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Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast

Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast

Currently under the ownership of Charlotte and John Schlabach, Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast operates year-round for visitors to reserve one of the property's three accommodations. Every morning, everybody who is staying at the inn is served a breakfast that may include baked french toast, waffles, eggs, or blueberry pancakes, among other items. Charlotte hopes that her patrons will be able to relax and enjoy the natural surrounding of the property, as she encourages them to explore the grounds and view the wildlife that inhabits the area. The bed and breakfast neighbors 700 acres of Quail Hollow Park, which comprises woodlands in a fairly rural setting, as reported by Charlotte. Along with these natural areas, tourists can also visit the nearby cities of Hartville, Canton, and Akron to explore their restaurants and attractions.


Situated on approximately nine acres of land in northeastern Ohio, Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast can be found on the outskirts of Hartville. The bed and breakfast offers a total of three rooms that guests can occupy, all of which are found on the top floor of the two-story home. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, ceiling fans, a TV, and a DVD player, among other amenities. The Dogwood Suite and the Woodland Room additionally feature private balconies. Charlotte Schlabach, the owner of the establishment, observes that the Dogwood Suite tends to be more popular compared to the other two accommodations, on account of it including a king-size bed, jacuzzi tub, a double-head shower, and a sitting room adjacent to it. Charlotte notes that the entire home is "fragrance-free," meaning there are no candles or any other items that would give off a scent within the building.

In addition to the suites, guests are given access to a few common areas throughout the home, namely the Great Room and the Sun Room on the main floor of the building. Visitors can find a few musical instruments in these common areas—a piano, guitar, and German accordion—that they are welcome to use during their stay. Additionally, the Great Room has a TV and games for patrons to enjoy if desired. Generally speaking, Charlotte characterizes both the interior and exterior of the home as a Tudor style. 

Every morning, those who are staying at Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast are treated to a homemade breakfast. Some of the items that one can expect to be served include quiches, baked french toast, fruit, toast, waffles, eggs, and blueberry pancakes. During the booking process, future visitors are asked if there are any dietary restrictions or food allergies, such as gluten-free or vegetarian, that Charlotte should be aware of so that she can accommodate them. Breakfast is typically arranged in the Sun Room or the deck, weather permitting, and Charlotte allows patrons to decide when they would like to be served their meal. She also says that people can come downstairs earlier in the morning before breakfast for coffee, tea, or homemade scones. Along with this breakfast, Charlotte offers a dessert in the evenings—with a particularly popular item being her apple dumplings. 

Charlotte expresses that the acreage feels "like heaven" to her, as a number of unique features comprise the grounds. A waterfall that descends into a koi pond can be found on the premises as well as a private, relatively small lake where people can fish or kayak. Guests can bring their own fishing poles; however, the owners can provide some for people to borrow if they would like. Charlotte also mentions that there is a paddleboat available for people to utilize on the private lake that is fairly small during their stay. A few games, such as horseshoes and sand volleyball, are supplied on-site as well. For those who are hoping to engage in more leisurely activities, the grounds contain three pavilions for people to relax and view the swans, deer, and other wildlife that resides in the area. Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast also serves as the home for miniature donkeys and chickens that live on the premises. Beyond these previously noted features, the acreage is additionally adorned with several flowerbeds and trees.

Nearly 700 acres of Quail Hollow Park neighbors Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast to the north, where visitors can undertake outdoor recreational activities. Aside from outdoor pastimes, the property is within fairly close proximity to the cities of Hartville, Canton, and Akron, where, according to Charlotte, several antique shops, thrift stores, and attractions can be found. Charlotte also mentions that the bed and breakfast is about a 30-minute drive from the Football Hall of Fame—a site that receives a considerable number of tourists. For those who are searching for nearby dining options, some of the restaurants that Charlotte recommends are the Hartville Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery, which she says offers Amish-based cuisine; Grinders Above & Beyond, which serves soups, salads, and sandwiches; and The Bistro at Gervasi Vineyard in the northern division of Canton. 


Charlotte Schlabach, the owner of Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast, intends to help everyone feel special and "happy that they're here" over the course of their stay. In an effort to provide this experience, she tries to be attentive and keep herself available for anyone who might have questions or concerns during their time at the bed and breakfast. The owner strives to provide an experience that reflects the following statement, which she adds to fliers and other advertisements of Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast: "Joy be with you while you stay, peace go with you on your way." Moreover, Charlotte hopes to live by the establishment's unofficial motto: "As you depart from Quail's Covey, your heart will be warm and your soul will be full." 

The owner believes that the property is known for providing "a relaxing time in nature." A review that was written by a former guest of the inn expresses this, as they stated, "My wife and I enjoyed sitting out on our balcony watching and listening to nature. We left the balcony door open all night and I slept so comfortably. Charlotte's cooking is delicious, nothing beats those homemade flavors. She and John are friendly stewards that exhibit what customer service truly means."

For those who are hoping to host their wedding at Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast, they are welcome to do so. Charlotte says that many people who have held their events at the property have utilized the backyard space for their gatherings. Though, regardless of whether or not guests are hosting an event, there are a few guidelines that everyone must abide by. Children are prohibited from staying at the establishment. Pets are also restricted from accompanying patrons during their stay. The owners allow people to smoke outside on the premises, however, it is not permitted inside any of the suites.

Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast is open year-round for people to reserve their accommodations. Charlotte observes that the busiest time of year for the business most commonly occurs during the spring, summer, and fall. Winter tends to be a slower season for the bed and breakfast, which the owner attributes to the comparatively lower temperatures. The general demographic of those who stay at the property is typically middle-aged individuals, elderly folks, and people who come to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries. According to Charlotte, Quail's Covey receives "people from all over the world." A fair amount of guests have returned to the inn as well.


Quail's Covey Bed and Breakfast was originally built to serve as the residence for the current owners of the business, Charlotte and John Schlabach, and their family. Charlotte explains that they initially did not have plans to convert the home into a bed and breakfast to accommodate visitors, but she felt that God prompted her to "share what she has with others." After her children were married and moved away, Charlotte and John began operating the home as a bed and breakfast. While the business started about 17 years ago, the couple has owned the establishment for nearly 37 years. Charlotte has discovered that her favorite part about being the owner of a bed and breakfast is "just being with the people. Everybody that comes is so wonderful." She finds enjoyment in visiting with those who stay at Quail's Covey and getting to know them more.

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