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Prince Albert Guest House

The Prince Albert Guest House, which was built in 1867, is located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, near Cape Cod Bay. The house has a total of eleven units, nine of which are rooms and two of which are private condos. Each room comes with specific amenities, including a private bathroom, a mini-fridge, air conditioning, hairdryers, bathrobes, bottles of water, toiletries, and more. Each room is decorated according to the ocean theme the house follows, and the two condos are decorated based on their themes, which are Seaside Arts and Fisherman's Cove. Also on the property are decks, patios (one in the front and one in the back), bike racks, seating areas, and firepits. The owners of the property, Paul and Andy, want their guests to feel taken care of and take certain steps to make sure their guests feel that way. Paul explains that he and Andy try to meet the guests' wants and needs as much as possible.


The Prince Albert Guest House is located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, near the center of town. The property is a two-story building with nine rooms available for guests to rent out. The house has a Victorian theme to it and is decorated accordingly. The house was first built for a sea captain in 1867 but has been modernized over the years. The rooms in the Prince Albert Guest House each have their own themes with decor that is intended to match. The units have prices that range, with the cheapest room starting at $259 per night. The rooms are all equipped with certain amenities, including a private bathroom, air conditioning, a mini-fridge, ceiling fans, an iron and ironing board, a satellite tv with multiple available channels, hairdryers, bathrobes, bottles of water, laundry bags, toiletries, linens, and sheets. There is also a laundry service available to those who need to do laundry during their stay. Parking is available to the patrons staying on the property.

Outside of the nine rooms, there are two small condos that guests can rent out. The first of the two condos have two rooms, a kitchen, and table with chairs, a refrigerator, and other kitchen supplies. The condo also has a private beach that the guests can spend time on. The second condo, the Fisherman's Cove two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. There is a large common waterfront deck and an exclusive-use deck that has a view of Cape Cod Bay.

Located outside of the main house are two patios, one in the back and one in the front. Each of the patios has furniture that guests can sit on, such as cushioned chairs. Also on the patios are fire pits that the guests are welcome to use. Trees surround the property and provide shade on the patios. There is a garden in the back of the house near the patio, along with smaller gardens in the front of the house that surround the front patio. The front patio is constructed out of blue stones and has plants on either side of it. The back patio is currently wooden, though there are future plans to turn it into a cemented patio instead. Also on the property are guest houses, which are not child-friendly.

Breakfast is served every morning from 8:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Breakfast often includes yogurt, fresh fruit, juice, muffins, bagels, waffles, eggs, bacon, and bread. They also try to have almond milk available to those who require dairy-free. They also have available options for those with dietary needs such as allergies or vegetarian needs. People have enjoyed being able to take their meal multiple places on the property and have complimented on the quality of the breakfast.

The city of Provincetown, where the Prince Albert Guest House is located, is a relatively large city with multiple attractions and events. Paul, one of the owners of the property, explains that just a few streets away from the bed and breakfast are where some restaurants and shops are located. Paul suggests that the guests go to Hometown Kitchen and Mac's Fish House to get food throughout the day. Other nearby places to eat include Fanizzi's, Napi's, Pepe's Wharf, Ross's Grill, the Canteen, the Lobster Pot, the Mews, and the Red Inn. Nearby attractions are things such as dune tours, whale watching, trolley rides, Cape Cod, the Pilgrim Monument, and sailing cruises. Paul says that most of the guests come to the area in the summer to be at the beach, while others come during the off-season for the quietness of the area. Despite the Prince Albert Guest House being located near the center of town, guests have said that the property is quiet and peaceful. Guests have also complimented on the closeness of attractions and activities.


The owners of the Prince Albert Guest House want their guests to feel taken care of. They strive to have everything that a guest might need nearby and ready. Additionally, they also often interact with their guests, though only if that behavior is desired. They want their guests to feel as if they were staying at their own house, meaning that they want their guests to be relaxed and comfortable. To do this, they leave the guests with amenities, including things like air conditioning, televisions, and fresh linens. During one particular time a guest was staying, they got sick. Paul, one of the owners of the property, took extra care to give them more water and towels and even stayed overnight to make sure they were healthy enough that they didn't have to go to the hospital. Paul and Andy are willing to get guests what they need and try to be as friendly as possible.

Happy Hours at the Prince Albert Guest House are from three to five each day. Guests are offered drinks of various kinds, not including wine. Paul, an owner of the property, explains that Happy Hours can be "a good time for guests to interact with each other" and get to know each other. Paul loves when the guests get to know each other and created the Happy Hours as a way for guests to be able to interact more frequently. During the Happy Hours, pizza kits can be given to the guests. The guests can then make pizzas and use the pizza oven for cooking them.

Guests who stay at the bed and breakfast are of different ages and demographics, some of these including older couples, younger couples, small families, and single people. People come from around the United States of America, though during the summer, there are occasionally European visitors. Most of the guests that come to the property are repeat guests or come because it was suggested to them by a friend.

Guests who have stayed at the Prince Albert Guest House have complimented on the hosts, the bedding, and the Happy Hours. One, in particular, said that "Our room and bathroom was very clean. The bed and pillows were the most comfortable. There were flower-filled porches in the front entrance and back near the kitchen where we could relax with breakfast, wine or afternoon tea. The owner, Paul, was warm and friendly. He recommended places to visit and eat around." Another guest that complimented on the property explained that "the host was not on-site upon our arrival, however, was very thorough in our communication throughout the day as we traveled to the guest house. Checking in was simple, and finding the parking wasn't so difficult either. The breakfast was fabulous and timely. The room was unique with an excellent view of the water. The location of the guest house was close enough for walking to shop, eat, socialize, but not so close that the street commotion was obtrusive."

The Prince Albert Guest House participates in a carnival that the city does every year. During the carnival, the property will feature murals and collages from various local artists. The owners also throw a large party during the carnival for the guests staying at the property. During the Fourth of July and Labor Day, Paul and Andy will do barbeques to celebrate.


The Prince Albert Guest House was originally built in 1867 as a sea captain's home. The house was built for Captain Abner Rich after a fire destroyed the old Universalist Church that previously occupied the site. When the house was built, Captain Abner Rich was President of the Central Wharf Company, which was the largest wharf company in the city of Provincetown at the time, during the late 19th century.

The property has been a bed and breakfast for the past several decades and has gone by the names of The Captain and His Ship, Officer's Quarters, and the Captain's Inn. In 2007 Bob Sanborn purchased the property and created the Prince Albert Guest House. The current owners, Paul and Andy, have owned the property since 2018 and have carried out the legacy of the Prince Albert Guest House.

Since they have owned the property, Paul and Andy have made major changes to the house, mostly including remodeling the bathrooms, getting new carpets and rugs, modernizing, getting new bedding, getting rid of unnecessary items, decluttering, and painting all of the rooms. Future plans the owners have are to start improving the outside of the property, including the porches and patios. One other thing they plan to do is to remodel the backyard and adding a paved patio instead of the current wooden one they have.

Paul first came across the idea of owning a bed and breakfast when his friend, who owns the property next to the Prince Albert Guest House, suggested the idea. When Paul and Andy moved to the area, they started looking for properties to own as a bed and breakfast. They came across the Prince Albert Guest House and bought it in 2018. Since then, they have been functioning it as a bed and breakfast.

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