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Old Northside Bed and Breakfast

Old Northside Bed and Breakfast

Old Northside Bed and Breakfast is a house that occupies a third of an acre near downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The owner of the bed and breakfast, Gary Hofmeister, says that the establishment is located on the edge of downtown. Indianapolis has many locations that visitors may take an interest in as well, such as the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, the Indiana State Museum, Newfields, and various monuments and historical places. Those who are staying at Old Northside Bed and Breakfast are given the option to reserve one of seven distinctly themed rooms that are characterized by different styles, such as the Hollywood Room, The Rose Garden Room, and The Bridal Room. A snack bar with homemade cookies, popcorn, soft drinks, pretzels, bottled water, and other treats is also available for guests. The owner reports that about 4,000 movies are at his property, and he says that many visitors like to watch movies after taking some popcorn or soda from the snack bar.


Old Northside Bed and Breakfast is located in an urban part of Indianapolis, Indiana. A total of seven guestrooms are available for visitors to reserve, which are as follows: the Bridal Room, Tiffany Room, Hollywood Room, Literary Room, Dewenter Room, Library/Wedding Suite, and Rose Garden Room. Each accommodation has a different theme, personality, and decor style. For example, the Hollywood Room is decorated with movie posters, pictures, and a director's chair next to the bed; the Literary Room is outfitted with many books and antiques reminiscent of an "Old World ambiance"; and the Rose Garden Room is adorned with rose pots and vines lacing its support beams. All rooms have private bathrooms, VHS and DVD players, and king- or queen-size beds. Gary, the property owner, also notes that three rooms—the Bridal Room, Tiffany Room, and Library/Wedding Suite—have double jacuzzis and fireplaces. As such, he affirms that they are the most popular units.

Additional areas throughout Old Northside Bed and Breakfast include the living room and the dining room, the latter of which Gary remarks "works well for groups and families to stay with [him]." He provides a snack bar at no extra charge with homemade cookies, soft drinks, bottled water, popcorn, candy, nuts, and pretzels. He also has about 4,000 movies throughout the bed and breakfast, which he says is a popular activity among his guests. In fact, Gary says that many visitors go to Old Northside Bed and Breakfast to utilize his movie collection.

Gary describes the interior of Old Northside Bed and Breakfast as "eclectic," as he has many antiques and original artwork from the Soviet Union as well as some Ukrainian prints throughout his home. The exterior of the bed and breakfast includes a patio for visitors to lounge. Additionally, gardens and flowers are planted throughout the acreage. As previously mentioned, Old Northside Bed and Breakfast is in an urban area of Indianapolis and "in the fringe of downtown," according to Gary.

Breakfast at Old Northside Bed and Breakfast typically begins with fresh fruits such as strawberries, canteloupe, blueberries, and bananas. Cheesecakes, banana nut bread, English muffins, cereals, bread, and frozen waffles accompany an egg and meat dish. Gary offers coffee, tea, milk, and orange juice to drink as well. He strives to accommodate visitors' food allergies and dietary restrictions, as he asks that they warn him in advance. Gary also says that breakfast is not served at a specific time but "at guests' convenience."

Old Northside Bed and Breakfast visitors can access many points of interest during their stay in Indianapolis. Some of these include the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, various monuments, historical places, Newfields (formerly known as the Indianapolis Museum of Art), and the Indiana State Museum. Gary can offer recommendations for his guests when they choose to dine in the area. He says there are many restaurants in the area, and his recommendations depend on what his occupants are looking for. Gary also takes into consideration the restaurants' ambiance and price range.


Gary, the owner of Old Northside Bed and Breakfast, hopes his guests feel welcome and aware that they can ask him questions during their stay. He explains that he greets his visitors upon arrival and as he sees them throughout the bed and breakfast. In Gary's words, he offers a "100% concierge" service since he is on-site from the early morning to late at night. Gary comments that he lets occupants know that they can call him if they need anything, as he says that it is "important for them to know someone is watching out for them." Gary tries to make himself available throughout the day in case visitors would like to socialize, but he says interaction is ultimately up to them.

Old Northside Bed and Breakfast's most unique aspects are the snack bar, the breakfasts, and Gary's efforts to make people feel welcome and attended to, according to Gary. Many guest reviews reflect his hospitality; one visitor said, "What a beautiful house and beautiful experience that we had in [Old Northside Bed and Breakfast]. The warmth and relaxation pours from every piece of the home. Gary’s hospitality is unmatched anywhere we’ve stayed before. The snacks and breakfast were delightful."

Smoking is not allowed at Old Northside Bed and Breakfast. While Gary says his property is pet-friendly, all animals need to be quiet, housebroken, and cannot be left behind if their owners leave the premises. Additionally, pet owners are responsible for bringing their own bed covers if they intend to let their pets sleep on the beds. Gary notes that quiet time is not enforced because Old Northside Bed and Breakfast is "a very quiet house," explaining that several guests emerge from bed thinking they are the only ones awake in the morning.

Old Northside Bed and Breakfast is open year-round, and its peak season is during the warmer months of the year. Gary says October is usually the property's busiest month, and people tend to visit because it is "centrally located." Furthermore, Gary states his opinion of the city, saying, "Indianapolis has a great reputation for being friendly." Many conventions, sports, and other events are available throughout the area.


The owner of Old Northside Bed and Breakfast, Gary Hofmeister, has owned the establishment since 1994 and has run it for about 22 of those years. Gary spent a hiatus when he ran for U.S. Congress but returned after the election and began operating his property again in 2001. He was initially led into the lodging industry because he wanted to take on a personal project. He remarked that it took planning and construction to create the seven themed guestrooms, as well as installing a kitchen and completely redoing almost two floors of the home. Throughout his life, Gary has taken part in various careers, such as founding a fine jewelry business in 1973, being a professional actor/singer, and being a volunteer teacher of business. He remarks that owning a bed and breakfast felt like something else he would like to do. Since becoming an innkeeper, Gary has come to find that his favorite part about owning a bed and breakfast is meeting and talking to the people that visit.

Old Northside Bed and Breakfast was built in 1885 as a private home for a chairman immigrant and his family. Gary says he was considered a "captain of industry" in Indianapolis, and his home stayed in the family for many years. At one point, the building was used as an antique store for a few dozen years, then an office for another few dozen years. Gary turned it into a bed and breakfast when he purchased it.

Since owning Old Northside Bed and Breakfast, Gary installed all the bathrooms and "bulldozed" the floors to make the building a bed and breakfast. He says that the house was "just a shell," and he installed most of its current features, including the artwork and furnishings. Currently, he has no future changes in mind besides maintenance and upkeep, affirming that "there are always things to do with an 1885 house."

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