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River of Love Cabins

The River of Love Cabins is currently owned by John and Kelly Lidell. Joining the hospitality industry in 2005, the establishment's only unit at the time was the Red Bud Cabin. Spread out over sixty acres of land, the property has six cabins with plans to build more of them. Each home is different from the others and features a distinct style. Each cabin features at least one queen-sized bed and a fully furnished bathroom. Included with the homes is either a jacuzzi or a hot tub. Each cabin comes with a fridge, freezer, and stove oven, except for the Love Train Caboose which does not have the stove oven. Guests can add more to their stay with a purchase of a package at the time of booking. The property is located in Thackerville, Oklahoma, which is home to a variety of activities. 


Started by John and Kelly Liddell, River of Love Cabins has its cabins on a 60-acre plot in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The property provides six private cabins for guests to stay in with each cabin being different from the others. The Green Briar, Love Train Caboose, Red Bud, Creekside Cottage, The Love Shack, and The Stargazer are the different cabins that travelers can choose from.

Each unit comes equipped with a bedroom and one fully furnished bathroom, as well as a queen-size bed. None of the cabins have more than one floor. Although most of the cottages are only able to accommodate two people, the Creekside Cottage provides an extra room and bathroom to bring its potential occupancy up to four. Kitchens can be found within each home, and they contain dishes and utensils. The Love Train Caboose has the only kitchen that does not have a stove oven. Extra amenities are included such as a television and DVD player with movies.

River of Love Cabins is located in a forest-like area with the homes being spread out from each other. The property equips their homes with hot tubs, except for the Green Briar Cabin which has a two-person jacuzzi. Additionally, the Green Briar Cabin also includes a wrap-around porch and a private outdoor shower. More amenities are provided within the vicinity of the cabin, such as either a firepit or grill, and a hammock. Each cabin is located approximately one mile from Red River.

Complimentary meals are not available during a guest's stay. Visitors can go out to eat at different establishments which they can research on the River of Love’s website. A fridge and freezer are available for guests to utilize during their stay. Another service that is provided on the property's website is the ability to use a company called Blue Bird Services, which does shopping on the behalf of a guest. This shopping is done before the guest arrives, though it should be noted that the service has a delivery fee. 

With the stay of each guest, the River of Love Cabins provides, for a fee, a variety of different packages, services, and goods. They generally require a twenty-four-hour notice to the staff. Packages and goods can include but are not limited to, “a bottle of chilled champagne on ice, one dozen chocolate-covered strawberries, or flowers in a vase upon arrival." 


The owners of River of Love Cabins strive to create a culture that follows the company's slogan of “rest, relax, and renew”. Each of the staff has the goal to keep the property clean, and they work to make each of the cabins have a “homey feel.” The environment for the property is meant to attract couples seeking a "romantic vacation," and as such, much of the business's advertising is focused on that demographic. One former customer said that the homes were “a place to get away from the city and relax”. Another customer remarked, “the cabins are wonderfully rustic and cozy, and the scenery is gorgeous.”

Within a driving distance from River of Love Cabins, different activities are available for guests to enjoy. Each activity varies in the crowd that it would attract. For those who enjoy fishing, Lake Texoma has stripers, catfish, and bass. Another nearby attraction is Deschain Cellars, which offers guests wine-tasting and live music. Turner Falls provides swimming and hiking. Other activities are advertised on the company's website. 

Special rules may apply to each of the homes, however, the majority of the rules are the same. If the guests would like to bring additional family members, specifically children, they would need to reserve the Creekside Cottage due to its higher potential occupancy. Every other cabin does not allow children. Additionally, the Creekside Cottage is the only home that allows patrons to bring pets of any size. Guests will get charged an extra fee if the animal sheds an excessive amount, which is determined by the staff. On the River of Love Cabins' website, it states that “There is not a land-line phone in any cabins and the cell service is poor.” In light of this, they advise that if the customer needs to be reached by family members to give them the personal phone number of the owners of the cabins. 

River of Love Cabins is open year-round with its busiest season generally occurring in the fall and spring. Each home has parking for its guests, and there is space included next to the homes to park a trailer. Guests are required to reserve a minimum of two nights at any of the cabins. Guests can check into their cabin at four in the afternoon. Checkout is at eleven in the morning “unless the package for noon checkout is purchased during reservations," according to the policies listed on the establishment's website.


The River of Love Cabins joined the hospitality industry in 2005. The Red Bud was the first cabin available for guests to reserve, and later in 2006, The Green Briar was added. The reservable properties grew in size as each of the homes was built. Each of the cabins differs in its design and layout. Additionally, the owners explain that each of the units has “their own personality.”

John and Kelly Liddell, who currently own the establishment, came up with the idea to start River of Love Cabins after they stayed at a different location in Oklahoma. Afterward, they had the idea to create their own property of cabins because they wanted other couples to have “the same experience they had on their trip.” The owners said that they “attribute their idea and their success to God.”

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