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Ray Roberts Lodging at Slye Ranch

Ray Roberts Lodging at Slye Ranch

The Slye Ranch, located in Pilot Point Texas, sits on seven acres of land and has two different units that guests can stay in. The Copper Can has an occupancy of two adults, and the cabin has many beds for visitors to stay in. The property is located near Ray Roberts Lake State Park and is a two-minute drive from Lake Ray Roberts. Also staying on the property is a retired racehorse and two miniature donkeys. The owners hope to provide patrons of the establishment with a peaceful and quiet getaway. The property hosts weddings as well as other parties on the premises, and it is a pet friendly business. 


The Slye Ranch is located in Pilot Point Texas, a town near Dallas. The Ranch sits on seven acres of land. Nearby is the Ray Roberts Lake State Park that guests can visit. The property hosts overnight and long-term stay guests, as well as weddings, receptions, and other events. There are two different units that patrons can stay in, those being the A-Frame Cabin or the Copper Can. The Copper Can is a 53-foot storage container that was renovated into a two-person "tiny home". The cabin is an open concept with an upstairs loft and bedroom, as well as multiple beds spread across the downstairs area. The owners hope to provide a space that can accommodate relatively large groups such as bachelorette parties, after-prom parties, and birthday parties. The property also hosts weddings and other events which generally book the entire property.

The seven-acre property is also home to a retired thoroughbred racehorse as well as two miniature donkeys. The owners provide treats that guests can feed to the animals if they would like. The ranch has a firepit and a charcoal grill that visitors can use. There are three acres of wooded areas that guests can explore as well as a pasture area for the animals. 

Both the cabin and the Copper Can have heaters and alarm clocks for guest use. For fishermen who come to stay during their fishing trips, there are security cameras available to allow them to check on their boats docked 2 miles away at Ray Roberts Lake. There are also Bluetooth speakers, televisions, a DVD player with DVDs, and office areas available. Each unit comes with a kitchen that has an oven, microwave, pantry, fridge, silverware, dishes, and cookware. Before guests arrive, staff put ingredients for breakfast in the refrigerators so patrons can cook breakfast at their convince. The ingredients provided are all locally sourced from businesses in the area. 

The name of the Copper Can comes from the copper color of the exterior of the building. On the roof, there are day beds that guests can use to enjoy the views of the countryside and the sunshine when the weather is fair. On the side of the building are steps that lead up to the roof area, and there is a stone walkway from the porch area by the front door to the stairs. The porch area has a relatively small seating area as well. The cabin has a front porch with seating for guests and side tables. The cabin is painted in a similar style to the Copper Can, it is red with white trim. The porch area is covered in the middle over the front door, with pergolas covering the seating areas on either side. There are multiple potted plants as well as bushes planted around the building. 

The ranch is open all year and is generally booked most of the year. A popular season for the business is the fishing season on Lake Ray Roberts, which starts in March and ends in November. 


The owners of the Ray Roberts Lodging at Slye Ranch, Lynn and Larry Slye, strive to create an environment on the premises where guests can have privacy and peace during their stay. The two buildings visitors can rent out sit behind the owner's house on private property, and they hope that the location of the ranch allows guests to disconnect and recharge from their normal lives. Many patrons at the property are fishermen who come to stay during fishing season, as well as couples hoping for a romantic getaway. Lynn and Larry make the effort to give guests as much privacy as possible and provide for any needs they might have while staying at both the ranch and the Copper Can. The owners try to think of things they might want during a vacation and they put those things in the buildings. 

There are two universities near the Slye Ranch, The University of North Texas and Dallas Baptist University North. The ranch is located in Pilot Point, which has a population of 4,364 people. The owners hope that the setting of the city, as well as the ranch, can help those who stay at the property to have a tranquil experience and reconnect with nature. Many who stay at the ranch fish on the lake that is nearby, Lake Ray Roberts. 

Guests who stay at the Slye Ranch often comment on the professionalism of the owners, as well as the atmosphere of the property, and the peaceful location of the property. One patron said "The location is beautiful and it is very close to many enjoyable activities. The food and drinks provided were delicious and the d├ęcor is so unique and charming. The beds were incredibly comfortable." Other guests mention the landscaping and plants across the property, as well as the accommodations inside each of the respective units. 

The establishment is pet-friendly. The owners ask that they be notified ahead of time if there will be pets staying on the property so they can prepare accordingly for them. The A-Frame Cabin is open to guests of all ages, while the Copper Can is adult only with a maximum occupancy of two. Smoking is allowed outside of the buildings, though there is an additional charge for cigarette butts left on the property. 


The Slye Ranch has been open since 2016. The cabin was originally the only edifice for visitors to stay on the property until 2018 when the Copper Can was added. Lynn and Larry are the original owners of the ranch. The couple has owned the property for 35 years and decided to convert part of their property into the ranch after a conversation with their neighbor, who thought there could be a large demand for a cabin in the area for fishermen who come from out of town. The neighbor remarked that "if they rented a cabin in the back, it would always be full." Since the opening of the ranch, there have been many visitors to the property. 

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