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Out By The Sea Bed and Breakfast

Out By The Sea Bed and Breakfast

Out By The Sea Bed and Breakfast is located in Crystal Beach, Texas, which is a city found southeast of Houston, Texas. There are a total of six units that can be rented at the inn, including five suites and one apartment building. The apartment unit is a separate building that the owner describes as being suitable for families with children, as it has more space and an extra bed for sleeping. Two rooms are oriented towards honeymoons and anniversaries due to their decorations and themes. The business is capable of hosting events like weddings and family reunions, though they typically can only allow up to 30 people at these events. Crystal Beach is within walking distance of the business, providing better access to the beach. One unique aspect of the beach is that visitors can drive their vehicles on the sand.


Out By The Sea Bed and Breakfast offers five rooms in the main building and an apartment lodging in another building found behind the house. Each unit is uniquely named and decorated according to its title. According to the owner, there are two honeymoon suites that are oriented toward couples, and the apartment, called the Pirate's Den, is more designed for families with children. Each room has a private entrance and comes with a tub, shower, microwave, refrigerator, satellite television, access to Wi-Fi, and room thermostats that guests can use to make their rooms as warm or cold as they would like.

The owner, whose name is Carole, mentions that the honeymoon suites tend to be the most popular rooms of the ones that are available. The two honeymoon suites share a balcony that faces the ocean. The Pirate's Den is also often reserved due to the size of the living space and the capacity of guests it can house at a time. Carole mentions that one of her personal favorite rooms in the house would be The Regatta.

Also found on the property, besides guestrooms, is an elevator, which makes the house accessible to people who are in wheelchairs or those who struggle with walking up and down stairs. Inside the main building, one can find the dining room, which is where breakfast is usually served. Board games are available in the standard room, and there are several barbecue grills outside that visitors can use during their stay. Also located outside are gardens that the owner maintains.

Out By The Sea Bed and Breakfast is found on a side road that has a few neighbors, which reportedly helps to create a more private environment, according to Carole. Crystal Beach is within walking distance of the business and offers patrons access to the ocean. Due to the fact that the beach is not incorporated, guests can drive their vehicles on the sand. Swimming and spending time on the beach tend to be common pastimes for people who are staying in the city. In the town, one can find a variety of bars that often offer live music in the evenings. Patrons can visit various restaurants as well. Several restaurants that Carole, the owner, likes to recommend to her patrons are Steve's Landing Restaurant, Stingaree Restaurant & Marina, and Tiki Beach Bar & Grill.


The owner, Carole, would like her guests to feel like "they are special and that they are in a beautiful atmosphere." She would like to create an environment that helps people relax and have a positive experience during their stay. Carole tries to help patrons enjoy their time at Out By The Sea Bed and Breakfast by talking to them, answering any questions they may have, and assisting in any way she can. She explains that hospitality is one of her forefront goals.

There are several policies in place at the establishment. Dogs are allowed inside the first floor of the main house, as it is more of a family gathering area, but they are not permitted on the second floor. Smoking is available outside of the building, though not indoors. Quiet time begins at 10:00 P.M. each night. One individual policy that Carole has for her business is that people who cancel outside of two weeks from their reservation will get a full refund after an administration fee. However, those who cancel within two weeks of their stay will get a certificate that can be used for a future reservation.

It is common for the business to host significant events like weddings, family reunions, and more throughout the year. In fact, the owner provides an online package for weddings that guests can add to their reservation, which allows visitors to get married on the beach and have a reception at the house. These are often meant for groups smaller than 30.

The best season of operation for the business tends to be March through October. The owner believes this to be the case because it is when the temperature is warmer, and people can go swimming at Crystal Beach. A noteworthy aspect of Crystal Beach is that it is not incorporated so that visitors can drive their vehicles on the beach.


Out By The Sea Bed and Breakfast has been open for 22 years. The main house was originally built by two men who opened it as a bed and breakfast for those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, though, after about a year, they sold it to the current owner. The main building had already been in operation when the current owner purchased the business, but she decided to build a second living space, which is the smaller building behind the main house.

Carole, the current owner of Out By The Sea Bed and Breakfast, is an RN but decided to move to a place that had a lower altitude than her previous home. Ever since she moved to Crystal Beach, she has been through several hurricanes, including Hurricane Ike, which is known as one of the deadliest hurricanes to hit the Texas Gulf. Carole wrote a book about her experiences with Hurricane Ike titled: Surviving the Terror... Ike. She has a survivor house that can be used in case of large storms and various reinforcements inside the bed and breakfast.

Ever since Carole purchased the establishment, she has done various renovations in an effort to ensure that it is up-to-date and capable of housing her visitors. Carole has added two rooms to the apartment and planted many flowers outside the property to "give off a more tropical feeling." She reports that her favorite part of running Out By The Sea Bed and Breakfast is meeting the people that come to the business.

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United States


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