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Mecklenburgh Inn

The Mecklenburgh Inn, based in Chester, Nova Scotia, is a quaint four-bedroom inn located two blocks away from the ocean. The inn is known amongst its guests for its distinct breakfasts and its turn-of-the-century theme. There are four uniquely themed and named guest accommodations on the property. Chester is a small village built on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The town is famous for its drinking and sailing opportunities. It is often said by some people that Chester is a "drinking town with a sailing problem." Conveniently, the Mecklenburgh Inn is located within walking distance to the ocean, as well as several tourist attractions, local shops, and local restaurants.


Nestled on half an acre in Chester, Nova Scotia, the Mecklenburgh Inn is tucked into a small corner of town. The Mecklenburgh Inn happily provides a hearty breakfast, something it is well-known for among its guests. There might be bacon and eggs, but, according to the owner Suzie, there is always "a twist." They are also known for their packages. The Mecklenburgh Inn offers guests their choice of optional "packages,"—which includes a full itinerary of activities and places to eat. A package can consist of activities such as kayaking, an evening at the Chester Playhouse, or dinner at a local restaurant. Additionally, it is always accompanied by a picnic lunch from the Mecklenburgh Inn. 

In addition to packages, the Mecklenburgh Inn provides free Wi-Fi, complimentary Lindt chocolates, hairdryers, fireplaces, and Frette bathrobes for each guest. Because of the turn of the century theme, some describe the property as having "character." There are four guest accommodations available on the property for guests to reserve for their stay in the area. Two rooms have balconies with outdoor furniture to lounge around on, and three rooms have full bathrooms complete with clawfoot tubs and showers to keep with the turn of the century theme. Each room is unique in its setup. The room called Mrs. Finney's Hat has a queen size bed with a large full bathroom. The Saddle room has two twin beds with a full bath and restored softwood floors. In the Tancook room, there is a double bed and a shower. The Winter's room has a queen-sized bed, a full bath, and an ocean view.


This turn-of-the-twentieth-century themed inn is known for its historic culture and for helping guests have a "pleasurable and memorable experience." The Mecklenburgh Inn has recently changed from being a "seasonal inn" to a year-round inn due to COVID-19—though future operating months are subject to change. 

The Mecklenburgh Inn is also known for following through with what is advertised. For example, they advertise having a different breakfast daily. Suzie, the owner of the Mecklenburgh Inn, never prepares just bacon and eggs. Breakfast always consists of something that the guests will not expect. For example, instead of regular scrambled eggs, Suzie might serve eggs benedict with a side of fresh fruit. 

Suzie wants her guests to have a memorable experience. Regarding how she helps people have this memorable experience, Suzie says, "I offer above and beyond what I advertise." Commenting on the breakfast that was served, one guest said, "We stayed four nights; breakfast each morning was delicious and different from the previous morning." Another guest who stayed at the property mentioned, "This big old house's charm is only matched by that of its proprietor, Suzi." 

With just over 10,000 people, the village of Chester is known for its water activities, particularly yachting and sailing. In particular, the town's most significant water event it is famous for is the annual Chester Race Week. The Chester Race Week is the largest keelboat regatta in Canada and is sponsored by Helly Hansen. Along with its water activities, Chester is known for its alcohol industry. 


The Mecklenburgh Inn has been in business for around 30 years. In the early 90's Suzie bought the building and started transforming it into a turn of the twentieth century themed inn. However, the inn was built initially when two sisters needed an overflow space for a local hotel. This building provided four more rooms for the hotel guests to stay. 

After it had served its purpose as an overflow for the hotel, they sold it to one of their daughters, who, in turn, made it into a shop where hats were made and sold. When the original owners' daughter was finished making and selling hats, she sold the property to her son. He, in turn, did not do much with the building other than holding it as a real estate investment. 

Eventually, however, he sold it to the current owner Suzie, who now runs the property as an inn. Regarding why Suzie decided to open and run an inn, she says, "I have nothing else to do." Suzie enjoys being the hostess and chef and helping people have a "pleasurable experience" at the Mecklenburgh Inn.

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