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Point View Resort

Point View Resort is a lake-side lodging place that can be found in Camdenton, Missouri. Camdenton is in central Missouri and is part of the Lake of the Ozarks. The resort can be located on the edge of the Little Niangua Arm, one of the lake's break-offs near the eastern edge. The property has a number of small boats and water toys that guests can borrow from the property free of charge, such as paddleboards, paddle boats, and kayaks. Three docks owned by the Point View Resort are available to the guests, one for fishing and the other two for launching boats. One area of the fishing docks has a heated building over the water where guests can fish from inside through a hole in the floor.


Point View Resort consists of 18 rentable units. Rooms one through ten are unique to each other, and rooms eleven through eighteen are more standard cabins that are identical to each other. Some of the cabins are part of their own building, while others are part of a single building with two floors, depending on which one a guest decides to rent. One of the more popular rooms is Cabin 10, which is one of the family lodges and has a little bit more history behind it. It also has several pieces of pine furniture and a view of the lake. Rooms two and three are the closest to the fishing deck, which has made them more attractive to people who come to the area with the intent to fish. 

All of the rooms have their own private bathroom. Each unit has a full kitchen, DirecTV, WiFi, and access to grills. The layout of each room is different, and size varies, but those are typically the only traits that differ between them. Due to the fact that every unit has a full kitchen, breakfast is not served at the property. However, guests can bring their own food and use the kitchen's refrigerator, microwave, stove, or toaster to make their own meals.

The property has a number of things that guests can do if they would prefer to stay close to their lodge. On the grounds, between all of the cabins and lodges, guests can find and use the community firepit. They can spend time on one of the three docks fishing or launching paddle boats and canoes. For children that are visiting with the rest of their families, there are two playgrounds located on the grounds that have swings, slides, monkey bars, and more. There is also a water trampoline that can be used in the lake during the summer months. Point View Resort also has a game room that has a pool table, air hockey, darts, video games, and more that is available to the Point View Resort's tenets. There are parking spots available next to the building for guests.

Lake of the Ozarks is a winding lake that breaks off into many smaller sections, and it is on one of these smaller portions that Point View Resort is located. Little Niangua Arm is found on the southeastern side of Lake of the Ozarks. Point View Resort is located on the very edge of the land surrounding Little Niangua Arm. The lake is also part of the Lake of the Ozark National Park. Due to the location, water-related activities such as boating and fishing have been popular reasons for coming up to Lake of the Ozarks.

The owners of Point View Resort, Laura and Dave, enjoy recommending locations to their guests regarding places to eat. One restaurant they may mention to guests is called Tres Hombres, which is a Mexican restaurant that is less than ten minutes away from the resort. Another eatery they may tell guests about is called Branding Iron. Branding Iron is a classic bar and grill restaurant located north of Camdenton.

There are several places that Laura and Dave like to tell their guests about regarding entertainment and sightseeing. Ha Ha Tonka State Park is located south of Lake of the Ozarks and has a 20th-century castle along with hiking trails and caves. When it comes to caves, they also like to mention Bridal Cave, where guests are able to take tours and, if they so desire, can use as a wedding venue. The owners also tell guests that there are a few golf courses around the lake if they would like to spend their morning or afternoon on the greens.


Point View Resort doesn't hold any events, but they welcome and allow guests to hold their own if they would like. Visitors are able to have family gatherings, bridal showers, and other smaller events. There are a large number of places on the property for big groups to spend time, including inside their cabins, the beach, at the pavilion, and more. Depending on the time of year, Point View Resort may get a different demographic of guests. During the spring and fall, the property tends to get many fishermen looking for a spot to cast a line. Towards the winter months, there tend to be more families and groups of friends. The property is open year-round, but a majority of the resort closes, except for three cabins and one of the docks. The summers are more consistently full, but in spring and fall, they see more people come and go in shorter increments. One thing worth mentioning about the resort is that guests are required to stay for a minimum of seven days.

The owners of Point View Resort, Laura and Dave, have several policies that they ask their visitors to abide by while they are staying at the resort. One important guideline is that there are quiet hours during the later hours of the night. There is also a no-smoking policy enforced. Should they find evidence of smoke in one of the lodges, there can be a 200 dollar fee charged to the guest that was renting it. Another policy that they ask visitors to be aware of is that they do not allow pets inside any of the buildings or on the grounds.
The lake has a number of places for visitors to spend time staying up later, drinking, and partying, but Laura says that Point View Resort is not the place to do that. She prides herself in owning her property on a more quiet side of the lake and wants to give her guests the opportunity to do more leisurely activities like fishing or just hanging out. Those staying at the resort have the option of using kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and paddle boats free of charge. Point View Resort also has a water trampoline and swim pads available. Guests can rent fishing boats and wave runners from the property for an extra fee. Additionally, guests can potentially rent much larger boats from businesses in the area, due to the connections that the owners have with other local companies. Life jackets can be obtained from the property as needed.


Although there have been multiple owners of Point View Resort in the past, each new owner has kept the property running as a family-owned and operated business. The current owner of the property, Laura, explains that she enjoys running the property with her husband, Dave. They came to the area with the intent of finding and purchasing a resort of their own. Laura and Dave came across Point View Resort when it was on sale, and that is when they decided to give the lodging industry a shot.

Laura has added a number of various things to the property since she and her husband took over the business. They had a number of projects that included remodeling the insides of all of the buildings and updating them to ensure they had all of the features and amenities that they believed were essential for their guests. Some of the cabins were gutted entirely and put back together from scratch, while others only required a few minor changes to reach the owner's desired quality. New furniture was put in most of the cabins, and, according to Laura, a majority of the amenities that are currently present at Point View Resort were created and put in place under her ownership. In her own words, "Before Dave and I purchased Point View Resort, the property was less family-friendly." Today she feels as though the property can easily accommodate whichever family chooses to stay with them.

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