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Old Irish Bed & Breakfast

The Old Irish Bed and Breakfast is located in north Texas and offers seven cabins that have been available to visitors since 2012. Every morning, breakfast is cooked and served to patrons by the owner, with meals consisting of various fruits and a few hot food options. The grounds of the property include water features, wildlife, and an abundance of trees. One of the most unique aspects of the establishment is the on-site alpacas and mini donkeys that are introduced to visitors upon arrival. Some of the nearby attractions that guests can visit are Six Flags, waterparks, college sports, hiking trails, and nature preserves. A fair amount of people tend to come to the area to fish or to be out on the lake.


Situated on an expanse of approximately 5.25 acres, The Old Irish Bed and Breakfast features seven cabins, one of which is a duplex. Each cabin contains its own bathroom, as well as a refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, Dish Network, radio, Wi-Fi, ceiling fans, various types of mood lights, combination locks, porch area, and its own private parking space. A queen-sized bed is also provided in every room. Three of the cabins have ramps leading to the entrances and are ADA accessible. The owner mentions that they run the bed and breakfast similarly to how a hotel would operate. There are also cabins designated for extended stays.

A gourmet breakfast containing a medley of fruit is served every morning. Some of the fruits include bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and occasionally apricots, apples, plums, and peaches. As for hot meals, some of the options provided are bacon, sausage, and organic eggs, to name a few. The owner is the one who cooks the meals each day and every weekend he serves a different type of gourmet potato. Additionally, an Irish pub is located on the premises and is open to guests.

Many facilities and amenities are featured at the property including a pool room, a baby gray piano in the dining room, and a laundry facility. The laundry facility's name was inspired by an Irish song as the owner called it Wild Irish Rosie's Washy Washy Place. A gaming area with outdoor activities such as corn hole is provided outside of the cabins. 

Though the entire property is gated, an abundance of wildlife can be found on the grounds, including feral hogs, ducks, foxes, deer, and over fifteen species of birds. The establishment is also home to some alpacas and three donkeys, as well as beehives, due to the fact that the owners are beekeepers. An 850 foot deep well that can dispense water is located on the acreage as well. Mesquite trees and willow trees provide shade and create a canopy over a sizable portion of the property. Various water features such as a waterfall and pond occupy land on the premises. The pond is heart-shaped with an island located in the center of it that is also heart-shaped, and a gazebo with a bridge that leads to the island.

Old Irish Bed and Breakfast is located in close proximity to the Trinity River and about three lakes are based within about seven miles of the property. A nature preserve that expands to about two miles wide and ten miles long can also be found near the establishment. A fair amount of visitors come to participate in fishing and lake recreation. Sea basses are one of the most popular catches for fishermen. The owner mentions that jet ski rentals can be found near Old Irish Bed and Breakfast for visitors who are hoping to spend time outdoors on one of the lakes.

The establishment is situated about forty miles from Denton, Texas, which features many activities that could appeal to visitors who enjoy sports, as the area includes pro football, baseball, soccer, hockey, and basketball. Denton is also home to the University of North Texas, Spencer Willard University. Furthermore, several other things to do such as Six Flags, waterparks, college sports, college theatrical performances, symphonies, and a New York-style theater are located near the bed and breakfast.


Each room has a review book inside of it that is provided for the intent that guests leave a review of their stay inside of it. The owner remarks that he wants patrons to feel "stress-free" as they visit the bed and breakfast. In an attempt to help visitors feel as though they are staying "way out in the country," the owner comments that the outdoor details including the alpacas, ponds, waterfalls, gazebos, garden, and fish, are there to add to the experience and relieve the stress of society for guests. The owner also gives guests real Irish shamrocks as a souvenir. Several previous visitors have mentioned the alpacas and outdoor aspects of the property. One particular patron said, "We saw some very sweet alpacas and we loved the private hot tub and waking up to ducks by the pond." From the words of the owner, the overall atmosphere that he tries to provide guests with is "Texas hospitality with an Irish charm," similar to a farm ranch experience.

The property receives about a 25% rate of repeat guests. Events such as babymoons, honeymoons, and anniversaries are often held at the bed and breakfast, though the establishment does not host weddings. For visitors who hope to have their wedding in the area, the owner mentions that Old Irish Bed and Breakfast can be used as "home base," meaning, the wedding itself can be held at one of the seven venues near the property, but the bride, groom, and their families can stay at Old Irish Bed and Breakfast as they stay in the area for the wedding. The cabins are open exclusively for adults on the weekends and kids are allowed to stay at the bed and breakfast on any other weekdays. This is due to the fact that the owner tries to keep the bed and breakfast relatively "romantic" and for visitors to use it as a getaway.


The current owner is the original owner and creator of Old Irish Bed and Breakfast. The pub itself was built with Canadian Pine. Since 2012 he has been operating the bed and breakfast though he has had many years of experience in the hospitality industry prior to owning Old Irish Bed and Breakfast, as he has been in the industry since he was thirteen years old. Additionally, next door to the property is the original trading post of 1870.

The owner considers one of his biggest accomplishments to be when he was "The Member of the Year" for the Alpaca Association in 2009. Currently, he is an author who has published books in the past and he has the goal of turning his books into screenplays in the future. The owner mentions that he has experience with the entertainment industry as he has been in the broadcasting business since his teenage years. According to the owner, the Old Irish Bed and Breakfast is on the TripAdvisor hall of fame and has won "The Best of Denton, Texas" a total of nine times.

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