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Rancho Milagro Bed and Breakfast

Rancho Milagro Bed and Breakfast

Rancho Milagro Bed And Breakfast is located in Elgin, Arizona, in a relatively rural area. The business is located on 40 acres of land, and also serves as an active ranch. The owner hopes that his guests are able to feel comfortable while staying at the bed and breakfast and says that the atmosphere created by the rural land can be described as quiet or peaceful. Three rooms, or casitas, are available for those that stay at Rancho Milagro Bed and Breakfast, all of which have private entrances, private bathrooms, and a few standard amenities. Besides the guestrooms, there is a common area that can be accessed at any time where visitors can relax, chat with other people, or purchase memorabilia. This room is also where breakfast is served, which is available any time in the morning as it is served in a continental style.


Rancho Milagro Bed And Breakfast has a total of 40 acres and has three casitas available for guests to rent while they stay at the property. The casitas all share walls but have their own private entrances. Some of the amenities a visitor will find in their room include a private bathroom, a microwave, a mini fridge, cable TV, and WIFI. Two rooms, The Canelo Room and the Mustang Room, have king-size beds, while the third, the Sunrise Room, has a queen-size bed. The rooms, and the rest of the building, are intended to be decorated with a western theme. Besides the casitas, there is a common room that is open through all hours of the day. The common room provides leather couches, a TV, a dining table, a fridge, a microwave, and available coffee. Hats and t-shirts can be bought in the common area for those that are looking for memorabilia from the business.

Breakfast is also held in the common room. Most mornings at Rancho Milagro Bed and Breakfast, there will be a continental breakfast left out for visitors. This breakfast typically consists of muffins, bagels, cereal, fruit, and hard-boiled eggs. Guests can pick up their meal whenever they would like to in the morning, giving them the choice of when they would like to wake up and get to their daily activities.

The area around the Rancho Milagro Bed and Breakfast is generally rural, with a lot of open land. Besides the building on the acreage, there is a little barn and some pastures for the cows on the ranch. Visitors are free to walk around the property and pet the animals; otherwise, they can explore the open land on which the business is located.


The owner of Rancho Milagro Bed and Breakfast hopes that his guests feel comfortable and relaxed while they stay with him. When a visitor arrives at the property, he puts forth the effort to introduce himself and show them their rooms and a bit of the building. After that introduction, the owner says his business is "a help yourself/make yourself at home kind of place." He also mentions that his bed and breakfast is mostly known for its quiet atmosphere due to its more rural location.

Some visitors have mentioned this atmosphere as well as other aspects of the property in their reviews about Rancho Milagro Bed and Breakfast. One guest review says, "the hosts are genuinely nice and super caring. The breakfast sandwich we had one morning was very good. The rooms are nicely appointed, and the area was very quiet and just far enough from the asphalt to have a country feel." Another person that stayed at the bed and breakfast mentioned in a review that "The owners are very nice and hospitable. The location is great, with beautiful views, and the rooms are nicely decorated. It’s also super close to wineries in the area."
One particular policy that is implemented at the bed and breakfast is that smoking is prohibited indoors, but if they are careful, they can smoke outdoors. Furthermore, Visitors are free to bring pets, and the owner also mentions that people that stay on the property should be careful around the other animals already on the ranch and treat them with respect. Rancho Milagro Bed and Breakfast is open year-round. The busiest time of year for the business, according to the owner, is the winter because of the available quail hunting during that time. For those hoping to hunt during this time, a local hunting company in the area frequently takes people out to hunt during this time of year.

Besides hunting, guests can do a few other things in the area. There are a couple of lakes nearby that people have visited for various activities such as kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and fishing. The Arizona Trail is nearby for those that would like to hike, and there are also many wineries within a few miles of the property for patrons that enjoy wine tasting. The owner estimates there to be about 20 wineries within ten miles of the business. For those looking for places to eat during their stay, the owner recommends Sonoita Heritage Coffee, Copper Brothel Brewery, and The Steak Out Restaurant & Saloon as some of his favorites.


Rancho Milagro Bed And Breakfast has been in business for just over two years, having been purchased by the owner around the year 2020. The property was formally used as a dude-ranch in the 1980s and was then purchased and converted into a bed and breakfast. When the current owner bought the land, he chose to keep it as a bed and breakfast and make it an active ranch. Since acquiring the business, the current owner has changed a few aspects of the building, including an update to the décor of the home and the rooms. He brought in some animals for the ranch that weren't there before and also built kennels for these animals. Some future plans for the property include the addition of an arena for the animals and another barn. The owner would also like to set up an area down the road where people could bring their own horses and leave them while they stay at the bed and breakfast.

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140 Camino Agave
Elgin, Arizona 85611
United States


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