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Meadow Lake Ranch

Meadow Lake Ranch is owned by Tom Warren and is located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. The property is about a fifteen-minute drive from Tulsa, one of the busiest cities in Oklahoma. The ranch provides two primary kinds of experiences: a dude ranch experience for those who want to spend a day trip there, or a bed and breakfast with choices of 4 cabins or 2 two tipis in which guests can stay the night. There are also packages for both the dude ranch and the bed and breakfast that are optional for those who would like to participate in both ventures.


Meadow Lake Ranch functions as both a dude ranch and a bed and breakfast. The bed and breakfasts has 6 living options: 3 lakeside cabins, 1 bluff-top cabin, and 2 tipis. The three lakeside cabins all have patios that are directly to the side of the lake, giving the option for guests to spend time fishing or sitting by the water. Each patio has an ornamental breakfast set with four chairs and a metal chiminea with free firewood. The three lakeside cabins also have full-size kitchens, large televisions, king-sized beds, and two-person Jetta whirlpools.

Paul's Cabin is the most popular cabin due to one of its past visitors, Paul McCartney. He and his wife spent some time at the ranch and chose to participate in some of the activities provided. Ever since then, Paul's cabin has been the first choice of units for many guests. The bluff cabin is named after William Clark, the early American explorer, and has a view of the spring-fed lakes just below and the skyline of downtown Tulsa near the horizon. The two tipis are for those who are looking for more of a camping experience. They each have two raised queen-size air mattresses inside and chimineas.

There are trees all around the cabins and tipis, and, as the name of the establishment implies, there are sizeable lakes. There is a lodge on the property where events can be scheduled and where a country breakfast is provided every morning for those participating in the bed and breakfast. The breakfast consists of something different every day. The lodge also has bathrooms and showers for those staying in the tipis, which are just a short walk away. In addition to the lodge is an event center and a couple of patios specifically for weddings. Anyone who is looking at these grounds for a wedding can also contact the management for a free tour to see if this is an ideal location for their wedding.


Tom Warren, the owner of the Meadow Lake Ranch, strives for a throwback cultural experience for those who participate. The ranch is surrounded by trees and has a few lakes. These parts of the property combined express a mountainous or country environment. As part of the experience at Meadow Lake Ranch, people have the option for various "dude" experiences. These experiences include activities like tomahawk throwing, horseback riding, bow and arrow shooting, slingshots, BB guns, a shooting range, and many other experiences. The activities come in different packages provided by the ranch. There are various types of packages, some simply for a day visit, and others are for those who want the all-exclusive experience of Meadow Lake Ranch. A guest could spend a day with a country breakfast, then head up on a trail and go bird watching, and then later go fishing on the bank or from a boat.

There are many different experiences that Meadow Lake Ranch strives to provide for all who attend. Along with what is provided at the ranch are some activities that people can participate in at the city, Tulsa. Tom highly recommends many places to visit. If a guest is looking for a good place to eat, Tom will recommend some of the Chinese places, such as Fortune Cheff, or some of the nearby steak houses that he enjoys. If they are looking for a place to go and explore in Tulsa, Tom recommends The Gathering Place. The Gathering Place is a 300-acre park downtown on the Arkansas River. It has activities for all ages. There are lots of trails to walk on, parks for little kids, and some places to eat.


Tom Warren opened the Meadow Lake Ranch about 20 years ago after a friend recommended the idea of a bed and breakfast while spending time at the ranch. Tom considered his property to be an ideal location for a bed and breakfast because of its "natural beauty." The business originally started as just a bed and breakfast. Occasionally prospective customers would call and ask if he provided horseback riding or if he had a shooting range. He chose to accommodate these inquiries and transformed his bed and breakfast, giving it more activities. When people called and asked if he provided services for weddings, he thought that his location would be a great spot for those services, and he created space for it. Because of these changes that Tom has made to his businesses, the bed and breakfast has evolved from what it was into an experience-driven location that strives for a country feel.

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