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Queen Anne Inn

The Queen Anne Inn is located in the downtown of Oldetown, a city in the state of Georgia. It is in a neighborhood next to the highway. The property is located only 4 blocks away from the Savanna River, as well as a number of performance venues and restaurants that guests may enjoy. The building follows a historical Queen Anne design in an effort to promote a classical feel. The owners strive to create a retreat for their guests, and as such, The Queen Anne Inn offers a homey environment. With only 4 units available for reservation—but with various additional rooms that the owners have chosen to keep as public spaces—the facility offers an experience geared toward individual attention with the goal of not feeling overrun by other visitors.


The Queen Anne is an inn owned by Valerie and William, located in the historic downtown of the district of Oldetown, a small rural area. The building stays true to its historical nature in its architecture. The property follows a Queen Anne styling in its structure, using old-fashioned stonework as its building blocks. It has a turret that can be used by guests to relax and look over the neighborhood. The inside of the building also follows the same type of Queen Anne design, making use of wood flooring, brick fireplaces, and glass chandeliers to achieve the effect. The facility includes a kitchen equipped with a stove, microwave, and oven. There is a living room area open for the use of visitors to spend some downtime. For those who enjoy reading, there is a small library that is available for their use. Guests can enjoy a continental breakfast each morning. The Queen Anne Inn has 4 rooms. Each of the 4 rooms has basic amenities, including but not limited to toiletries, private baths, ironing boards, and more. The different rooms offer a variety in their ambiance as well as their features, one of which even offers a jacuzzi. For guests who wish to spend more time outdoors, a picnic area lies in the back, as well as a courtyard that guests may relax in.

In addition to this, The Queen Anne Inn is only 4 blocks away from the Savanna River. The area has a large number of bike trails around, many of which can be found overlooking the Savanna River. However, biking is not the only attraction to be had in the area. There are other activities to be had at places such as the Bell Auditorium. The Bell Auditorium offers a number of shows that visiting patrons may enjoy if they so desire. There are many dining venues around to be enjoyed as well. Luigi's offers a good option as a place to eat for those on a mid-range budget. Visitors who are seeking something a little pricier can find such a meal at the Pineapple Ink Tavern. A couple of cheaper options are present in the Whiskey Bar kitchen and the Sports center for those who aren't looking to spend as much money. A safe bet as a place to eat is always the Pizza Joint, one of the owner's personal recommendations.


The Innkeepers enjoy what they do at the Queen Anne Inn, and they try to show it in the culture that they create here. The owners' vision is to create a place of retreat for their guests, where visitors can come and get away, read from the library, or even from one of the numerous sets of religious texts placed throughout the building. Though they have the required space for more, The Queen Anne Inn chooses to only house 4 rooms in order to create such an environment that one does not feel overrun. While having received numerous renovations, it still keeps its historic Queen Anne period style which contributes to both a classical as well as a homey feel. Val, one of the owners, says that she tries to do more than is expected and keep a flat rate. Regarding the inn, one guest left the following review: "Beautifully decorated, cozy, comfortable, historic gem in Augusta, GA. Val was so sweet and kind. We had the home to ourselves and it was exactly what we needed for the week. It was a great experience."

There are many different reasons why guests choose to stay at The Queen Anne Inn. A few of these reasons are tied to some of the numerous medical facilities in the area. Many guests are looking for a comfortable place to stay as they get treated. The Queen Anne Inn also is close to Fort Gordon, and consequently, there are many family and friends of military members who choose to stay at The Queen Anne Inn while visiting. In addition, the location is close to many venues, which can bring a number of concert-goers to stay as well.

Oftentimes the people that can be found visiting here are couples, and of these people, they are often older as well. The Queen Anne Inn is generally busiest during April and May. This fact is primarily due to Master's Week, graduations, and weddings.


The building, which is now the Queen Anne Inn, was built in 1894, though it has not been an inn for the entirety of its existence. However, having been built in that era and in its specific location, it has lots of history in its surrounding area—specifically regarding the Civil War. Located nearby is the Magnolia Cemetery, in which reside a number of names belonging to notable figures of the past. In addition to the cemetery, there is a multitude of Civil War monuments in close proximity to the Queen Anne Inn as well.

Valerie and William were the pioneers who turned this building into what it is today, the Queen Anne Inn. Having made many renovations and updates to the property, they plan to continue growing and renovating the Queen Anne Inn.

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406 Greene Street
Augusta, Georgia 30901
United States


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Valerie & William

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