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South Carolina
Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast

Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast

Lori Donaldson is the owner of Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast and has been since 2004 when she first purchased the quarter-acre property in Greenville, South Carolina. There are six rooms available for reservation in the two-story red brick building. Amenities provided in the units include private bathrooms and walk-in showers. Certain rooms have claw-foot tubs as well or private porches. Breakfast is served every day besides Friday at either 8:00 or 9:00 AM. Lori says, “we do a gourmet breakfast every morning, [with] multiple courses.” The establishment is open year-round to visitors, who often come for the surrounding attractions. Most of these activities are located in downtown Greenville, which is within walking distance of the bed and breakfast. Notable attractions include Reedy River Falls Park, Bon Secours Wellness Arena, and Peace Center. Overall, the city’s downtown is generally known for its considerable number of shops and restaurants.


The Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast is located in the town of Greenville, South Carolina. There are six guest rooms available for guest reservation throughout the two-story building. One room is located on the bottom floor, while the rest are situated on the top. Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast is listed on the “historic register,” says Lori Donaldson—the owner of the inn—due to the fact that it was built in 1920. The building itself is located in a historic area. Certain features of the establishment are meant to showcase the 100-year-old building; one such feature is the claw-foot tubs. The rooms themselves are decorated according to the names of each individual unit. Three of the five rooms located on the second floor have porches, which tend to be the more popular units during the spring and fall. Other notable features of certain rooms include fireplaces in two, which make them favored during the fall and winter. Specific amenities in each room include private bathrooms with a walk-in shower, while some additionally have the previously mentioned claw-foot tubs. When patrons first check in, Lori leaves a complimentary bowl full of chocolate chip cookies in the rooms. Another free service available to visitors is a refrigerator on the second floor that Lori stocks with sodas and bottled water. There is also a Keurig coffee maker in the same hall available for guest use.

Common areas inside the house include a dining room, a sitting area, and a sunroom. In comparison, common areas outside include a gazebo, glider, and Adirondack chairs around a fire pit. Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast is located on a quarter of an acre of land, which also features a parking lot in the back of the property, with one spot for each unit. There is also an electric vehicle charger available for visitor use. Other outdoor features on the premises include gardens surrounding the federal brick house. Outside services entail a complimentary wine and cheese event between 4:00 and 6:00 PM.

“We do a gourmet breakfast every morning, [with] multiple courses,” says Lori. Every day there is a set menu provided to guests; available options on such menus include roasted fruit, bread pudding, and an egg dish. Specific items include apple-Sunday stuffed french toast, Cajun eggs with cornbread, homemade granola, ham cups with potato, apple blueberry tart, and flower flapjacks with bacon. Lori remarks that the establishment offers adjustments to the meals for those with dietary restrictions, including those who are gluten-free, vegetarian, low-sugar, and “a lot of [other] different options.” Breakfast is typically served at either 8:00 or 9:00 AM every day besides Friday; Lori leaves the option to patrons when they check in.


Lori, the owner of the Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast, interacts with her guests most days since she serves them breakfast often. The owner’s goal is to have their patrons feel “like they are at home with a maid staff and a chef.” Lori says that the breakfast services offered at her property have made her business successful throughout her ownership. According to Lori, the Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast is also one of the only bed and breakfasts in downtown Greenville. Previous guests to the property have left various reviews about the property, with a common trend being the breakfast served in the morning. One such visitor remarked, “Our breakfast was amazing, and our bed was very comfortable. We had all of the amenities, including internet and 24-hour coffee service, which was much appreciated."

One of the unique aspects of the property, according to Lori, is that the bed and breakfast is within walking distance to downtown Greenville. This area includes restaurants, theaters, and a baseball arena. Lori often recommends specific restaurants, such as the Northhampton Wine Cafe, Sassafras Southern Bistro, The Trappe Door, Smoke on the Water, and Trio. Reedy River Falls Park is a popular attraction nearby that Lori says has the longest pedestrian bridge in the United States. Other attractions in the area include a Bon Secours Wellness Arena that can seat 16,000 people, Peace Center, Center Stage, and the Warehouse Theater.

Pets are not permitted on the property in an effort to help accommodate those who have allergies. Additionally, children under the age of eight are not permitted to stay at the establishment unless guests rent out the whole house. Other policies include no smoking in the house; however, smoking is allowed outside, with a fair amount of ashtrays provided. The property is open year-round to visitors, and Lori notes that the slow months include December through February, while all of the other months are relatively comparable in operation. Those who come to the property have been found to fall into a wide demographic of visitors. Lori remarks that she gets “a lot of repeat guests.”

A particular event that is hosted at the Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast is a wine and cheese hour. During this time, the owner offers complimentary cheese, crackers, and a bottle of wine. This can either be served in the garden, sitting area, or guest rooms. Relatively small weddings are able to be hosted at the grounds of the property, with a max capacity of ten visitors.


Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast has been in operation since 1993. Lori Donaldson later purchased the property in 2004 from Fred and Sheri Smid, the previous owners. Before the house ever served as a bed and breakfast, it was utilized as a private residence in 1920 by Ida Bates Green, who was a widow with five daughters. Some of Ida Green’s daughters lived in the house until approximately the 1980s. After which, a local couple bought it and rented the building until 1993, when it was purchased and converted into a bed and breakfast.

Lori previously lived in Florida, where she often hosted her family when they came to visit. As she did this, she realized how much she “really enjoyed it.” When the time came for her to do something else in her life, she chose to own a bed and breakfast due to her realization. Since taking over, Lori has updated all of the rooms and bathrooms. Features she has added to the premises include the porches, firepit, gazebo, and gardens. “I’ve had it for 18 years, so there is very little I haven’t updated,” the owner remarks. Throughout the renovations, the owner has tried her best to keep true to the historic nature of the building by preserving things such as the original wood floors and tile. Lori says that there are no specific plans for the property at this point besides continuing to “make the rooms nicer.” Lori says that her favorite part of the job is the “people most of all.” Every morning she serves the guest their food and tries to talk to them as well when they first check in. Overall, Lori says she enjoys the “variety” that comes with her job.

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