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Murphy's B and B

Situated south of the Missouri River, Murphy's B and B offers three suites. The property includes a secluded barn area which has several mini-games and sitting areas. For guests who are hoping to bring their own bikes to use on the nearby hiking trails, each of the suites on the property includes a compartment for guests to lock their bikes and keep them secure. The property is in close proximity to many local wineries, and patrons can use the trolley to visit the downtown area. Murphy's was first built in 1863, though Dan and Laura Schulte, the current owners, have owned it since 2021. The owners want their guests to feel like they're being taken care of and that they are valued during their stay. 


Murphy's B and B is located in Hermann, Missouri, on a hill near the Missouri River. The property features three suites available for guests to rent. Outside the B&B there is a BBQ area, as well as a brick patio with two tables and seating areas with rocking chairs. The back patios include gas heaters and a path that leads to what is known as "The Barn," which is a separate structure at the back of the property where guests can lounge in. The Barn includes wood-burning stoves, dartboards, projectors, and a seating area with couches and footrests. For patrons who are interested in renting the whole property, there is an additional suite available for such occasions. The property includes a stocked refrigerator with soda, water, or alcohol. Local wine is offered to guests, although the owners allow visitors to bring their own wine if they prefer. Each suite includes its own lock compartment if guests want to lock their bikes up for the weekend. The Katy Trail, located about a mile and a half from Murphy's, is a path that visitors can hike or bike.

The Street Suite includes two rooms, plus a private bathroom. The suite's private entrance opens to a sitting area with a table where guests can eat meals or use it as a working space. The room has windows situated next to the king-size bed, as well as a TV mounted on the wall, which faces the bed. The Wine Cellar is one of the more popular suites, due to its design and historical background. The room was built as an actual wine cellar in 1869 by a German winemaker. A fair amount of previous patrons who have stayed in this particular suite have commented on the room's ambiance and the feel of staying in a wine cellar, similar to the ones in Hermann wineries. The ceiling of the room curves upward in a half-circle shape, with brick walls and wood floors. The Third Floor Suite is typically used by families or visitors who are holding a wedding at the property. This room was added by the current owners, and it features a king bedroom, plus a queen bedroom and a relatively spacious bathroom. The main level is made for larger groups or families and includes access to the patio and backyard.

Laura and Dan Schulte, the current owners of Murphy's B and B, recommend Fernweh to guests who are interested in the nearby restaurants. Fernweh is a relatively new resorted historical riverfront building. The owners also suggest that patrons eat their meals at the 1837 Bar & Patio, which is the only other wine cellar older than Murphy's in the area. Although they don't serve food, located next to the bar is a pizza place where guests can order food and bring it to the 1837 Bar & Patio to socialize with the locals and other visitors in town. The 1837 Bar & Bistro serves anything from homemade rootbeer to martinis.


Dan and Laura Schulte, the current owners, let their guests know that they try to always be on-site if they need anything, while still trying to be respectful of their privacy and space. Reaching out to patrons ahead of time by email or text is something the owners make an effort to do in order to help accommodate their visitors. A previous guest who stayed at Murphy's commented, "The couple who runs Murphy's could not have been more hospitable! They made our anniversary so special--arranging a gift basket, wine, and boxes of chocolate for us in the room before we arrived. On top of that, they responded quickly to all of our questions and gave us the best recommendations to enjoy Hermann." Dan and Laura send their guests home with goodie bags that include the property's information. The owners hope for occupants to treat Murphy's as though it were their own home. Pets are not allowed to stay at the property for the purpose of keeping the rooms more sanitary. Additionally, smoking is prohibited as well. The property doesn't offer child amenities such as cribs, but children are still welcome to stay at Murphy's. 

Murphy's is located within walking distance of several shops and wineries. Additionally, the property is situated along a trolley loop, where a trolley comes by to pick up visitors and take them to the downtown area. The owners recommend guests visit The Historic Hermann Museum where visitors can learn more about the town's history and how the Germans played a role in Hermann's historical background. According to the owner of Murphy's, years ago Hermann was the second-largest wine producer in the world, second to France, until prohibition.


Laura and Dan Schulte acquired Murphy's B and B from the previous owners, Pam and Dale Myers, re-establishing the property as of 2021. Dan's parents, Judy and Norb Schulte, had lived in Hermann since the mid-1960's, as they ran The Schulte Bakery downtown. Dan, the youngest of four children, spent his childhood in Hermann. Eventually, after college, Dan met Laura in St. Louis and they were married in Hermann. Although Laura is from St. Louis, Hermann became a second home to her as she and Dan frequently visited Judy and Norb. After purchasing Murphy's B and B from a couple, Laura and Dan have been expanding and updating it ever since. Laura enjoys owning the property so much that she quit her previous job so that she could spend more time on the property. 

Before the current owners acquired the property, there was only one full-time rental unit available for guests and another unit that was open during May and October. Laura and Dan opened the second property and added a third unit for patrons to have more options. They've additionally added the Third Floor Suite as well, as they continue to maintain the existing suites. While there have been many additions and changes to the property, Laura and Dan have chosen to keep the historical appearance of the building rather than renovating and modernizing it.

The property was built in 1863 and is designated as a national historic site, according to the owners. It first became a B&B when a woman named Molly was living on the property in the fifties. She ran a saloon while living in what is now known as Murphy's B and B. She turned the Street Suite into a guest room, making it available to guests for rent. This was the only way she could support her kids. Laura and Dan are hoping to hang her obituary up, as it mentions a fair amount of history about the property. Originally, the building itself was a storefront, with the Street Suite being the main level of the general store. The Wine Cellar was built into the hill for the purpose of keeping a dry, cool room. Dan and Laura have original pictures and building plans for the property when it was first being built and established. 

The Barn was used as a grain storage place and several pallets and pulley systems have been restored within it. One wall in The Barn is entirely made up of old doors that were also original to the property. Dan and Laura have many signs that were found in the building, storage area, or purchased from previous owners of the property. For future plans, the owners want to purchase the abandoned property next door and use it as a guest house. Additionally, they hope to merge the two buildings to make it one whole property. The owners plan on restoring the original deck on the back of the Third Floor Suite as well, to maintain the property's historical structure. 

Underneath The Barn, there is a storage area that was used in the underground railroads. It was used to store people who were escaping to the north. There's a tunnel system under the town of Hermann that aided in helping people move to northern cities in historic times. Much of the tunnels have been filled in due to construction and plumbing. Laura and Dan enjoy taking guests into the underground storage tunnel to show them how large it is. The tunnel can hold up to thirty people and it has a height of about 8 feet. 

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United States


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