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Meander In Bed and Breakfast

Meander In Bed and Breakfast

The Meander In Bed and Breakfast is a year-round business located in Ninilchik, Alaska. Mike Schuster established the business in 1998 after building the home between 1995 to 1997. The home has three bedrooms available for reservation, one including a private bathroom, while the other two share one. Patrons have access to the common areas on the property, such as the living room, dining room, and the two outdoor decks overlooking the valley and the local river. Sitting on the deck is, according to Mike, the most popular activity on the premises. Breakfast is served every day sometime between 7:00 to 9:00 AM, depending on the time set with visitors the day before. If guests are leaving before 7:00 AM, Mike offers the alternate option of a take-out lunch. The biggest draw to the area is reportedly fishing, says Mike. Other attractions include hiking and exploring the near beaches on Cook Inlet.


The Meander In Bed and Breakfast, owned and operated by Mike Schuster, is located in the town of Ninilchik, Alaska. On the property, there are three bedrooms in a family-style home that is 2,650 square feet. “Modern [and] contemporary” is how the owner describes the interior of the home. Mike explains that one of his goals for his business is to help visitors feel like this is their home, which is why he provides them full access to areas within the house. He says all patrons have access to the “community space,” also referred to as common areas, within his home. Such areas include the general living space, kitchen, dining room, and two decks outside, which overlook the surrounding valley. According to Mike, guests can often see wildlife, such as bears and moose, roaming the area. The bed and breakfast sits on one and a quarter acre of land that visitors have full access to. Mike says that the grounds include “a nice yard” and a relatively large firepit.

Amenities in the home include WiFi and a television in the living room. One of the three rooms is the master suite on the third floor, which consists of a queen-sized bed and a private bathroom. The main floor bedroom has two twin beds that can be combined to create a king-sized bed. The downstairs room, which is a basement walkout onto a terrace, shares a bathroom with the main floor bedroom. Additionally, this room has two twin beds and a queen bed. Furthermore, it has a private vanity and toilet. which shares a bathroom with the other main floor bedroom, says Mike. Additionally, this room has two twin beds and a vanity with a sink.

Breakfast is served daily at the Meander In Bed and Breakfast, and Mike says that he coordinates with each guest about what time they want it served each morning. Mike offers the option of either a breakfast anytime between 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM or a take-out lunch. The establishment also offers dinner as an option if the visitors are staying for three nights or more. Breakfast items vary but typically include coffee, bacon, eggs, toast, breakfast burritos, and various local foods when possible, such as eggs, salmon, and moose. Mike is willing to accommodate the dietary needs and restrictions of patrons if notified in advance.

Visitors who stay at the Meander In Bed and Breakfast often come for the surrounding area and to get some “peace and quiet,” says Mike. One pastime that guests often do on the property, according to the owner, is sitting on the deck, viewing the landscape, and watching the wildlife roam the land. Other activities that patrons have been found to participate in include deepwater ocean and in-river sport fishing. The surrounding area is also known for its “Russian and Indian ancestry,” says Mike, which is another draw to the area. 


Mike, the owner of Meander In Bed and Breakfast, reports that one of his main goals for his business is to “treat my guests like this is their home." The owner also says that he engages with his guests as he perceives in order to address their needs; specifically, he explains, “I am here as their host in the home, I become their first new friend here, and I give a lot of attention to my guests throughout the day.” Mike attributes this as a distinguishing factor among other hospitality businesses in the area. 

Visitors staying at the bed and breakfast are expected to follow certain policies, such as respecting the privacy of other guests. Quiet time on the property starts at 10:00 PM if there is more than one group at the premises. Smoking is not permitted in the house but is acceptable outside. Pets are not allowed at the establishment.

Meander In Bed and Breakfast is located in the lower Kenai Peninsula, near various attractions and activities. Fishing is reportedly the most popular activity among patrons, according to Mike. The typical demographic of guests has been reported to be fishermen older than 50, says Mike. However, he also remarks that he receives a wide variety in the demographic of people to come here. According to the property's website, there are “six popular rivers and streams [that] are less than two hours from here. At almost any time during the season, there is great fishing somewhere.” Visitors who previously stayed at the property have left various reviews about their time at the Meander In Bed and Breakfast. One guest remarked in a review about the property, “I stay with Mike a few times every fall during fishing trips. He’s a great host with a beautiful home overlooking Ninilchik River.” Mike reports that he receives a high amount of repeat guests each year, such as this person.

Other activities in the area include hiking, beach walks, and discovering the local history. Mike also mentions that the longest beach in Alaska is relatively close to the bed and breakfast. He recommends places to eat in the city as well, some of those places include Keen Kow Thai Food, Rosco’s Pizza, and Inlet View Lodge.

The bed and breakfast is open year-round, allowing access to many of the attractions in the region through all months. Mike says he does this as a “courtesy to my community.” Even though the business is open year-round, Mike refers to the bed and breakfast as a summer destination. Summer access to the rivers and beaches of Cook Inlet is what brings the majority of visitors to Ninilchik.


Mike Schuster has been operating Meander In Bed and Breakfast for 24 seasons. The house used for the bed and breakfast was constructed by Mike in 1995 and later finished in 1997. Mike was not intending on the home becoming a bed and breakfast; however, in 1998, he decided to start the Meander In Bed and Breakfast. The change in use of the building was inspired by friends of Mike who came to visit him.

Changes that Mike made to his house to open the bed and breakfast include fully furnishing the house, focusing on “quality” linens, and adding an additional refrigerator and freezer. When first starting out, Mike says that “in order to do it right, I had to fully commit to [the business].” He says that since then, he has found relatively good success in the business.

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