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Moorings Inn

The Moorings Inn is located in Southwest Harbor, Maine. Moorings Inn was constructed in 1765, and the owners have tried to maintain the antique aspects of the property throughout its lifetime. The building is located directly on the coastline of Greening Ledge Bay, offering a picturesque location. The inn offers twelve rooms and seven cottages to its guests, giving them an abundance of options for their living space. Most of the cottages are designed for couples, as the property tends to cater towards those who are getting away for a romantic outing, but there are also some cottages that are designated as family dwellings, all of which permit up to four guests.


Moorings Inn sits directly on the coastline of Greening Ledge Bay in Southwest Harbor, Maine. The inn is made up of the main house and an additional seven cottages on-site. Nearly all of the rooms and suites have ocean views. Parts of the property were constructed as early as 1765, and so the inn adopts an antique theme. Efforts have been made to preserve the original foundations and furniture of the property as best as possible. This authenticity is prevalent in the rooms' decor and atmosphere, providing a distinct contrast to the nautical novelties also set in place. Paintings of ships and previous owners of the property are dotted within the rooms. The outside of the inn is a white, two-story cottage of restored colonial style. Green window shutters accent the building.

There are twelve different rooms in the main house at Moorings Inn and seven cottages nearby that all provide accommodations to guests. Most of these units are designed for two people. However, some of the cottages have been designated as family dwellings and allow for up to four. General amenities at the inn include views of the ocean, heating, hair driers, coffee, a light continental breakfast, king or queen-sized beds, private bathrooms, and outdoor decks overlooking the sea. Though there is no air conditioning at the inn, fans are placed in the rooms to provide constant airflow.

Visitors to the inn receive full access to the nearby beach, as well as lawn furniture, fire pits, and grills. The beaches are rugged and rocky—as most coasts in Maine are known to be—but the views from the property can be unique and "picturesque" at times. Another unique aspect of Moorings Inn is that the property is pet-friendly. The coastal area where Moorings Inn is located is Mt. Desert Island, which is best known for Acadia National Park northeast of the inn. This park is noted for its abundant greenery, lakes, and natural stone formations. The cottages on-site are open year-round. The main home is available for most of the year, and the inn's peak season of occupancy is from the middle of June to the middle of October.


The desired culture at the Moorings Inn is to be relaxed and quiet. The beach-side location of the property allows guests to easily watch the ocean's many waves and pass the time in comfort. Though the inn itself is centuries old, efforts have been made to refurbish and remodel the bed and breakfast so that it compares with twenty-first-century standards of the industry. Many people who visit the inn have been searching for privacy and are attempting to escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Primarily, the inn caters to couples seeking a romantic getaway. Others come to the region in order to explore the nearby Acadia National Park, with its natural forest landscapes and an assortment of lakes.

Guests generally mention the ocean's views, the removed location of the inn, the antique nature of the property, the outdoor equipment, and the convenient location. One guest said, "Beautiful location and grounds. Landscaping is lovely. We stayed in the Island Queen- an extension from the main hotel overlooking the water. The view was amazing. Enjoyed the fire pit and outdoor tables/umbrellas. The hotel itself is very old/interesting- antiques etc. but very, very clean."


The building currently known as Moorings Inn was first built in 1765 along the banks of the Greening Ledge Bay in southern Maine. Sometime before 1784, a man by the name of Andrew Tucker came into possession of the land. As his family began to grow, he expanded the original foundations of the property significantly. Some of these modifications have been relatively untouched to this day, making up much of the structural integrity of the main house centuries later. Parts of his surviving work on the house are considered the oldest structures in the town and are presumed to be the oldest structures on the island. In 1830, the Tuckers left home behind and moved to Blue Hill. The house was then purchased by Andrew Haynes, who added more considerable additions to the property's size. During his time there, the region became known as Haynes' Point. Many shipbuilding and fishing operations formed in the area. The J.L. Stanley Co. fishing operation took control of the house in 1860. The property was then passed to Swedish sailor Erasmus Hansen, who eventually drowned at sea. Sometime in the early 1900s, a sea captain named Mr. Parker bought the Moorings. During this time, the property officially entered the lodging industry with the name "The Moorings Inn." Later, in 1925, B.B. Hinckley bought the house to use as his personal summer home. Additional cottages were constructed or converted from existing barns on the premises with the names "The Pilot House" and "Lookout Cottage." B.B. Hinckley and his son Henry started a yachting company, which would rise to a great deal of fame and success over the course of Henry's life. In 1964, the property fell under the management of Betty and Les King. For decades, the King family kept the Moorings Inn in stable business, and one of the King daughters—Leslie—inherited the inn. She has been the owner of Moorings Inn since 2008 and plans to continue her family's roots in the area and in the business field.

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