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Oak Street Station Bed & Breakfast

Oak Street Station Bed & Breakfast

The Oak Street Station Bed and Breakfast is located in Ashland, Oregon. The small city is known for its live theater attractions and draws many people to the area every year. The bed and breakfast is owned by Sue and John Blaize who have put together five antique-filled suites for their guests. Sue bakes fresh cookies for her guests every afternoon, and free wireless internet is available throughout the home at all times. The yard surrounding the home contains a small fountain, various flowers, and a white picket fence. The Oak Street Station Bed and Breakfast is closed from October to April of each year.


Located in Ashland, Oregon, the Oak Street Station Bed and Breakfast is a lodging business with five distinctly, named units. The Ashland Creek runs roughly one block to the west of the property, and the inn as a whole is found between two parks that sit to the north and south. Ashland, Oregon, rests in a small valley bordered on one side by the Siskiyou Mountain Park. The region is also located only a few hours away from the ocean, adding to the overall diversity of the surrounding landscapes that are available for guests of Oak Street Station. The exterior of the bed and breakfast is dotted with trees and other kinds of greenery, such as shrubs and bushes. A small white fence borders the premises, complete with a classic wooden arch with a swinging door. A pink sign which details the name of the establishment is situated on one of the corners of the fence. That same pink color is the primary motif of the bed and breakfast itself. The building is two stories tall, painted a light pink color from top to bottom. White columns and window frames provide color accents, and the roofing of the property is a neutral gray. One of the most distinctive features of the property is the gardens that lie between the front gate and the entranceway to the home. A simple stone path leads to a small fountain, all of which is surrounded by plants such as trees and flowers. A few benches have been placed around the area to allow for easier viewing of the space, the color of which is the same pink that is prominent on the building and front sign. As stated before, there are five different units at Oak Street Station Bed and Breakfast. The names of these rooms are Judith's Room, Elaine's Room, Patricia's Room, Christina's Room, and Mum's Room. Each one differs in the colors and decorations used, though each of them has a similar atmosphere. Though the rooms are named after people, the units don't have themes that were designed with specific intent. Judith's Room has been described as the most popular accommodation at the bed and breakfast, in part because it has the most capabilities for hosting people with mobility-based disabilities. It is located on the ground floor and has an "easy-access shower" in its bathroom. Property-wide amenities include access to Wi-Fi, hairdryers, guest refrigerators, sitting chairs, as well as the seating areas in the outdoor gardens and on the porch. Most of the units contain private bathrooms, with the exception of Mum's Room, which can only be rented out in conjunction with a different suite in the inn—most commonly with Christina's Room. The price of Mum's Room is significantly lower than the other rooms at Oak Street Station for that reason. One of the inn's more distinctive features is that "Aunt Sue," one of the property's owners, bakes cookies each afternoon for guests to enjoy. Her cookies have gained notoriety in the area; she was once asked to bake 800 of them for a local event called "The Taste of Ashland." In addition to these afternoon snacks, guests of Oak Street Station are given breakfast each morning during their stay. The breakfasts primarily consist of savory foods such as eggs and meat. They are typically two courses, but occasionally they have been known to be three instead. Sue's creations often have an element of visual artistry, such as a butterfly made of fruit or a plate of pancakes with chocolate sauce drizzled in a swirl. The bed and breakfast is closed from November to March.


The Oak Street Station Bed and Breakfast gets much of its culture from the surrounding area of Ashland, Oregon. Ashland's residents have been known to be liberal and open-minded in many aspects. It is also a university townhome of the Southern Oregon University "red-tail hawks." The region is famous for its live theater venues, favoring Shakespeare performances. Additionally, artistic culture in the area is of prominent influence. Museums, art galleries, theaters, and wineries exist in abundance. Some of these museums and theaters are only a few blocks away from the property. Many of the visitors to Oak Street Station Bed and Breakfast are in the vicinity to experience the varied liberal arts of Ashland. The annual nature of the festivals in the nearby area means that the bed and breakfast experiences an above-average proportion of repeat guests during those times. Some of the visitors to Oak Street Station are seeking outdoor adventures, which can be provided by means of various nearby hiking trails and river rafting locations. The guests who stay at Oak Street Station Bed and Breakfast often mention the host and hostess, John and Sue. Sue's breakfasts are another one of the most common features of the property that are mentioned in guest reviews. One guest remarked, "It was as wonderful (and very clean) as ever with charming bedrooms and wonderful breakfasts. Sue and John are great hosts, warm and friendly with all the inside info on Ashland." Sue explains that in her experience, most of the people who leave reviews regarding her property had some sort of personalized experience while they were staying there. For example, one review emphasized the dietary accommodations that Sue provides, stating, "We were delighted by the kindness and enthusiasm of all of our hosts. They went out of their way to provide a gluten-free breakfast and cookies for us. The home is beautifully appointed and located right next to downtown within easy walking distance of activities, food, and shopping."


The history of the Oak Street Station Bed and Breakfast is relatively unknown. The building has been in operation as a bed and breakfast for roughly 37 years, having opened in 1984. The property changed management in 1994 when the inn was purchased by Sue and John Blaize. Their motives for entering the industry were mostly based on the fact that they had previously stayed at Oak Street Station as guests. During their various stays at the property, Sue explains that "we were convinced we would enjoy something like it for ourselves."

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