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Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast

Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast

The current owners of the Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast have been operating the business since 2020, offering five available rooms. One aspect of the property that is unique from a typical bed and breakfast is that the establishment is a 97-foot paddlewheel boat that permanently resides in Newport, Oregon. Visitors are given the option each morning to order breakfast during their stay. The breakfast menu rotates daily, but some of the options that can be expected include avocado toast, coffee cake, and eggs benedict. Several restaurants and shops encompass the general surroundings of the Newport Belle, which tend to draw a number of tourists. A fair amount of visitors also come to the area to engage in fishing, as several commercial fishing boats can be found in close proximity to the bed and breakfast, according to Paige, one of the owners.


The Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast is a boat that is permanently stationed in the South Beach Marina of Newport, Oregon. A total of five rooms are available for rent, each of which contains a private bathroom with a shower, Dish Network TV, a mini-refrigerator, and a coffee maker. Three of the rooms have king-sized beds, while the other two have queen-sized beds. The middle section of the boat, also known as the main salon area, is available to guests throughout the course of their stay. The overall character of the bed and breakfast is described by Paige, one of the owners, to be "nautical, but beachy" in style. 

Each morning, a three-course breakfast is made-to-order for patrons of the establishment. The meals are prepared by Paige—the business's owner—and the menu rotates daily. A few of the most popular dishes that have been served at Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast include the eggs benedict, avocado toast, coffee cake made with dried figs, and pistachio shortbread with orange cream cheese filling. Breakfast can be ordered between 7:30 and 9:30 AM. For guests with dietary restrictions or food allergies, Paige can accommodate such dietary needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Typically, the owners call guests the day prior to their arrival and ask about food allergies.


The owners of Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast have the goal of providing guests with an experience that allows them to feel "relaxed like they're at home," as stated by Paige, one of the owners. In an effort to create such an atmosphere at the bed and breakfast, the owners strive to make themselves accessible as much as possible to attend to patrons' needs. Paige further explains that she tries to "stock their rooms with anything they might need, and we're available if they have any questions." Additionally, the property hosts a happy hour, which is included with guests' stay, with the intent to further emulate a relaxing atmosphere. During this happy hour, the owners interact with visitors frequently. They also try to socialize with patrons in the mornings during breakfast. "We try to strike a balance between being there and not being in their face," Paige comments. 

Paige mentions that one particular aspect that the Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast is known for is the provided breakfast. In guest reviews, many previous visitors mention the hospitality that was provided by the owners as well. One guest who had stayed at Newport Belle commented, "We spent a few nights of our honeymoon here last weekend. Slept like a log, the bed was comfortable. Really quiet room, and has an awesome view of the bay. Breakfast was amazing; Paige knows her way around the kitchen."

Patrons are required to abide by a few notable guidelines during their stay at the bed and breakfast. One such policy is that pets are prohibited from staying with guests at the establishment. Smoking is also prohibited, and, finally, visitors must be over the age of 13 years old to stay at the Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast, for safety purposes.

As the bed and breakfast is open year-round, the best season of operation for the business most commonly occurs from June through mid-October. Paige remarks that the demographic of those who stay at the Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast is difficult to generalize into one category, considering that a wide range of people have stayed at the property, namely senior citizens, middle-aged individuals, young couples, and honeymooners. Several guests who previously stayed at the establishment had discovered the property through word of mouth. Nearly 40% of visitors are estimated to have discovered the property through a combination of AirB&B and Expedia, with the remaining 60% being word of mouth, according to Paige.

One particular attraction that draws a considerable number of tourists to the area is the bayfront, which features several shops and restaurants. The owners recommend their guests eat at Local Ocean, Clearwater, or Georgie's Beachside Grill, all of which can be found in close proximity to the property. Neighboring the bed and breakfast is a charter boat rental business, and Paige mentions that fishing is relatively popular in the area. The Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast also offers kayak rentals to those who are hoping to spend time outdoors.


The current hosts of the Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast have had ownership over the business since the year 2020; however, the boat itself was first built in 1993 by Joe Bolduk. The boat's first owner would drive the boat and offer tours up and down the nearby river. The current owners were led to the hospitality industry after retirement when they were "looking to do something different." Paige, one of the current owners, continues, saying that she and her husband are "not really sit-at-home-and-stare-at-the-wall folks." One of her favorite parts of owning and operating the Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast is "the people aspect of it." She enjoys meeting new people and getting to know visitors.

Since taking over the bed and breakfast, the owners have done extensive interior renovations, redoing all of the rooms and adding new furniture and beds to the units. Many of the walls and ceilings were torn out and replaced, and a considerable amount of structural damage had been repaired. With regards to future plans, the owners hope to renovate the exterior of the boat, add private patios to rooms one and five, and additionally add a private patio to the main salon area.

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United States


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