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Nestle Inn

The Nestle Inn is located near downtown Indianapolis. In the three-story home, there are six rooms. The owners, Robert and Leesa Smith, strive to give guests a modern B&B experience. The inside of the home has been renovated and is more modern than its 1896 exterior. Rooms come with various amenities, including private bathrooms, and each varies with king and queen-sized beds. Breakfast is not served at Nestle Inn specifically, though guests are given vouchers that allow them to eat at one of two nearby restaurants at any time of the day. The staff strives to give every guest a memorable experience. The inn is mostly known for its location and being within walking distance from many shops and restaurants. They also offer a cooking class if scheduled in advance from professional chefs specializing in savory dishes, baking, and pastries.


The Nestle Inn is located in central Indianapolis near Mile Square. The inn is located at the edge of a small residential area and is surrounded by small businesses, including a restaurant that the inn has partnered with for breakfast that is next door to the inn. The home is Victorian in style, with the first floor being made of brick and the upper two floors of wood and siding. The inn is three stories tall, with six units in total. On the outside of the house, there is a large porch where guests can sit and relax if they desire. The front yard is decorated with various shrubs, flowers, and a large tree. Inside the home, guests have access to various common rooms. On the first floor near the front is the library, where guests may read, play games, or relax at their leisure. There is also a small coffee nook on the first floor. On the second level, a common area is available to all guests with a microwave, sink, and fridge. Inside the fridge, the owners provide complimentary soft drinks and water. Near the microwave, complimentary popcorn can be found. The home has been described to be more modern on the inside as it has been renovated and brought to more modern standards. Many of the rooms have different styles and furniture. Room 6, or the third-floor suite, is popular among guests. It has two rooms, one with a king-sized bed, and the other with two twins. There is a full-sized kitchen and living room attached. Guests have often commented on the amenities found in the inn. One patron mentioned, "Our room was super clean and had nice touches like warm robes for us. We also use of a full kitchen and we were also near nice places to eat." Amenities offered to all rooms include air conditioning, an alarm clock, cable television with ROKU, a chair, a desk, a bathrobe, soaps, iron and ironing board, Wi-Fi and internet, and a private bathroom.

Visitors to the inn often explore downtown Indianapolis with the various shops and restaurants nearby. Many guests come for seasonal events such as the Indie 500. Museums and other events can also be found in the city of Indianapolis. Cincinnati and Chicago are within a few hours' distances, along with the great lakes of the inn. Offering a variety of things to do for those wanting more urban or outdoor events and activities. Museums and other events can also be found in the city of Indianapolis.


The owners, Robert and Leesa Smith, have strived to modernize the B&B experience and are "not your grandma's B&B," as said on their website's homepage. They try to set themselves apart by offering many amenities and making checking in and out and other processes relatively simple. The inn is known mostly for its location. Being close to downtown allows for short walks and many shops, restaurants, and entertainment with close proximity to the inn. On the edge of a residential area, it has been said to be quieter than downtown.

The inn provides breakfast, but not in the typical dining room sit-down fashion. Visitors are given a voucher. The voucher can be used for breakfast, lunch, or whenever is most convenient. There are two restaurants where the voucher is accepted; the first is Henry's Coffee Bristo next door to the inn. The other option is about two blocks away and is the Coat Checks Coffee. The vouchers are made for individuals or couples, depending on the number of people in the group. Guests may go online to review the menu. Both restaurants have sit-down areas, but if guests desire, they may take the food back to Nestle Inn to eat. One visitor, speaking of their experience at the inn, said, "The innkeepers were so very welcoming and helpful in planning our stay. Breakfast was delicious at Coat Check Coffee, which we went to after check-out, and even had vegetarian options." The innkeeper and owners enjoy helping customers find the right place to eat or activities to do but understand when guests want privacy. As such, their level of interaction with guests is primarily determined by how much it is desired by the patrons.

In an effort to set themselves apart, the Nestle Inn also provides cooking classes from professional chefs on the property. These are not open events, and guests must be signed up prior to the class for an additional fee. One of the chefs specializes in pastries baking and mostly focuses on sweeter or baked goods. The other chef specializes in more savory dishes. Patrons at the inn often vary in age, from young couples to more mature guests. There is a large return rate for guests, and they receive many repeats, mostly during the seasonal times with city events. The inn is typically more mature and has more of an "age 21+" atmosphere. The property is open year-round, and the owners ask that guests do not smoke indoors or bring pets and that they respect other patrons.


Nestle Inn was initially two separate homes in a duplex. Originally constructed in 1896 by Johnathon Stewart and his son, they built the home to live near each other. Inside each of the homes, the stairs, windows, and various woodwork were done differently according to the preferences of the father and son. Much of the woodwork is still original to the home, along with some of the windows. In 1910 the two decided to rent both homes to various tenants. In the late 1900s, the property became ten individual apartments. The property continued in that role for some time, but years down the road, it was converted into a boarding house, and the name of the building was changed to Nestle Inn. The establishment was only a boarding house until 2000, when it was purchased by Barb and Steve Tegarden. The couple was the first to own the actual bed and breakfast. They decided to renovate the property into a bed and breakfast and keep the name. They owned the property until 2011, when Robert and Leesa Smith purchased the property and became the new owners. They still own the property today and have continued to modernize the experience at the inn, striving to make the home more comfortable for its patrons.

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