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Peace and Plenty Inn Bed and Breakfast

Peace and Plenty Inn Bed and Breakfast

Located in the historic city of St. Augustine Florida, the Peace and Plenty Inn Bed and Breakfast has eight rooms that visitors may stay in. The business is most known for its diverse and creative breakfasts. Many guests have noted breakfast as one of their favorite things about their stays. Served every morning between 9 and 10 AM, each breakfast is different, rotating between a sweet and a savory dish. The property features a front porch with seating, as well as a balcony on the second floor that guests can use. The inn is near many local attractions, including the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum, Anastasia State Park, Fort Moose Historic Park, and the Matanzas River. 


The Peace and Plenty Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in St. Augustine, Florida. The exterior of the building is painted a bright teal color with white trim. The building has two stories with a porch on the ground level and a balcony on the second floor, both of which include seating areas that guests can enjoy. Several other seating areas can also be found in the front yard as well as the side yard. There are padded outdoor chairs provided on the patio that patrons of the establishment can use to relax after a day of exploring the city. Different tropical plants native to the area, in addition to a gate, occupy land in the front where the porch and balcony are located. In the backyard, covering a portion of the patio is a pergola with lights on it so that guests can use the yard’s space during the evening as well as the daytime. The backyard also has a stone patio with a decorative fountain.

The interior of the home intends to keep with the historic nature of the building while staying modern and up to date. There is a living room area on the first level of the building where guests can socialize and relax. Most of the interior features wood trim and similar wood flooring. Also on the entrance level is a common dining area where breakfast is served every morning. Each individual room at the bed and breakfast has unique decor styles, names, and furnishings. Some to note are the Nirvana Suite, Prosperity Suite, and the Tranquility Suite. The Nirvana Suite features a teal and dark grey color palette with a Japanese Shoji sliding door. The room has a Tempurpedic bed, an electric fireplace near the bed, and a Shou Sugi Ban-styled feature wall behind the bed. The Prosperity Suite has a jacuzzi-style bathtub, wood furnishings with black and white accents, and a four-poster bed. The Tranquility Suite is decorated in shades of blue. The paintings and decor on the wall feature blue and white flowers, and there is a relatively large geometric patterned blue and white rug. Each room comes with a private bathroom, linens, shampoos and conditioners, soaps, a television, and free Wi-Fi. 

Every morning, breakfast is served between 9 and 10 AM. There is not a set menu or schedule for breakfasts. The owner gives the chefs free reign to cook what they would like; however, each morning rotates between a sweet and savory dish. Some of the sweeter breakfasts that have been served in the past include stuffed french toast, waffles, and crepes. Savory days have included frittata's, quiche, breakfast burritos, and breakfast quesadillas. Sides often include fresh fruit, grits, or potato dishes. All of the various dishes are made in-house. 


The establishment is within walking distance of Matanzas River. Also nearby are Maria Sanchez Lake and the San Sebastian River. Other nearby attractions to the inn include Anastasia State Park, Fort Moose Historic Park, and the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum. Flagler College is close to the grounds of the bed and breakfast as well, and there have been visitors to the property that are parents of students coming for the weekend or other events. 

Many who come to stay at the Peace and Plenty Inn are there to see the city of St. Augustine. The city has a long history in the state of Florida as well as the United States. They also come for the beaches that are near the property and the year-round warmer temperatures that are characteristic of the area. Those who have stayed at the edifice often comment on the beauty of the surrounding area and premises, as well as the hospitality of the staff and the various breakfasts that the business is known for. One guest said "we could smell how clean it was when we first walked in and the staff was so sweet and accommodating. The breakfast was delicious. It’s close enough to downtown to just walk to the shops and restaurants." Many patrons of the bed and breakfast comment on the location of the business to be a prime area of St. Augustine.

While staying at the Peace and Plenty Inn Bed and Breakfast, the owner has some important policies to take note of. The business does not allow pets, in order to reduce allergens for guests who are sensitive to pet dandruff. Additionally, there is no smoking inside the house at all. The property does not do weddings or other similar events but welcomes parties who stay in multiple rooms. Also, because of the historic nature of the establishment, there is not an ADA Accessible room at the bed and breakfast. The property is open year-round and is especially busy in the winter months. 


The Peace and Plenty Inn Bed and Breakfast was built in 1894 and was not originally used as an inn. The building underwent a large renovation in 1972 to become a house for students of the local college, Flagler College. After being used in that capacity for many years, the house was left abandoned. It was not in use until 1996 when a family bought the house and began another round of renovations on the property. Between 1996 and 2000 there was construction at the inn to prepare the building to be the bed and breakfast that it is today. 

The owner has been working in the hospitality industry for the past thirty years. Before she bought the property in 2018, she worked in the hotel branch of the hospitality industry for twenty-seven years. She loved the idea of St. Augustine and wanted to purchase her own business in the area. Owning the bed and breakfast has been immensely enjoyable, she remarks. In the future, she hopes to potentially add an addition to the house. She wants to be able to add a few more bedrooms to accommodate more guests per night at the inn.  

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