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Olle Hotel

Olle Hotel is located in Flatonia, Texas, a town found in southwestern Fayette County. The hotel has a total 12 rooms available for rent, but it also has four separate houses that can be used by those who have a larger group. The property is used to guests staying for corporate events or on business trips, so they have a discount that can be available for such events, as well as areas specifically marked for meetings and several office items for guest convenience like printers and fax machines. Sitting at a population of 1,383 as of the 2010 Census, the area is known for its "Czhilispiel," a celebration of Czech people and their famous chili.


Olle Hotel is situated on 1.5 acres of land near the rural city of Flatonia, Texas, with "rolling hills, cattle, horses, and trees surrounding the area," as mentioned by Kathryn Geesaman, owner of the property. Twelve bedrooms are included in the home, as well as four additional houses for rent by larger groups and family. These rooms come with queen and king-sized beds, providing sleeping arrangements for guests. Other amenities include complimentary WiFi throughout the property, as well as televisions provided in each room, supplying guests with media and entertainment services. Air conditioning and heaters are stationed in each of the twelve rooms, along with a ceiling fan and a desk.

During their stay, patrons receive complimentary breakfast from a local diner called Darlin's Diner. After fifteen years of home cooking the breakfasts for her patrons, Kathryn Geesaman, the owner of Olle Hotel, decided to make a change to a "new and upcoming" diner. The purpose behind this was to allow the guests to "decide what and when they want their breakfasts," as mentioned by Kathryn Geesaman. Darlin's Diner serves breakfast and lunch items, among those including eggs benedict, pancakes, waffles, burgers, and more.

Flatonia, the city the property is located in, presents various day activities for guests of all ages. In particular, one activity known as the Painted Churches allows guests to tour and visit several picturesque old sanctuaries. The churches serve as memorials to the pioneers of the area who built them. One of these Painted Churches, the Praha Church, is located three miles from the Olle Hotel. Other activities in the area include wineries and antique stores, providing entertainment for corporate travelers as well as various groups.

With the business at Olle Hotel consisting of primarily corporate travelers, specific amenities such as a printer, copier, and fax machine are included in the stay at the Olle Hotel, as well as small meeting spaces available for corporate gatherings. Flexible check-in and check-out times are also permitted for corporate travelers, as well as corporate rates of stay. The Olle Hotel lists itself as "a clean, sophisticated Texas experience," which leads it to "serving more business and corporate travelers who are looking to bring work on the road."


"Sophisticated, clean and clutter-free" are listed as the traits of the Olle Hotel by Kathryn Geesaman, who owns the property. Guests who have stayed at the Olle Hotel mention in their reviews the hospitality of the property, explicitly stating, "[We] had never stayed in a bed and breakfast before and were worried about staying with strangers, but that was not the case with the Olle Hotel. They were accepting and welcoming from the bat!" Other reviews mention the furnishings that are found in the rooms and throughout the property of the Olle Hotel, citing them as "refurbished to a more historic, antique feel, making it feel as if you are stepping back in time."

With the Olle Hotel located right off of the Interstate 10—an Interstate Highway System that runs from California to Florida—the Hotel has been called "a perfect place to stop off the I-10 during your road trip or vacation." The city of Flatonia, Texas is seen as "a cute little town that has everything you would need, but is far away from the bigger cities of Texas." With its motto being "come back to Old Texas," the Olle Hotel strives to give a historic Texas hotel experience, as shown in their decor and layout of the building, each designed to showcase the state of Texas and its long history.

The city of Flatonia focuses on its history through the "Czhilispiel" celebration, a festival centered around the Czech and German heritage from the area. The word "Czhilispiel" derives from the word "Chili," the letter "z," and the German word "spiel." The letter "z" is a nod to the country of Czech, with the German word "spiel" meaning play. Chili festivals, carnivals, parades, arts and crafts, and other various activities occur during this celebration.


The Olle Hotel is a historic hotel certified by Texas as having historical significance to the state and being registered as a part of the National Historic District of Flatonia, Texas. Kathryn Geesaman, the property owner, purchased it in 2004, wanting to find a post-retirement activity. Her previous career had been working as a nurse, and Kathryn had the desire to "please people" in the way she was able to with her previous work life. This led her to enter the hospitality industry with her purchase of the Olle Hotel. She has owned and operated the property for the last sixteen years.

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