


The Mayhurst Estate consists of a fairly large amount of land, a four-story building, an old farm building, a kitchen house, and a cottage. There is also another building that is currently being worked on for future use. The buildings that the guests to the property can live in while they stay at the estate are the four-story home—which has 7 guest rooms inside of it—and the cottage, which has just one space for guests to stay in. When the section of the property that is under construction is completed, an additional two units will be available. The rooms contain many basic amenities, including private bathrooms—some of which have double whirlpool tubs—original marble fireplaces, quality linens, antiques, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Chocolates, bottled water, soap/shampoos, and body lotions are all provided as well.

The inside of the main building is vintage, built after the manner of an old Italian Victorian style. This building was built in the year 1869 and still contains some original woodwork and all of the original glass windows. These windows are of special note to many of the guests due to their unique nature. On every floor, guests will find floor-to-ceiling windows that have built-in shutter systems and wavy glass. These windows help offer the antique feeling that much of the building provides to the guests who stay here.

Besides the guest rooms inside, there are also other rooms that guests are free to use. These rooms include a library with books that guests are free to peruse at their leisure, a lobby area on every floor, and a cupola, which is a small dome-like room at the very top of the building, making the building have an additional fifth floor of just the one room. The staircase that leads to all of these floors is unique to the Mayhurst Estate and rare to any other buildings in the area, as it is a large spiral staircase right in the center of the building. The woodwork is unique and has been maintained over the years, and because of that, the owners, Jason and Casey, ask that guests refrain from hanging on or sliding down the rails.

The land surrounding the main building of the Mayhurst Estate is 36 acres, providing an abundance of space, and offering a sizeable amount of privacy to all residents on the property. The land contains many different trails that guests can use to exercise or explore at their convenience. There is a lily pond on the property that some of the rolling lands dip into, which can provide a spot for guests who may be looking for scenery to look at as they explore. The pond is stocked with fish, and guests are free to use the pond for fishing. There are also many English gardens on the property, one of which is a sunken garden. The sunken garden is surrounded by a stone wall and is where herbs used in the kitchen are grown. Seasonal flowers, kale, blueberry plants, roses, daisies, vines, and more are grown in the gardens, which many guests have appreciated looking at in the past. There are large trees throughout the property that offer shade to those seeking it and help provide a secluded feeling to those staying at the property.

Another notable exterior feature of the Mayhurst Estates is the old barn on the property that is used to raise and take care of a sizeable amount of dairy goats. Visitors to the property are free to visit the barn, feed the goats, or hold small ones. Several of the other areas and trails on the land are used as wedding venues and/or for wedding pictures. Many people have chosen to use this unique location for their weddings because of the rolling hillsides and trails surrounded by trees.

There are many other things that guests can do while they are on the property of Mayhurst Estate. One of which would be relaxing on the veranda, where they have many views of the rolling land and where they can chat with their friends, family members, other guests, or the staff. Another thing they could do is watch the owner's children put on live woodworking or blacksmithing demonstrations for them. The two children that put on these shows are 10 years old and 12 years old, which has surprised many of the guests in the past. In the past, guests have asked the boys to make them something they desired to purchase as a keepsake for themselves. All of the children's work is shown on the property's Instagram page and some on their Youtube channel.

Along with a guest's stay is a complimentary breakfast every morning. The breakfast is typically served at 30-minute increments starting at 8:00, then 8:30, then 9:00. Exceptions can be made for those who ask if they could have breakfast earlier when they plan to be up and going in the mornings. The food is cooked the morning of the breakfast and then served to guests on a plate. The breakfast rotates from savory foods to sweet foods on a daily basis. Some of the foods they serve include potatoes, fruit, berries and cream french toast with bacon, orange french toast and sausage, homemade biscuits, eggs, apple pancakes, and more. They have many original foods that are unique to the property, of which they provide recipes for on their website for anyone who would like to cook the dishes and have them once more when they return home. Accommodations are made for those who have dietary needs or restrictions, including gluten-free, lactose intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, and many others. The staff at the Mayhurst Estate have yet to find a dietary request that they haven't been able to provide for.


The Mayhurst Estate is known for many things by the locals in the area and by the guests who have stayed here in the past. One of the main things the owners, Jason and Casey, say they are known for is their kindness for their guests. The owners and staff strive to have a personal love and care for their guests, desiring to treat them as unique individuals rather than simply visitors to the property.

Many of the guests that have stayed here have left reviews that reflect this statement. One guest said that "Casey and Jason are the greatest hosts and took very good care of us during our anniversary weekend getaway. We were married at the Mayhurst, and it was wonderful going back to visit again. Not only is the Mayhurst a fantastic bed and breakfast, it really is an undiscovered jewel for a wedding venue. The rooms are spacious, clean, and quiet."

Another guest wrote similarly when they said, "Our hosts were fantastic people and so hospitable. The location is a beautiful estate, and our room had a very cozy bed and overall feel." The estate itself is known for its unique architecture and scenic views. The big original glass windows on every floor are in particular, as many guests have told the owners that they enjoy them. The land that the property rests on is something unique about the estate, and the food that is provided in the morning has also been something that many guests have left reviews about in the past.

As mentioned previously, the business offers many locations on the 36 acres as venues for weddings. The large fields and long trails surrounded by trees offer a distinct setting to those looking for a unique spot for their wedding. Other activities have taken place on the property as well—mainly creative retreats.

The owners enjoy it when their guests participate in a wide variety of artistic and creative pursuits. Because of that, they have opened their property up to those who would like to come to the area for painting, photography, videography, and many other retreats. These types of retreats often pick this location because of the natural landscapes that can be seen from the premises. However, any type of retreat is generally welcome at the property as long as the owners are told in advance. The area around the property is another reason why many of these retreats occur and why many people have visited the business. There are over 20 vineyards within an hour's drive of the property, multiple presidential homes that people can see, horse farms, and other places to visit.

The property is open all year, seeing its busiest season around the month of October, though the property has only been open for one year. The surrounding area is generally busy during the spring and fall months. Still, the owner, Casey, thinks that the month of December will be very busy because of the festivities put on around the city. All types of guests have come to the property, ranging from young professionals to retired couples. They also have occasional pastors or missionaries stay there free of charge so that they can have somewhere to sleep and get replenished. The owner's attitudes and goals are centered around their belief in God, which is one reason why they will provide this service to the visiting ministry.

Casey and Jason want their guests to feel like they are part of their family but spoiled when staying at the Mayhurst Estate. Casey says that if they were to have a motto, it would be "a 'Pride and Prejudice' experience with a Ritz-Carlton spoiling, with a ministering heart." They desire to have an old-world charm, spoiling of the finest hotels, and care for guests that extend further than simply seeing them as a guest. They want to sees their guests as unique individuals and learn about their stories. They enjoy talking to their guests, learning about them, and seeing them again if they return and continue their friendship. They try to really care for the people more than they ever would about the revenue that they make.

The owners have many goals for the future of their business. Their main goal is to run their business as an old-world working estate rather than a modern bed and breakfast. They hope to have someday the ability for their guests to have a living history experience where they can come and see the history found all around the area. Jason and Casey hope to invite artisans someday to come and teach/show guests their talents and abilities to provide an even larger cultural experience. Lastly, they hope to soon connect the culinary dishes, décor, and festivals provided to the season in the year. One example of this that they want to implement soon is to have people come to show their guests certain trademarks from the Christmas traditions from different countries and cities worldwide.


The main building on the property started its construction in the year 1859, just two years before the Civil War. The house was built in the latest style, Italianate. It was constructed by the great-nephew of James Madison, John Willis, who had ties to the nearby historical attraction of Montpelier. He was 50 years old when he built the mansion for his large family of 8 children. The building of the Mayhurst Estate had many roles after it was a home for the Willis family. It was a headquarters during the Civil War, during which 18,000 troops encamped on the property, a boarding house during world war one, and later it was a cattle farm. The area in which the property is is filled with early American history. As noted above, many of the wars that happened in the United States have connections with this area and the very land of the Mayhurst Estate. Those who visit the property can ask the owners and staff about a large amount of history involved with the property.

The property has been used as a bed and breakfast and a wedding venue for over twenty years now. Many people from different walks of life have come and stayed there. Mayhurst Estate itself has been its own business for just over a year, being established in February 2020. It was originally known as Mayhurst Inn but was purchased by the current owners, Jason and Casey, who changed the name and much of the business structure. Jason and Casey entered the hospitality industry because of the love that they have for hospitality. Casey says that they have always had an open-door policy in their private life. "Hospitality has been our normal. From when we got married, on," says Casey. The owners wanted to host for others and care for them in a greater way and decided that owning the Mayhurst Estate would be the best way to do it. They love their guests, claiming that "the guests have been the biggest blessing of the whole thing."

Since owning the property, Jason and Casey have made many changes. They say that the property needed a lot of care and love, which they were willing to provide. They cleared much of the land that had become overgrown and crowded. Besides clearing the land, they have also been cultivating and gardening around it. Lots of updates and changes were needed in the building, including the addition of new air conditioning units, kitchen updates, and other basic renovations. Since owning the property, the owners have been going room to room and renovating as they see fit. They just finished renovating the cottage and are currently fixing up the old barn. The largest update they are making at this time is to the summer kitchen, which was originally built in 1820. They are making the building a family home so that they can live on the property with their kids without being in the same building as the guests, providing them with added privacy. Other changes made have generally been basic, getting new beds, changing furniture, adding new décor, etc. The last update that they have been working on is changing their current website to have all of the current and new information provided accurately to anyone who opens their page.

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