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Oaklea Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Oaklea Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Oaklea Mansion Bed and Breakfast is an inn visitors can find in Winnsboro, Texas. The mansion has seven units that patrons can reserve at any time of the year. Breakfast is included with each reservation and is served at 9:00 AM. There are many sitting areas, both indoor and outdoor, allowing for guests to spend their time doing more leisurely activities. The business is capable of hosting events of up to 50 people and has done book clubs, baby showers, a wedding, and more. Though the property has only been in business since the beginning of 2022, the house itself has much more history, as it was built in 1903. There are many antiques and decorations that can be found inside the mansion that date back to the 1900s, including the chandeliers, which are from when the house was first erected.


Oaklea Mansion Bed and Breakfast has a total of seven rooms that can be reserved by patrons year-round. Each room is uniquely named and decorated, providing similar amenities. One of the more significant differences between the suites is what is provided in the bathrooms. While each room has a private bathroom, some of them have a tub, and others have a closet shower. A more popular room in the building is the Eastlake Suite, due to the fact that it has quicker access to the stairwell. Another room that tends to be popular is The Grand Suite, which is catered more towards couples on their honeymoon or anniversary. It is one of the larger rooms and comes with a small tub and a balcony. Regardless of which room is reserved by a guest, all patrons are invited to attend breakfast the following morning.

Breakfast is served at 9:00 AM in the dining room, although visitors can take their food to their rooms if they would like. The main dish changes on a daily basis and may depend on how many guests are currently staying at the inn. If a considerable number of the rooms are occupied, the owner may make a larger dish like a breakfast casserole, but if there are only a few patrons that morning, she may cook other items like omelets. Yogurt, fruit, and different sides typically accompany the main course. Accommodations can be made for people with food allergies or those who are on specific diets. According to the owner, "we usually ask the night before to make sure that everything will be in order for the morning."

The first floor has the main sitting area with a fireplace. Another common area with a table and chairs can be found by the main entry and can be a place for guests to play board games and card games. There is a similar arrangement on the second floor as well, and each one has a window that provides a view of the outside. People can borrow games from the establishment like playing cards, dominoes, and more. The owner also plans on getting some outdoor equipment because of the grassy field that is found nearby. The first floor has an antique jewelry store where people can purchase souvenirs, Native American artifacts, and jewelry from the 1900s.

On the grounds of the mansion, there is an archway where the business is able to hold weddings, and there is a small fountain nearby. A pergola, two koi ponds, and three outdoor sitting areas are available for guests. Beyond the property line, one can find the city of Winnsboro, with the downtown area being less than a mile away. The town is smaller in size but is known for hosting events throughout the year, including a farmers market. Patrons can find restaurants throughout the city, many of which the owner recommends that people try while staying in Winnsboro. A few restaurants she recommends to people by name include Z's Main Street Treats and Eats, Barrel House Bar & Grill, and Taco Dive, all of which can be found Downtown. Outside of the city, there are opportunities for recreational activities. Visitors can spend time at one of the lakes, the closest one being Lake Cypress Springs, and go swimming, boating, kayaking, and more.


The current owner of Oaklea Mansion Bed and Breakfast would like her guests to feel like the establishment is a home away from home, a place where people can feel safe and relaxed. In an effort to accomplish her goal, the owner tries to set up everything in the rooms to be comfortable before they arrive. The owner mentions that she interacts with her guests infrequently, explaining that it depends on when she works and if the guests would like to talk. There is one other person who helps her run the inn, so they tend to alternate shifts. Many of the interactions occur at check-in and at breakfast.
The business currently has several policies enacted. As it is an older house, some decorations and antiques are more fragile than others, so the owner asks that guests staying at the mansion be respectful of the property and its history. Oaklea Mansion Bed and Breakfast cannot accommodate pets except for service dogs. Quiet time is not enforced, though she asks that patrons be respectful of others as it gets later in the evening and keep the noise down. Children aged 14 years or older are allowed to stay at the inn.

Events can be held at the bed and breakfast, including celebrations like bridal showers, baby showers, or more minor activities like book clubs and family reunions. The property is capable of hosting up to 50 people at a time for these kinds of events.

Although the establishment opened at the beginning of the year, there have been multiple guests who have stayed at the mansion. Some of them left reviews that mention the quality of the building and the amenities that are offered. One person wrote, "Every detail was well thought out. There is even access to snacks and beverages around the clock. Winnsboro restaurants delighted us with their meals which were superb." Due to the fact that the business has been open for less than a year, the owner expects that the busiest time will be in the fall months of October and November. So far, however, January and February have been the most active months.


Oaklea Mansion Bed and Breakfast was passed to the current owner in January 2022, though the house has been around since 1903. There have been various owners over the years, and the house was used either as a homestead or an inn, having alternated between the two a couple of times.

When the house was first built, it was the private home of a man named Marcus Dewitt Carlock. He was known for being a businessman, politician, and lawyer while he was living in Winnsboro. The house was built from wood and materials from a sawmill that he owned in town. According to the current owner, "He made it to entertain." There are many open spaces and places for people to congregate and spend time. It was initially only a two-story building, but the previous owner added the third story.

The previous owner had the bed and breakfast from 1997 to 2013 and was the first one to use the edifice as a bed and breakfast. After 2013, it became another private homestead for a few years until 2021, when the current owner bought it and reopened it as a bed and breakfast.

The current owner has made a number of changes to the building, mostly updating the interior and landscaping the grounds. Since the mansion had not been updated since 1996, the owner spent much of her time fixing up the house. She explains, "It has been a lot of bringing it back to life from being shut down for so long." The first floor is the most historical of the house and only needed plumbing, while the other floors required more attention.

The owner mentions that her favorite part of owning Oaklea Mansion Bed and Breakfast is meeting the people who come to the inn and "filling a need in town." She elaborates, explaining that the town is smaller in size but still has activities and events that occur throughout the year. There are not many places for guests to stay in town, so she is glad to be in a position where she can provide visitors a place to stay while they are in the area. She also enjoys the historical nature of the house and likes to tell people about it. One unique aspect of the establishment is where the Oaklea Mansion earned its name. Oak refers to the oak trees found on the property, and Lea is the middle name of the previous owner.

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