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Ramsdell Inn

Ramsdell Inn is located in Manistee, Michigan, in the same building as TJ's Pub—a local restaurant. The ten rooms that comprise the property are located throughout the top three levels of the five-leveled building. Notable amenities of the inn include full bathrooms for each room, a few fireplaces, and various king-sized beds. According to the owner of Ramsdell Inn, one thing that is unique about the property is the variety of decorations between different units. One of the first purposes of the building was to serve as a bank for the town. Some of the original components of the bank remain, including a vault.


The Ramsdell Inn includes ten rooms in its lodging, stretching out through three of the building's five levels. Six of the ten rooms are located on the third floor of the building, namely The Hollister, The Morton, The Century, The Dempsey, The Harbour Suite, and The Jefferson. Each room's basic amenities are a private bathroom with a shower and tub combo, either a king or queen-sized bed, an alarm clock, and a phone. Complimentary Wi-Fi is serviced through each of the rooms on the multi-leveled building.

Some differentiation in the rooms includes a fireplace in The Century Room, located in the main sleeping area. Another difference is found in The Harbour Suite, with a fireplace and refrigerator located in a separate sitting room situated in the suite, as well as an iron being provided by the Ramsdell Inn. Three rooms are located on the fourth floor: The Winthrop, The Canfield, and The Dunham. Each of these rooms comes equipped with similar amenities as the third-floor rooms—the only difference being the décor of the rooms. The final room, located on the fifth floor, is The TJ Ramsdell Suite, coming with a king-sized bed, a sitting room with a fireplace, a refrigerator, a hairdryer, and a TV/DVD player.

Having been built in 1891, the Ramsdell Inn is known for the uniqueness of its rooms, each including fair amounts of detailing in the designs and décor. The Ramsdell Inn, according to owner Lindsey Swidorski, is the only inn in Manistee that includes an on-site restaurant. TJ's Pub is ran and operated by Matt and Lindsey Swidorski, who also own the Inn. It is located on the first floor of the building and serves items such as pizzas and wraps.

The city of Manistee serves as the county seat of Manistee County. The name "Manistee" originates from an Ojibwe word that was first applied to the county's principal river. The definition of the word Manistee varies depending on the source, with some saying it means "river with islands at its mouth," and others saying "spirit of the woods."


The culture of the Ramsdell Inn is described as "a relaxing getaway." The rooms' uniqueness is also mentioned by Lindsey, who specifically notes that the inn is not a "chain hotel, so each room is uniquely detailed. The décor isn't the same in each room, which provides more of a homely feel for the guests."

Guests who have stayed at the Ramsdell Inn have stated in their reviews that they "enjoy the fact that they can eat in a pub and walk up the stairs to their hotel room," specifically referring to TJ's Pub. Another review emphasizes an opinion of the rooms, stating, "[Ramsdell Inn] takes cleanliness to the highest standard from the lobby all the way to the rooms." The property's location is seen as "convenient," within "walking distance" of downtown Manistee. Ramsdell Inn is located within a ten-minute walk near Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes of North America and is the second-largest of the Great Lakes by volume.

Snacks are located in the inn for guests to consume, should they desire it. The Ramsdell Inn brings in a variety of guests, from young couples to older couples. As stated by Lindsey Swidorski, "one thing to note for older guests is that our property does not have an elevator; however, the décor and homeliness of our stay is worthwhile for guests of all ages."


Built in 1891, the Ramsdell Inn served as the First National Bank. The building has changed into several different businesses throughout its history, including the City Drug, Leila's Clothing, Olen's Paintings, and more. In 2000, a philanthropist took the building—which was in disrepair at the time—and restored it to a 10-room inn.

In 2015, current owners Matt and Lindsey Swidorski purchased the building, having a desire to open a restaurant. They had previously developed a personal relationship with the prior owner, allowing for the Swidorskis to purchase the inn. Several spots of the First National Bank, the original business built, remain, including the original bank vault.

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