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Owl Ridge Cabin

Owl Ridge Cabin is a one-unit lodging establishment in Wausau, Wisconsin. The cabin itself is roughly a 10-minute drive from downtown, with the hope of providing visitors with a secluded location while still allowing them to visit local attractions. Randy and Sara Bangs, who own the cabin, also manage the Stewart Inn nearby. Featuring contactless check-in and check-out, Owl Ridge Cabin sits on 10 acres of wooded land and is equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, heated floors, a steam shower, and an "oversized soaking tub for two," as explained by the property's website. Only two people are allowed to stay at the cabin at a time, and pets, children, and smoking are prohibited. Open year-round, the establishment offers one-night stays or multi-day reservations.


Owl Ridge Cabin, located approximately 10 minutes outside of Wausau, Wisconsin, is a one-unit cabin that offers visitors "wooded privacy and seclusion," in the words of property owner Randy Bangs. The establishment sits on 10 acres of land, the entirety of which is comprised of trees and other natural scenery. The building itself is just over 1,100 square feet, and has a maximum guest capacity of two. 

Many of the property's distinguishing features are evidenced through the amenities that it offers, including heated floors, a heated towel rack, a private water closet, an "oversized soaking tub for two," and a steam shower that is 4 feet by 6.5 feet in area. Additionally, the cabin is equipped with a full kitchen, as well as modern air conditioning. Outside, visitors can utilize a fireplace and a walk-out deck. In essence, the property is designed to be "the destination" for those who just want to getaway but can also be used as a launching pad to explore the shops, museums, and restaurants of Wausau.

The cabin's owner describes the surrounding city of Wausau to be "a hidden gem" of Wisconsin. Though the establishment is not directly located downtown—unlike its sister property, the Stewart Inn—Owl Ridge Cabin is within a short drive to various attractions in the town. Some of the area's notable dining locations include Red Eye Brewing Company, the Lemongrass Asian Fusion Restaurant and Bar, and the Back When Café. Another favorite of locals is Ciao, which is a downtown restaurant that serves contemporary Italian food. 

Wausau has a mix of attraction types, with some being focused on nature while others take place indoors. For example, there are a handful of museums, art galleries, and shopping locations in the city proper. Outdoor enthusiasts are often drawn to Barker Stewart Park, Big Bull Falls Park, and Granite Peak, the latter of which is home to skiing and snowboarding opportunities during certain times of the year. 

In the future, it is anticipated that Owl Ridge Cabin will offer packages for deliverable food to be provided throughout a stay. Primarily, these packages would give guests access to ingredients that could be used to make dishes in the cabin's full-sized kitchen.


Having opened in 2022, the Owl Ridge Cabin is still in the early process of developing its intended culture. That being said, the property's owner, Randy Bangs, hopes it can be a place where people can enjoy private getaways while still being close to activities in Wausau, Wisconsin. In one phrase, Randy describes the establishment to be "an adult romantic getaway cabin for two." This is not to say that two friends or solo travelers are prohibited from making a reservation, but Randy wants to "avoid it being a party house." One of the cabin's most important policies is the fact that only two people can stay at the property during a reservation. "No kids, no pets," Randy states, with the goal of there being "no distractions." 

"Owl Ridge Cabin is meant to be fairly economical despite the luxury amenities that it provides," Randy explains. He hopes that by offering the cabin at relatively lower prices compared to other properties that he knows of that he can expand the business's demographic to younger people. "This is a place where anyone could save up for something special," he says.  For similar reasons, the property allows for one-night reservations. "You really expand your market by allowing one-night stays," Randy explains. 

Many of the cabin's amenities promote an idea of seclusion or privacy. The check-in and check-out processes are done virtually, though the building is still secured by means of coded door locks. It is expected that there will be a mix of people who remain at the cabin during their entire trip, as well as those who visit attractions during the day and simply want a private location to return to in the evenings. 

Randy explains that he believes that "luxury cabins" are a market worth investigating. "This is a 'glabin,'" he says, or in other words, a "glamping cabin." Such a design and type of lodging are anticipated to attract a younger crowd.


Constructed in late 2022, the Owl Ridge Cabin is a relatively new venture in the hospitality industry. However, the owners of the property—Randy and Sara Bangs—have owned multiple other lodging businesses in the past, including the Pleasant Street Bed and Breakfast, the Allyn Mansion, and most recently, the Stewart Inn. It can be said that Stewart Inn is the "sister property" to Owl Ridge Cabin, given that they are both located in Wausau, Wisconsin, and run by Randy. 

Randy and Sara have been in the area since 2016, when they purchased the Stewart Inn. They had initially entered the industry because Sara had a feeling that they would do well running a hospitality property. Randy admits that somewhat ironically, he has been the one to take charge of the business despite his wife being the more enthusiastic of the two. He began to develop strategies to improve their profit and has since become a B&B consultant that has worked with dozens of properties across the United States. 

This most recent venture of his, Owl Ridge Cabin, has been on Randy's mind since before they purchased the Stewart Inn. More specifically, in 2015, Randy and Sara were looking for "a fun Midwest getaway," and in their search, they stayed at a bed and breakfast that offered "luxury cabins." They enjoyed the experience, though felt that there could have been a few things that would have "made the experience better." That moment inspired them to create a "luxury cabin" of their own someday. After successfully managing the Stewart Inn for a few years, Randy and Sara were more prepared to finally open the cabin they had dreamed of. 

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