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Red Bear Inn

Red Bear Inn is a lodging establishment that can be found in the city of Ennis, Montana, which is north of Yellowstone, about an hour away by car. Yellowstone National Park is located about an hour away from the inn by car. With 27 total rooms to choose from, guests can find a simple and less expensive spot to stay with Red Bear Inn. Due to the location of the property, many of the restaurants in Ennis are within walking distance from the inn. There are also a number of mountains, rivers, and lakes that can be used for recreational activities in the area, with most of them being less than one hour away. The owner describes Red Bear Inn as a spot that's good as a home base while its visitors are either traveling to another location or out exploring the vicinity.


On the southern end of Montana, in the city of Ennis, one can come across Red Bear Inn. Red Bear Inn is built on one acre of land and has 27 total rooms available to the public. The rooms are dispersed among two floors, which are separate from the main building. Depending on which room is rented out, guests can get a different sized bed, as well as a different number of beds. Some of them come with a king-sized bed, others come with a queen-sized bed, and a few of them have two queen-sized beds, which is to help accommodate guests that are arriving in slightly larger groups. Each room comes with a hairdryer, a microwave, and a mini-fridge. Three of the rooms that are offered are marked as "pet friendly" for those who plan on bringing along an animal for their trip.

While the establishment doesn't serve breakfast, the current owner of Red Bear Inn mentions that they would like to in the future at some point. Since food isn't served on the premises at this time, the owner has made several recommendations for good restaurants to try that are in the area. One that is recommended is Alley Bistro, which serves a variety of food, especially dinners, and another restaurant recommended by name is Gravel Bar. Both eateries are close enough to walk to from Red Bear Inn, just off of Mainstreet.

The city of Ennis is compactly built, with many other places in the town within walking distance. There is a golf course called Madison Meadows Golf Course that is a short drive away from the establishment. The surrounding area outside of Ennis is mountainous, and east of the city, one can find the river known as Madison River, a river that flows through Ennis Lake, which can be found north of Ennis. A number of mountains can be found in almost all directions of the town. The ones that are in closer proximity to Ennis include Fan Mountain, Ramshorn Mountain, Red Knob, and Lone Mountain. Due to the many outdoor places, outdoor activities tend to be very popular in the area. Visitors can hike and bike the trails or fish in the rivers or lakes.

There are several national parks close by as well, including Yellowstone National Park and Custer Gallatin National Forest. Several popular activities that are recommended on Red Bear Inn's website are Lewis and Clark Caverns, which allow guests to traverse through limestone caves, Spirit of the North, which is a guided dog sledding trip, and Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, which is a wildlife park with grizzly bears, grey wolves, and other animals for guests to view safely.


The goal of Red Bear Inn is to create a clean and comfortable stay for travelers. The current owner of Red Bear Inn describes the inn as "good for people who just want a standard living place to live that is inexpensive." The establishment tends to choose simplicity over expensive components, and guests in the past mentioned that while it doesn't have much to offer that is out of the ordinary, it makes for a good stepping stone to get to their destinations and see what the rest of the city of Ennis has to offer. According to the owner, the most common demographic of people they see are families that plan on exploring Yellowstone and adults looking for outdoor recreational activities, like fishing and hunting.

Among the number of reviews that have been written about Red Bear Inn, one reviewer writes, "We enjoyed our stay at Red Bear Inn. Staff was very helpful and kind. Room was clean and had everything we might need, including fridge and microwave. Close to things to do like Virginia City, Yellowstone, and Lewis and Clark Caverns."

Due to the surrounding mountains and forested areas, the town and vicinity are most known for the large opportunities to take part in outdoor recreational activities. Red Bear Inn typically sees an increase in visitors during the summer months of May, June, and July. During these months, there are many people on their way to places like Yellowstone and spending time on the shores of the rivers and lakes casting a line into the water. The town itself tends to give off an easy-going atmosphere, while there are more adventurous endeavors offered for those who are wanting to have more of a thrilling.


The buildings that make up Red Bear Inn have been established for hotel use since 1993, about 27 years ago. The inn has only had two different owners in its lifetime, with the current owner purchasing the establishment sometime in 2019. The property wasn't always known as Red Bear Inn. For the property's entire existence earlier than 2020, it was known as Fan Mountain Inn.

The current owner explains that she grew up in a family that worked in the lodging industry. Her parents have had careers in the lodging industry, and she decided to follow in their footsteps and take on a place of her own. She says that she has had an overall good experience with the industry and enjoys getting to know the visitors and recommending places to visit and sights to see.

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